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Lick My Candy Cane

Vanna Bardot has an interesting relationship with her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson. They act like they don’t like each other at all, with Nathan constantly pranking Vanna. Beneath that teasing relationship is a deeper desire that neither of them has admitted. Today, Vanna has the chance to get back at Nathan for some of his pranks. She and her friend Lulu Chu are decorating the tree when they decide to rub a candy cane on each of their pussies and then have Nathan taste them and say which he likes better. They each masturbate with a candy cane, and when Nathan comes into the living room they ask him to sample them.

The girls can barely wait until Nathan has tasted the goods before they start making fun of him. That just upsets Nathan, who escalates the situation further when the girls whip out their pussies to taunt him by whipping out his dick in return. The next thing he knows, Lulu has pushed him down and his dick has slipped right into his stepsis’s dripping twat. It turns out that Vanna likes the way Nathan’s fuck stick feels inside her based on her little moans of delight. Now that she’s had the goods, she’s not about to let it end without a climax. Lulu cradles Vanna as she gets the first taste of Nathan’s cock, but she wants in on the fun, too.

As soon as both girls are naked, Lulu climbs on top of Vanna so that Nathan can take her from behind as she makes out with Vanna. Then Nathan lays down in front of the Christmas tree so the girls can each pick a part to ride. Vanna gets Nathan’s dick, while Lulu takes his face. As they ride in tandem, they continue to kiss and fondle each other’s chests. Eventually, Vanna cedes Nathan’s hardon to Lulu so she can go for a reverse cowgirl ride until she’s mewling in passion. Once they’ve each had their fill, the girls work together to blow Nathan and make sure that he gets his rocks off, too. He nuts in their open mouths, leaving them with a salty treat to enjoy.

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Working Out With Family

While Natasha Nice goes to the gym, stepdaughter Cecelia Taylor seduces her stepdad Dan Ferrari, convincing him to fuck her while Natasha is at the gym. Later that day, Natasha finds Cecelia’s used panties in her bed, so she confronts Cecelia telling her that she’s not actually mad and instead would like to teach her a few more things she could do with her husband’s throbbing cock!

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Stepdaughter Joins Horny Parents

This amazing Family screw episode is seriously hot. Every single slut young or old will be covered fresh semen. These families know how to screw and put on a show. Because after one Family screw episode you don’t want anything else to release your load.

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Post Lockdown Step Family Vacation

No More Masks
Dad is away on a “Business Trip” but my Hot and Horny Step Mom has his credit card and we are on a vacation of our own. I could not believe how much money she is spending on this room, who am I kidding?!?! This is my Dad’s money so I really don’t care. There are no masks anymore and Nikki is also not wearing any panties or underwear at all! She shows off the room and the amazing pool view. She then sits down on the table and hikes up her dress and pulls out her giant tits that my Dad bought! She pulls down my shorts and pulls out my already hard cock and sucks away.
She wants a quickie on the table and I slide my cock in her tight pussy and pound away. But not before smacking her clit with the head of my dick. Step Mom is a tease and I can play that game too. Nikki even said if I were driving, she would have given me Road Head the entire time!!!

