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Nikki is looking at all the dating sites, and all these guys are just big losers! She wants to get pregnant, but not with any of them! Her Brother, on the other hand, is tall, good looking, and would probably make one nice looking baby! If she can only figure out how…. There is of course this video that Nikki has, of him fucking their Mother’s Best Friend!!! That should be enough to make him do it. That, and the fact that not only does she have this video on her phone – she also backed it up on her computer! So she lays out the deal to her Brother, and since he doesn’t want his mother to kick his ass (or her friends Husband), he agrees to fill his sister with all the sperm she wants!!!

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I was so ashamed when Billy find my porn folder on computer. So i have to do something to stop him to tell my mommy. I suck his dick dry and make him to fuck my brain out. I give him my little pussy to fuck it deep and hard…..he hurt my pussy a little bit but i have to take the pain to make him not tell my mommy.
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Brother gets fed up of his sister not putting out so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Soaking a cloth with chloroform, he sneaks up behind his sister and covers her face with it. Once the chloroform takes effect and she goes limp, he can fuck his sister again, whether she likes it or not.

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My sister’s dumbass boyfriend Todd has been cheating on her. She knows all about his ex gf and the comments he leaves on her facebook profile. MY SISTER DOESN’T DESERVE THAT ! I am going to comfort her and make her realize she has everything she needs right here in my arms and pants. She is going to want MY COCK more than anything! I LOVE MY SISTER!!! Now it is time for fucking! She actually really wants it!!! SHE EVEN WANTS A CREAMPIE!!! SHE BEGS ME FOR A CREAMPIE!!!

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