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Watch Me Fuck Your Friend Sis

Katie Kush puts on her bikini to go hang out by the pool. Her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, joins her quietly so he can spend a few moments checking his hot stepsis out before she notices him. Nathan tells Katie that he’s going to fuck her friend, Aften Opal. They eventually make a bet that if Nathan does better than Katie on her test next week, he gets to fuck her friend. Katie agrees and adds on that for an easy bet like that she’ll even watch Nathan do Aften if she loses…

The next week, Aften and Katie are hanging out in their school uniforms when Nathan lets Katie know he aced the test. He scored better, to Katie’s shock. Aften wasn’t in on the bet, but once the stepsibs explain it to her she’s fine with it. Aften has been wanting Nathan for a while, so she makes short work of getting his dick out of his pants and starting to suck it. As Aften turns around on her hands and knees so Nathan can bang her, she tries to coax Katie into joining them. Katie is reluctant, but eventually agrees to let Aften eat her out while Nathan fucks Aften. That turns into both girls delivering a double BJ. Katie finally lets Nathan slide it into her tight twat while Afton rides her face, creating a full-on threesome.

Swapping spots with Katie, Aften links one ankle over Nathan’s shoulder so he can really dive deep. Katie gets on her knees to ride Aften’s mouth once again, this time sliding her own finger into her ass to double down on her pleasure. The trio is enjoying their newfound chemistry when Katie’s mom, Dava Foxx, comes home. Aften doesn’t want to risk getting caught, so she takes off as Katie and Nathan dive under a blanket together to hide their nudity. Katie can’t keep herself from stroking Nathan’s dick as they talk to her mom, who eventually takes off. Katie takes the opportunity to suck Nathan off once again and then hop onto his dick. Riding him in her nicely trimmed twat, Katie urges Nathan to cum for her. He obliges, giving her a sticky creampie. Moments later, Dava returns and busts the siblings in the act.

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Addison Lee in Outdoor Shower Peep Show

Try to imagine a world where your hot sister wants you just as badly as you want her.. It would be so great to have her please you whenever you want! I have this incredible fantasy that sis is out in the back yard, completely nude. She sees me watching and comes into my room to pull my shorts down… licking all over my rock hard cock before sliding me deep into her cunt. Addison moans as I rub her clit while she grinds on me. “I love feeling you stretch me out!” She turns around and twerks her perfect ass on my dick. Finally, I flip her on her back and pound her tight pussy till I’m about to burst! I couldn’t wait to cover her face in my cum – something I’ve always wanted to do!!

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Sister trades cookies for her brother’s big cock

Lily Larimar is spoiling her appetite with cookies when her stepbrother Alex Jett comes in and threatens to tell his mom on her. She then suggests a fair deal.

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Strip Pong & Sex with my sister

So last weekend my little sister came home from State College for the weekend. It was her best friend’s birthday and she came home to see her. Are parents were away on a Caribbean cruise and I was home alone. I was gonna have some people over but I was super hung over from the night before so I decided to just chill in the basement. There I was hanging out watching some porn and practicing my beer pong when all of a sudden MJ walked in from upstairs. I guess she got tired of posting stupid things on Social Media and she decided to come and bother me instead. She told me that she was bored as hell and wanted to do something fun and let off some steam. That’s when I told her that I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

In the past I never really thought my step-sister was hot, but ever since my parents bought her a pair of boobs I couldn’t keep my dirty thoughts to myself. I really wanted to fuck her and I could tell she was giving me the vibe as well. Right away she challenged me to a game of strip pong. I thought she was just kidding at first, boy was I wrong. We proceeded to play a real deal game of Strip Pong. I of course was a master at the game of pong, so I knew I would have my step-sister naked in no time. Funny thing happened though, MJ ended up kicking my butt and I was the one naked while she was fully dressed. Luckily I got a few balls in after that and she flashed me her amazing tits. They looked so freaking good and that I got a mad boner right away and I couldn’t hide it. Well I guess MJ liked what she saw because next thing you know she had my cock in her mouth. I proceeded to plow my little sister for a good twenty minutes in the basement. Once MJ was finished using me as a fuck stick she made me shoot my load deep inside her tight pussy. Can I just say that I can’t wait for my parents to go on another cruise. Boo ya!

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Skye Blue in Incest hardcore action!

Skye Blue needs some help practicing her lines for an upcoming scene for an upcoming movie she’s got a part in. She asks her stepbrother Tony to get his friend to give her a hand. Tony’s friend bails, so Tony reluctantly offers to help. Skye is a little hesitant since the scene involves nudity, but Tony points out that they’re not related and she needs to be comfortable showing off her body. Skye eventually strips, surprising Tony with her big boobs and hot body…

The stepsiblings run their lines, but the scene gets increasingly sexual. Tony gropes Skye’s boobs, but then finds out he needs to be naked, too. That makes it easy for Skye to see his boner. She reluctantly says the next step is they need to pretend to have sex so they relocate to her bedroom. The next thing she knows, Tony’s cock is inside her. He offers to just quickly blow his load so they can go back to work and Skye tells him to just do what he needs to do. As Tony works on his problem, though, Skye starts to enjoy herself.

She tries her hand at sucking Tony’s dick, but that doesn’t make him pop. Next, Skye tries getting on her hands and knees so Tony can bang her while he gropes her ass. He still can’t cum, so she tries riding him in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. When Skye has managed to get off, she hops off Tony’s dick and sucks him off until he finally gives her a mouthful of jizz. Mutually satisfied, they get back to running Skye’s lines.

