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Nikki Brooks & Cory Chase – Stuck Threesome

My step-mom has both of her hands stuck to the desk, with a bottle labeled “MILF Glue” sitting next to her. My Aunt Cory walks in to the room in a short, red dress and she picks up the bottle and begins to read the label. “Seals mothers to anything,” my aunt Cory reads out loud. “That little $hit! My step-son has been doing this to make sure I got stuck all week! He’s been doing this on purpose! That little punk!” she cries out. “Your step-son told me that he’s been fucking you all week! He said you were really in to it too!” my aunt Cory confesses to my step-mom, with a sly smile on her face. “Can you please go get my step-son, Luke, so he can figure out how to get me unstuck?!” my step-mom begs her sister. Aunt Cory grabs me from my bedroom and she brings me in to the room where my mom is stuck. “Why would you glue yourself to the desk?!” I ask her. “Never mind that! Your step-son is going to fuck you in front of me and I’m going to watch!” my aunt Cory tells her. I walk over to my mom and I lift her dress up; She isn’t wearing any panties again today! I shove my cock inside of her pussy while she’s in the doggy-style position and her hands still stuck on the desk. My aunt Cory stares at us and she watches every thrust! After a few minutes, my aunt pulls her big tits out from under her dress. Then she lifts her dress up so I can fuck her pussy while my mom watches next. My mom leans down and she sucks on her sister’s nipples while I fuck my aunt in the missionary position on the desk. “That’s it, baby! Fuck that MILF pussy!” my aunt moans. “Luke gave me a nice facial the other day! It was so hot,” my step-mom whispers in my aunt’s ear while I am still fucking my aunt’s pussy. “Should I get my step-mom unstuck now?” I ask my aunt. A sly smile spreads across my aunt’s face, as my mom exclaims, “I knew you two had a way to get me unstuck!!” I help my step-mom’s hands get free and all three of us walk over to the couch next to the desk. I fuck my step-mom in the doggy-style position, while she eats my aunt’s pussy out at the same time. I flip my step-mom over on her back and I keep fucking her pussy in the missionary position while my aunt plays with my step-mom’s nipples. When I get close to cumming, the two MILF’s get down on their knees and I jerk my cock off in to my step-mom’s mouth and all over her face! She kisses my aunt afterwards so the two of them can share my cum… “My dad is pulling in to the driveway now!” I exclaim. My step-mom runs off to take a shower, and my aunt Cory tells me that she wants to fuck me again already! “I’ll meet you in your bedroom in 5 minutes!” she giggles.

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Home Alone with My New Step Mom

Mrs. Cambridge is a lovely stepmom who’s trying to seduce her stepson. First by talking to him, then showing him her lovely big tits, and giving him a pussy to stab it with his cock in a missionary positions which gave her a pleasure of a lifetime. In the scene two, she is masturbating and spreading her pussy to be fucked in a missionary and doggy position again. The third scene contains a doggy, missionary fuck and a blowjob. The scene ends with a cumshot on her face + a cum in mouth.

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Family Therapy – A Little Attention

A petite little step-sister makes her big step-brother play with her before his girlfriend comes over….

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Horny Good times with Mommy

You try not too. But you can’t help but get hard around your mom. It’s become this bad habit… this obsession… you know you shouldn’t get hard… so you get even harder. Sometimes when you know she’s not looking, you jerk your dick near her. It’s happened a few times now, and she hasn’t noticed.
Whenever they fight, mom spends the night on the couch. But your heavy breathing rouses her, and after she confesses she had a fight with your dad, she confesses that she’s known about your masturbating. The two of you are so close, your cock is still so hard, she asks you to masturbate for her so she can see. As you do, she slides her hand down her panties and starts fingering herself. You inch closer and closer toward each other… she moans as you slide yourself into her and she whispers “ssshhhh…. We can’t wake your father”

Clip Contains: Your not so subtle habit of masturbating to you mother has fuelled her own fantasies about you. You lay at other ends of the couch touching yourselves, looking at each other… but one thing leads to another and you both can’t stop fucking. **Taboo. Family Fantasy. Mother / Son Role Play. MILF. Creeping. Mutual Masturbation. Horny Good times with Mommy**

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Slumber Party – Bad Daddy`s Girl

Young girls have flirted with you before, but never like this. She’s barely wearing anything, it is a slumber party after all. Young girls these days are so precocious. It’s not easy being a single dad with a daughter, watching all her hot friends prance around your place like they own it. She’s just 18, the same age as your daughter. She runs her hand over your leg. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Your cock betrays your best intentions. She can see how hard you are. She says she likes older guys. She’s been coming over for years, hanging out, eating your food, she’s practically like a daughter to you. But she’s ready to fuck and she’s not taking no for an answer. You wanna be a good dad… but fuck it. She ‘aint your daughter.