Quickie in the Bathroom
The day after walking the park I walked into Step Mom getting ready. Something happened on the rollercoaster yesterday. Her big tits popped out while upside down. That was both cool and scary! Nikki mentions there is a brand new arcade at the hotel and even tells me to grab some cash out of her purse and head down and check it out. She even mentions the hotel is full of hot MILFS and maybe she could bring one back up and wait after I spend some time in the arcade.
Step Mom is fully into this, she is rubbing her pussy while explaining what she wants to do…She really wants a hot threesome with another milf! This turns me on so much, she sees my boner. She pulls the tip out and sucks away and talks about how she will possibly bring up a milf for me to share.
Step Mom reminds me to keep the sex quiet if my Dad asks what we were doing the entire time…My mind is still blown that she wants a threesome with another milf. I dump my load into her tight pussy and head down to the arcade for a warm up to the threesome!
Setting up a Hot MILF Threesome
Wearing the tiniest legal bikini for this hotel, Step Mom is looking out the window, hunting hot milfs. She finds a lonely Blonde sitting by the pool. Nikki pulls her bikini bottom to the side and starts rubbing her pussy while thinking out loud what she is going to do with this milf. Step Mom has an explosive orgasm and builds up the courage to go down and bring her back up to the hotel room.
Ten minutes later they both return, horny, hot and ready to fuck! Milf Cory asks where Nikki’s husband was…Nikki said she is there with only her Step Son. Before they could get too involved with conversation, Nikki begins kissing and touching Cory, warming her up for the threesome later! Nikki asked if Cory’s husband would be looking for her…Cory’s husband was also on a business trip. The Girl Girl lesbian experience begins! All the naughty parts are kissed and licked while the clothing comes off!
Mind Blowing Threesome
I come back to the room thinking Nikki would be there waiting for me. The room is empty but there are glasses on the nightstand that are not mine or Nikki’s…I decide to take a nap and wait for Nikki to return. After closing my eyes, I wake up to see 2 hot MILF’s in bikini’s that are definetly DTF! They strip out of their bikinis and pull my hog out and suck it as if it owes them money. Step Mom is first while Cory finishes taking off her bikini. Cory is not long and sucks while Nikki eats her out from behind. Then they both work my dick and blow my mind again!
Cory brings up how I left some of my nut inside my step mom, but she was totally cool with it. Cory cleaned every drop out and wanted some more.
Cory sat on my cock first as Nikki held it up straight for Cory. Looking up seeing both these milfs on top of me was the best! Nikki even rubbed Cory’s clit while Cory rode up and down on my D!
I wanted to fuck my Mom and asked Nikki to trade places! I take turns on both these milf and slap their clits before sliding inside. Step Mom bends over doggie style and I pound away…Cory is down there ready to clean off my cock when I pull it out of my Mom’s delicious cunt. Nikki tells me to keep pounding until she cums and Cory is there to clean me off again.
Now it’s time for me to finish in my Mom’s mouth. She wants to share my load with her new friend! Nikki goes on her back, reminds me how she loves when I fuck her after she cums and how this will be the first time she shares my load with another milf! I pull out and blast my step mom in the mouth with all my baby batter! Nikki shares with her new friend and they both swallow. That was soooo fucking hot! Now time to head to the park for some more rides and maybe another milf to pick up?

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Wild Niece want to fuck you

After running away from her strict parents, Alita Lee decides to stay with her step aunt and step uncle Skylar Snow and Tommy Gunn. When Alita realizes that they won’t let her see her boyfriend either, she looks to satisfy her urges with uncle Tommy. Aunt Skylar catches them, and a big punishment session ensues.

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Step Sister Finds A Pot Of Gold And Brother Dick

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than a lingerie party and candy hunt? Haley Reed knows that her mom can’t be there for this tradition, so she invites her friend Vina Sky to take part. Haley’s stepbrother, AJ, can’t help but peep on the girls as they get ready. They give AJ some lip, but Vina is secretly super into it. Her words may be rude, but her body language is all yes…

Later, when the girls are decked out in their festive green lingerie, they go into the living room to hunt for candy. AJ is there waiting for them, and Vina doesn’t waste another moment. Bending over allegedly in search of sweets, she wiggles her ass to invite AJ to come play. They wait until Haley’s back is turned, and then AJ sticks it in and starts fucking Vina from behind while Haley continues her search, oblivious. They manage to hide what they’re doing from Haley until she kneels beside Vina and starts eating some of the candy she has found. AJ takes that opportunity to stick it into his stepsis, and after her initial shock Haley decides she likes it.

The girls are great friends, so it’s no surprise they share AJ so well. They work together to deliver a double BJ as they slink out of their lingerie. Then Vina takes a stiffie ride as Haley cups her BFF’s boobs and pinches her nipples. Haley gets the next ride, with Vina behind her giving back everything Haley gave her. Then Vina gets on her knees so she can eat Haley out while AJ fucks her from behind. The girls swap spots once again, with Haley taking AJ’s cock in doggy while feasting on Vina’s snatch as Vina kneels before her. Turning around and sliding underneath Haley’s kneeling position, Vina gets into just the right place for AJ to pull out of his stepsis and deliver a hot load onto Vina’s waiting face. This is the best lingerie party the girls have ever had!

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TABOO – Roxie Loves Family Album

This is why teenagers should never be left alone!! Even if they are Siblings!! Hormones take over….and cocks will end up inside cunts!! Roxie and her Step-Brother fall into that trap…over and over and over again!! This teenage fuckathon includes full HD versions of : “Magical Fertility Necklace 5” “Siblings With Benefits 4” “Pussy Power 2” & “My Step-Sister Cured My Viagra Boner”.

