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Sister’s Secret Boyfriend

A troubled step-brother shows up unexpectedly in his step-sister’s dorm room asking for help….

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Dana Fucks Step Brother in the Library

Dana the naughty geek girl is known around campus as being a sloppy public slut with some of the jocks. Handjob’s in the locker room, blowjobs under the bleachers, and finger banging cheerleaders on the bus. Rumor has it she even fucked the assistant soccer coach in his office after a playoff game.
This time she decides to take it to another level and fuck her Step Brother, the Lacrosse captain in the library. Getting caught isn’t even in her head when she pulls down his shorts for a juicy blowjob under the table. Quickly she opens her long legs and takes him right there on the table until he shoots his warm seed all over her.

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Dava Foxx in Fucking My Step-Sister

Luke is jerking off to a photo of his step-sister, Dava, one afternoon. He assumes that he is home alone but he didn’t realize that Dava was home as well! She walks in to the room an asks him what he is looking at on his phone. He nervously shows her the photo that he has on his phone. She giggles and offers to show him the real thing! She pulls her shirt and shorts off, and stands next to him in just push-up bra and thong. She starts to jerk his cock off for him, and he pulls her bra off. He sucks on his step-sister’s nipples while she continues to jerk his cock off. “I think I’m ready for my step-sister to suck my cock now!” he exclaims. She pulls her panties off first, and then leans over to put his cock in her mouth. He grabs his phone and starts to take photo’s of Dava with his cock in her mouth. “You want an entire collection of photo’s of your step-sister, don’t you?” she giggles. “My step-brother has an amazing cock! Are you going to be a good step-brother and put a big load in my mouth?” she asks. He tells her to get on the floor and he cums down her throat. She swallows every last drop… “Lets go to the bedroom…” Luke tells her, and she follows him…

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Big Brother Therapy For 2 Sisters

A little step-sister helps her best friend loose her virginity with the help of her big step-brother….

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Brother Fuck Me in Ass and Cum in Mouth

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My Sister Loves Erotica

I’m not good at school, and with this big test coming up, I’m going to be totally fucked if my nerdy stepsister Sera Ryder doesn’t help me out. But when the stubborn girl won’t budge, I steal her glasses to make her pay! The only way I’m giving them back is if she sucks my thick cock. Turns out, she’s not as prude as I thought she was. And when I catch her reading an erotic book, she shows me some of the filthy things she’s been learning. A couple days later, I show my stepsister that I passed the big test with flying colors, and she rewards me with a cock ride that completely drains my balls.

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Brother Huge Dick Hit Me In The Face

Hime Marie and her stepbrother Kyle Mason are on shaky ground now that they’ve called off their sexual relationship. Still, Hime needs Kyle’s help with a home ec project since she’s supposed to be making some boxers. She calls Kyle in and asks for his assistance. All he needs to do is drop his pants and let her measure him. Ultimately and with great reluctance, Kyle agrees to help Hime out. He can’t help but get a boner as he’s looking down at her, though, since her tits are real obvious as she’s kneeling in front of him. Hime notices but isn’t going to say anything until she turns around and Kyle’s dick slips out. When she turns back towards Kyle, though, his dick hits her in the face!

Since Kyles man meat is so close to her mouth and given their past history, it’s only natural for Hime to start sucking since that was what she would have done while they were still banging. Kyle tries to tell her to cut it out and that they’ve called it off, but now that Hime is reminded of how much she loves blowing her brother Hime wants to continue. Getting to her feet, she shimmies out of her shorts and tugs her thong down, then gets on her hands and knees to tempt Kyle to give it all to her. He can’t resist! Soon enough he’s buried all the way inside Hime’s greedy snatch.

Now that she has Kyle right where she wants him, Hime decides to take charge. She pushes him onto the couch and climbs on top to slide down on Kyle’s fuck stick. Leaning back to make the angle of penetration shallower, Hime starts riding her brother while rubbing her clit. Then she turns around to titties in Kyles’ face as she gives it to him in cowgirl. Rolling onto her back in Kyle’s recently vacated spot, Hime draws her knees up to open herself for Kyle to reenter her. He gives Hime all of his big dick, leaving her boneless with her climax before he delivers the creampie she’s been missing. Smiling at their reunion, Hime dredges her fingers through Kyle’s jizz and licks them clean.

