XTube Editorial

If someone had told me before yesterday that spending the night at home all alone would end up being the best night ever, I would laughed but that’s exactly what ended up happening to me the other night. After my occasional fuck-buddy bailed on me at last minute, I was bummed as hell. I’d been looking forward all week to have my cock cleaned off by his big, dirty mouth. My plan afterwards had been to make him play with me till I got rock-hard again so I could fuck him into my mattress for the rest of the night  Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but he was definitely better than my own hand.Or so I thought.

In a moment of pent-up lust, I found myself turning on my laptop and searching the web for something to take the edge off. A gay porn movie or even a short teaser clip would have been enough. That was when I stumbled upon the Godsend that is Xtube.com. I’ll be honest with you – I didn’t expect anything when I started browsing. After all, I’m no newbie and know my way around hardcore erotic sites. After a few minutes, however, I came to the conclusion that without a doubt, Xtube’s gay section has the hottest collection of free porn I’ve ever come across (pun intended).

The XTube gay section is a virtual treasure trove of cock. The first few seconds of watching a video had me wide-eyed, staring at the screen – I couldn’t wait to explore further. I knew I was on to something beyond my wildest dreams and suddenly, I was so glad that no one was around to bother me. I know you’re probably thinking that porno vids are a dime a dozen, but let me tell you that this is so much better. If you’re craving steamy, gay sex, you have come to the best place, hands down. Whatever your heart and throbbing dick desire is readily accessible with just a few clicks. In my case, I found that I was almost overwhelmed by the sheer variety of choices between free XXXclips. That’s right, man, free. How often can we say that about anything, am I right?

XTube is massive. You won’t ever find yourself running out of sinfullyarousing content because there’s always new stuff added on in each category. Every graphic movie showcases some of the best male pornstars. Did I mention that their nude bodies are chiseled to perfection? Like a wet dream come true. Watching these hunky men giving the best blowjobs imaginable will be enough for you to reach for your own aching cock.

That’s what happened to me anyway.

My preferred scenes (well, the one that I found myself watching more than once!) featured a clean-cut, muscular porn actor. His sinewy body was on full display as he climbed on to the bed. As he fucked the frat guy he’d convinced into experimenting with him, the muscles of his back rippled. The frat guy was on his knees while his hands hung on to the wooden bed frame that shook with every stroke and thrust. Their moans of pleasure were too much for me to take and I found myself jerking off; my eyes going blurry as loads of cum started to coat my hand.

Let me tell you, I haven’t cum like this in ages and neither will you!

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