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Big Sister Is a Big Slut

Feeling frustrated and tired of how difficult girls are, I just don’t want to bother getting out of bed. My big sister comes in and asks what’s wrong. I don’t think she will understand why I think girls are so difficult when, well, she is SO EASY. Maybe growing up with a slutty always horny sister messed up how I thing girls should act, but my sister really wants to make me feel better, and probably wants to use me to make herself feel good. It starts off feeling awkward but, not for long

So, ever since that day in my room I notice my sister is always staring at me. I don’t know if she is regretting what happened, or maybe judging how I am in bed or what, but i find out when she comes up and seems really nervous talking to me, I guess she did have a really good time, because she wants to “help me” again

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Brother & Little Sister Almost Caught by Dad

Brother and sister play with each other while trying to avoid being caught by dad….

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Blonde Teen Lets Step Bro Cum Inside

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Slut Training For My Sister

I was watching my sister as she laid out by the pool. She has no idea, but I switched my name with Donny’s name in her phone. She started sending me some nude pics, and when I saw what I could have, I decided to go for it. I tell her I’m going to tell Dad. I own her now.

Part Two:

I barge into my slut sister’s room because she’s been avoiding me. When I pull out the bag I found in her closet filled with designer brand clothes and tell her I know about her sugar daddy, she knows she’s on the line again. As soon as I bring up Dad, she knows she’s getting fucked by me again.

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Sis Fucks My

I stare at my older sister in awe as she pulls my pants down and shoves my cock into her mouth. This can’t be happening! I had to stop this, but it feels way too good to stop now.. Gia looks up at me and asks if she can stick it in.. I can’t say no to sex, I don’t even care if she is my sister. These blue balls won’t cure itself, and I know sis will drain me of every drop of cum I have inside me!

Watch as I plow my older sister with her legs and pussy spread for me on my bed. She feels so good as I push myself in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Gia’s natural D cup titties look incredibly hot as they jiggle while I fuck the out of her! It’s not long before I fill her up with my hot load, I pull my cock out and watch my cum gush out of her tight little cunt! This might be the best Cinco De Mayo yet!

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Getting Ready for Prom

It’s the day before prom, and Ricky is still anxious. He goes to his sister for help, and she knows just the kind of practice that will boost his confidence and get him ready for his big night.

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Taking a Chance with My Sister

I have been thinking about my sister in ways I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I notice her looking at me when she thinks I don’t notice, one night, when she falls a sleep I decide to take a chance.

My sister locked her door the next night and I thought I really made a mistake, until she slips into my room.

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Morning Wood Before School

Addison came rushing into my room this morning, but I was still in bed. We needed to get school ASAP and I overslept.. But when my sister pulled the blanket off of me, she saw my big rock hard dick! Addison was clearly disgusted, but I couldn’t leave the house without cumming first. “You could help me out” I tell her. She wasn’t happy about it, but I convinced her to stroke her brothers cock! My bratty sister goes from sucking my cock to riding me! I wanted to cum inside her pussy, but she wouldn’t let me. That’s fine tho, I’ll just shoot my load into her mouth without any warning!

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Made Into Her Brother’s Slut

Lucas just got off the phone with his friend who informs him his sister is going out with his friend, Tommy. He tells her she can’t go out with him, he’s just going to try to fuck her and make her into a slut. She gets pissed off and they start fighting until Kylie eventually goes to bed. Lucas isn’t ready to let this go, and he’s going to show her what a slut really is

Kylie just got out of the pool and she’s laying out in the sun when she realizes Lucas has been watching her. He asks if she’s been seeing anyone, to which she replies no, you told me not to. He grabs her and throws her down on her knees, forcing his cock into her mouth. Then, he grabs her by her hair, dragging her inside to fuck her on the couch. While he’s fucking her, he makes her call her boyfriend and break up with him.

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Paying off Her Debt to Brother

My sister owes me a lot of money and she needs to pay up. I am not letting her off the hook easy and if she wants more time to pay me back she is going to have to earn it, or else I’ll just have to tell mom and dad why she had to borrow money
So my lazy slut sister still hasn’t paid me back all the money she owes me, which is fine because I am really enjoying getting to use her. Maybe she likes it too at this point.

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