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Sister fucks her hung bro and gets creampied

Lexi Lore is a dirty girl. Her hunky stepbrother is in the shower and she decides to open to the door and take a peek, she even snaps some pictures on her phone, but what she wasn’t counting on was getting caught! Her stepbrother is mad and says that he’s going to have to tell their parents, but she has an idea of something she can do to make him not want to tell. He’s never thought of her like that before but once he feels her tight pussy around his cock he forgets everything else. Mom and dad definitely don’t have to find out that he creampied her pretty teen pussy!

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Convincing My Princess Small Sister

Blonde princess wannabe Winter Bell has a crush on a boy from school and she just doesn’t know how to get his attention. Today’s attempt is to change into her princess outfit and snap a whole bunch of scandalous selfies. When she’s done taking pictures, she goes into the living room where she’s confronted by her stepbrother, Damon Dice. Damon tears into Winter, telling her what a basic bitch she is. In return, Winter fights back by telling Damon what an asshole he is. He thinks about it and decides that in this case he can be nice. He offers to pose in pictures with Winter so that it looks like she’s got an older guy on the hook to make her crush jealous…

While Damon and Winter are taking their pictures, Winter asks Damon to get behind her in a sexual position she wants to mock up. Damon is obedient to his sister’s wishes, but while he’s got her on her hands and knees he gives in to temptation. Waiting until Winter is distracted, Damon flips up her miniskirt and slips her thong aside so he can ram right into that tight pussy. Winter wants to know what the fuck Damon is doing, but he eventually convinces her that if she’s going to attract the attention she wants she’d better know how to fuck. In that context, Winter ultimately becomes his willing pupil. Damon gets to keep tapping that doggy style while shaping and spanking Winter’s firm ass.

Turning around, Winter takes her brother’s dick in her mouth and starts sucking. Damon urges her to go further until she is full on deep throating his man meat. Then he lays on his back and lets Winter climb on top so she can learn how to ride a hardon. Taking Damon deep in her bare pussy, Winter throws her bead back in delight as she rocks her hips. When she turns around for a reverse cowgirl ride, Damon gets another shot at loving on that bottom. He makes sure to get Winter off as she lays on her back one last time, then pulls out to shoot his load all over Winter’s face, chest, and belly. Grabbing her phone, Willow snaps one last cum covered selfie and comments on how good the photos they got today were.

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Family double dip fucking

My step-sister Lyra is having her best friend, Adria, over for a sleepover. I try not to notice how obsessed with Adria that I am, but I can’t help it. Look at her stunning face, her soulful eyes, her tight body, and that ass..
Lyra is teaching Adria how to dance in the living room and I am trying to play it cool. I’ve got a major hard on watching my step-sister teach her how to seductively move her body to the music. Lyra’s got a lot of energy, and I mean a lot, she’s the extraverted type of person who always needs to be with company. She’s wants me to take her shopping, to play tennis, to go to the movies, she’s beautiful, my step-sister, everyone loves her, but she’s a stage five clinger, for sure. Oh no.. she’s looking at me.

“I need you to teach her how to slow dance,” she tells me. She wraps my arms around Adria and she shows us how to move. Adria looks up at me shyly, and my heart beats fast, I’m so close that I can feel the warmth of her exhale. Lyra leaves the room to grab a drink. Adria steps on my toe with her heel, and she’s embarrassed. “I’m so sorry, I’m such a klutz,” her face is flushed with embarrassment, and I smile. “You’re doing good, just move a little closer,” I pull her into my arms and my chest is touching her’s, her breasts, I can feel them right through my t-shirt. My heart is racing as I inch closer to her lips, she is moving closer to mine, closer, closer, and we meet with a kiss.

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