You Need A Massage, Daddy

Hi Daddy! Gosh, you don’t look so good. Did you have a rough day? Mhmm… Oh, I know just the thing Daddy. Let me massage you! Like I used to. It’s been a long time since you had a massagefrom your daughter. Here, lay down on my bed and relax. Let me take care of you. I even have some massage oil around here somewhere…
See, doesn’t that feel good? Do you feel better? I love you, Daddy. I want to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Even… hehe! Did I surprise you? I’m naked for you, Daddy. I think I know just the way to cheer you up. I’ve massaged your back and your legs… It’s time I massage your cock and balls. I’ll go nice and slow, edging you with my fingers and tongue. Let me milk your cum slowly into my mouth, Daddy. I want to taste you and feel you in my throat.

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