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Gold Digging Mom Uses Sex to Persuade Her Son

Richelle’s sone Jay is VERY smart and his new idea is going to make him a lot of money. Richelle insisted on going with him on his first negotiations, he’s like his father, very smart and hardworking, but not good at asserting himself so she takes charge and she. Now that they are home, she wants to make sure that no young gold digging clut is going to get her hooks in him so she decides to show him that mom is all he needs for…everything

Jay comes in to talk to his mom. He assets himslef about how she is handling his money and she tries to be firm but when he talks about going on a date she uses her incredible body and older woman’s skills to make him remember that he doesn’t need any other girl in his life.

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Step-Mom Makes him Feel Better

Dee finds her son Rickey sulking in his sisters room. He misses her a lot since she went away to college and Dee knows they had a special relationship and now that she’s gone Dee wants to make sure that Ricky doesn’t feel lonely or neglected.

Ricky really misses his sister since she went away to college, and he’s been looking for a girl her age to have the same kind of special relationship with. Dee doesn’t want him getting caught up with those kind of girls and explains to him that she is going to give him everything those girls could give him and more.

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You hate your brother’s girlfriend with a fiery passion. So you were overjoyed when you saw her at the club that night getting fucked on the dance floor. You knew your brother would be devastated, so you decided to confront her and give her the chance to break up with him on her own accord. If she did that, you wouldn’t tell him what you saw, and your brother could move on to someone who wasn’t an absolute slut. You’re tired of listening to the two of them fuck in the other room, you can’t stand the site of her. Everything about her makes you angry. Of course, she’s not the least bit interested in your ultimatums. She denies it up and down, but you both know the truth. You’re jealous. She slide’s her hand across your leg, “Why don’t you shut the fuck up and put your cock in my mouth, and we can both just forget anything happened at the club?”. You’re already hard for this bitch and it makes you even angrier that you want to fuck her so badly, you’d betray your own brother to do it. How effortlessly you slide your cock inside of her.

Clip Contains: Your Brother’s girlfriend is your mortal enemy. You can’t wait until he finds out she’s a cheating slut…. But now your cock is deep inside of her and it’s too late. Now you’ve both betrayed him. Guess you’ll have to keep each other’s secrets. **Cuckold Fantasy. Bull. Cheating girlfriend. Hate fuck. Cream pie**

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So I really have a thing for my dad’s new smokin hot NEW wife. Did I mention she has the best body ever. All I want to do is fondle her sexy hard body. I think about her all the time and I actually saw her naked twice. Which is what I’ve been jerking off too for the last three weeks. Well anyways, so there I was spying on her while she laid out in a bikini and my dad slept on a chaise lounge. She was laying on her stomach with her top off so she wouldn’t get any tan lines and her ass looked amazing. I spied on her for several minutes. Then I saw and heard her call out to my dad to rub some oil on her back. She called his name multiple times but he was sound asleep. That’s when I seized the moment, I quickly ran to the patio and walked up behind her like I was my dad. She didn’t even look back at me and assumed I was him. She then told me to rub oil all over her legs and back. I did just that and I started to rub her up and down. My step-mom liked it so much she told me to keep going assuming it was my old man. I massaged her ass and I even massaged her inner thighs and around her pussy. I got so worked up that things started to get out of control. I pulled my dick out and I started massaging her back and ass with my bare hard cock. She liked it and even encouraged me, all while she never looked back at me. After a few minutes of this my fucking dad coughs really loud and sort of woke up for a second, but he instantly went back to sleep. Well needless to say My step-mom obviously turned around and caught me with my dick out. At first she freaked out and yelled for my dad. But when he didn’t wake up and she saw my throbbing cock, she changed her tune. She told me that my father hadn’t fucked her in weeks and that she needed a good shafting. She proceeded to seduce me and we fucked like mad while my dad slept in a chair next to us. What a day!

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Mom turns to her Son for what she Needs

Jayna comes home from a date that went really badly. Like it was the third date, she was so READY to get what she needed and she finds out he’s MARRIED! It’s not like she wants true love, it’s just women her age have NEEDS. As always she can count on her step-son to listen to her, and she realizes, maybe he can do more than listen?

Jayna comes home from a date that went really badly. Like it was the third date, she was so READY to get what she needed and she finds out he’s MARRIED! It’s not like she wants true love, it’s just women her age have NEEDS. As always she can count on her step-son to listen to her, and she realizes, maybe he can do more than listen?

Jayna brings her step-son his clean laundry and thanks him for making her feel SO MUCH better. He’s a bit nervous about what happened and Jayna goes to leave but decides she wants to feel better ALL THE TIME

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