Your Mom Swallows Your Cum

You walk into the living room and see your mom standing there. She asks you what’s wrong and you confide in her that your girlfriend will not swallow when she gives you a blow job. Your mom is upset at this and tells you she prefers to swallow. She likes the taste of cum and since she cares so much for you she decides to help you out. She calls you over and has you drop your pants to pull your cock out. She tells you that mommy is very impressed with your big cock before putting in her mouth. In your POV she slobs all over your throbbing hard cock and even takes some time to lick and suck on your big boy balls. This is followed with her pulling her tits put for you to look at. After some intense sucking and some hot dirty talk it isn’t too long before your mom gets a mouthful of your hot cum. She swallows with pure delight and even opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out to show you there is not one drop left behind. What a caring mom you have. She is so happy she could help out.

File size: 310MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:05:10
File type: MP4


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