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Fucking my Busty Sister Skylar during Mardi Gras

So me, my best friend, my sister, and her best friend decided to go to Mardi Gras at the last minute. Needless to say it was a total blast that I will never ever forget. So on the third night when we were in New Orleans, my sister, Skylar, and me got separated from our friends. We were all completely trashed and had been drinking Hurricane’s and Yard Sticks since early morning that day. Well once the main parade ended and we couldn’t find our friends, me and my sister decided to head back to our Airnb. We took an Uber to the house we had rented and when we were in the car my sister kept flashing her tits at everyone for more beads. Skylar even flashed our driver and let him touch them in exchange for some stupid Mardi Gras head piece he had hanging in his rear-view mirror. Normally I’m not so perverted or maybe it was the atmosphere, but my sister’s titties looked incredible. I mean she had better tits then anybody I had seen over the 3 day span we were in New Orleans. I guess Skylar could tell how much I wanted to touch them by the way I had been staring at them all night, because when we got back to the house and stumbled into the living room things got weird. Not a bad weird, but a good weird. You see my sister started to tease me and next thing you know she unzipped her shirt and popped out her humongous breasts. Skylar then commanded me to touch them and play with them. At first, I didn’t want to because I knew it was wrong. But when she grabbed my hands and placed them on her bare tits I couldn’t control myself anymore. I began to worship them and fondle them. After that it was a total blur and we proceed to fuck each others brains out. She must of cum on my cock a half a dozen times. Once I was ready Skylar made me shoot my load deep inside her tight pussy. When we were finished fucking, we promised not to tell anyone, especially our best friends. We decided to keep it our little Mardi Gras secret. Can I just tell you that I can’t freaking wait to come back again next year. Mardi Gras Rules!

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Cheating Sister Impregnated By Brother

Molly Jane is back after 3 fucking years! My sister is such a slut. She wants to get pregnant again! At least 2 of her 3 are mine. We have an opportunity to fuck on our family vacation while the rest of the group is down by the pool. I won’t waste a second. She is reluctant and says she is trying to have one with her husband this time. I convince her that ours are cuter anyway. She loves feeling my cock throb inside her. I fuck her until she comes over and over. I finally blow my load deep inside her and can’t wait to see what pops out in 9 months! I love fucking my slutty sister and getting her pregnant!

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My Innocent Sister

I’m hanging out about to play video games when Elena comes upstairs to find me. She’s wearing these short shorts and makes it a point to mention that mom and dad aren’t home. She asks me in a cute, shy voice if I want her to jerk me off. I didn’t think she wanted anything to do with me like that anymore. She gets up and starts taking her clothes off slowly, showing off her body to me, asking me if I remember her tits. I don’t want to seem to eager, but I can’t help myself around her. She gets down on her knees right in front of me and asks if she can put my cock in her mouth! I tell her it would be my first time. As soon as her wet lips touch my dick, it feels so good. She sucks my dick for a little and then climbs on top of me and slides my dick right into her pussy! I was so excited, I guess I fucked her really hard because she asks to finish me with her mouth, which she then does and I explode to the point where my cum oozes out of the sides of her lips!

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Brainy stepbrother fucking his sister

Sexy teen Kenzie Madison just cannot seem to wrap her head around her study materials, and she does not know who to turn to before her big test! When she asks her brainy stepbrother, all the guy wants to do is play videogames. To get the nerds attention, Kenzie crawls on her hands and knees and chokes on his girthy dick. The distracted dickslinger continues to man the sticks as he shoves his meat pole deep inside his stepsisters tight cunt. Then, Kenzie twerks her ass while she rides his joystick in his high tech gaming chair. Maybe sitting around and playing videogames all day really does pay off!

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Whatever My Step Sister Wants

Savannah Sixx knows that she can do whatever she wants to her stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, and her stepbrother’s dad, Chris Valiant, will blame Tyler. She takes advantage every chance she gets. First, she decides to wash the windows in a pair of tiny shorts and a white shirt that gets see through when she dump water on herself. Tyler is unable to look away from the sight of Savannah’s tits. Once she’s certain that Tyler’s got a hardon, Savannah comes inside to try to touch it. The moment Tyler stops resisting her advances, Savannah calls him a pervert and gets him busted by Chris…

Later, Tyler is in the pool when Savannah joins him wearing nothing but a tiny bikini. She knows that Chris is sleeping on the porch, so she has the perfect opportunity to screw with Tyler once again. She peels off her bikini while teasing him with her big breasts and full ass. This time, Tyler manages to avoid getting in trouble again from his stepsister’s antics, but his luck runs out when Savannah doubles down on her taunting. She approaches Tyler while he’s doing his homework and makes it clear she won’t take no for an answer as she hikes up her miniskirt and starts fingering her pussy right in front of her bro.

Tyler can’t take it anymore. He lets Savannah impale herself on his cock as he remains in the chair. At the end of her stiffie ride, Savannah gets on her knees to stroke Tyler’s dick as she sucks him off. A titty fuck keeps his interest piqued as Savannah then gets to her feet and bends over the table so Tyler can bang her from behind. Hopping onto the chair so Tyler can continue to go at her greedy twat, Savannah gets louder with every stroke. Tyler has just busted a nut all over Savannah’s landing strip of pussy hair when his dad comes in to investigate the commotion and freaks out at Tyler when he finds the two stepsiblings naked together.

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