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My BF Fucks me and my Sister

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I Cuckold My GF’s Dad & Fucked his Family

So Johnny went home to his girlfriend’s house for the Christmas break. It was Xmas Eve and Kali’s step-dad insisted that Johnny rest on the couch instead of in Kali’s room. Johnny said good night to Kali then pulled the covers over himself and tried to rest. A few minutes later Kali’s Step-Mom, Casca walked into the room in a sexy nightgown and woke up Johnny, she then proceeded to try and seduce Johnny. At first Johnny tried to stop her, but her tits were so huge and he couldn’t resist touching them. Casca started blowing him then he went down on her and ate her box, after a few minutes Casca started to orgasm on Johnny’s face and she made some loud noises.

I guess the sounds woke up Kali and thirty seconds later she walked in on Johnny sucking on her step-mom’s pussy. At first Kali got mad at her Step-Mom for fucking her Fiance behind her back. Johnny tried to apologize but Kali yelled at him too. After thirty seconds or so, Kali cooled down and stopped freaking out, Casca then apologized again very sincerely and invited Kali to join in on the fun. That made Kali pretty happy and excited, so she decided to join them for a threesome. The two girls then proceeded to give Johnny a double blowjob. Then Kali sat on his face while Casca gave him a titty fuck. After a few minutes Johnny heard someone cough from across the room and he pushed Kali off his face. That’s when he saw Kali’s step-dad, Newman, watching them in his robe while he sat and drank milk and ate cookies. Johnny tried to cover himself up, but Kali’s step-dad told him not to bother and that he wanted Johnny to continue. Johnny tried to say no but the horny girls told him not to be such a square and they begged him for his cock. Kali’s step-dad then told Johnny that all he wanted for X-mas was to watch his step-daughter and new wife fuck Johnny. The girls then pleaded with Johnny as well. After a second or so Johnny gave in and proceeded to fuck Kali and Casca while Kali’s step-dad watched. Once the girls came several times Johnny shot his load on both their faces. Merry X-Mas Little Fella!

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Sitting On Santa’s Lap – Family Group Porn

Silvia Saige has just stepped out of the shower and is taking the time to check herself out in the mirror when her husband, Dalton Lee, comes by. He is supposed to go to work with his Santa suit, but he can’t resist his bigtit hot wife. Dropping the suit to the ground, Dalton guides Silvia to bed where he goes to town feasting on that creamy pussy. Little do Silvia and Dalton know, but their adopted daughter Nikole Nash, who has had a thing for daddy for a long time, gets an eyeful of their antics and likes what she’s seeing. Nikole takes off when she hears her stepbrother coming. Dalton’s son Kyle Mason also sees his parents doing the dirty and he uses that opportunity to sneak in and borrow the Santa suit.

Later that evening, Kyle sets himself up in the Santa suit in the living room and waits to see what will happen. He doesn’t have to wait long before Nikole sees him while she’s getting a glass of water. She sees her opportunity to seduce what she thinks is her adopted papa. Pulling Kyle’s dick out of the suit, she sucks him to her heart’s content and then climbs into his lap for a stiffie ride. Nikole figures out that it’s Kyle she’s riding right before Silvia comes on in. Nikole barely has time to hide before Silvia, thinking that Santa is really Dalton, gets naked and sits down on the D in reverse cowgirl. Nikole isn’t about to watch her mom having all the fun, so she reveals herself and points out that mommy is fucking her stepson.

The girls keep their argument up until Kyle loses patience and points out that the season is all about giving. That’s convincing enough. Silvia and Nikole decide to work together for everyone’s pleasure. They start with a blowjob that lets them take turns sucking shaft and balls. Then Silvia gets on her knees on the chair so she can lap away at Niko’s twat while Kyle fucks mama from behind. Silvia gets a chance to ride Nikole’s face as Kyle banks his sis. Then Kyle lays down and Nikole goes for a stiffie ride while Silvia rides her stepson’s mouth. Finally sated with their Christmas delight, the girls once again work together to deliver sloppy BJs until Kyle nuts in Nikole’s mouth. Kyle’s jizz trickles down his sister’s chin as his stepmom licks his dick clean.

Tags: Mom, Mom And Son, On Her Knees, Nikole Nash, Silvia Saige

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