You’re all grown up

You love it when daddy goes away on business trips. It means that you and mommy can have your special time together. Mommy has been teaching you how to jerk your cock so that you can build up your stamina…you like it when she touches you down there. You tell her you want her to show you something new tonight…but she’s not sure if you’re ready. After all, you’re only in the 5th grade. But she can’t resist your smooth young body…and you’re such a good boy. She climbs on top of you and puts her big round ass and juicy pussy up to your face. She tells you to lick her. You love the smell of mommy’s grown up pussy and her perfume on her panties. You do exactly as she tells you. She wants to show you how to “69”. Your mommy takes your young cock into her mouth and tells you to keep licking her pussy. She giggles as you tickle her clit with your tongue. She turns around and licks your face. You love tasting mommy’s pussy and kissing her on the lips. Mommy can’t resist that swollen little cock of yours. She gets up on top of you. She knows you’re all grown up…she knows you’re ready.
Clip Contains: A very taboo age play fantasy. Mommy likes putting her wet pussy on your face. She likes sucking your cock…she likes your smooth young little body. You’re such a good boy for mommy she takes you inside of her grown up pussy and rides your cock until she cums. You cum deep inside mommy’s pussy, but you’re so young and excited your cock gets hard again right away. She can feel your young cock inside of her and she keeps riding you until you cum again. You love seeing mommy’s big tits bouncing in your face in her lacey bra. You love your mommy and she loves you.

File size: 1.41GB
Resolution: 19201×080
Duration: 00:27:23
File type: MP4


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