Where Should We Fuck Next?

I tried to make my Son a sandwich but he was hungry for something else! Me! He has a plan… Fucking me all over the house!! Ahhhh… he uses his big dick on me non stop!

SCENE 1: There I am… getting food out and talking to my son when I feel his strong hand on my leg as it slides up to my ass! “Again?” I ask. He responds “the place is ours… no reason not to enjoy it!” He is horny again and so am I!!! I turn around and unzip his shorts… pulling out that BIG COCK for my mouth to wrap around! I slide my silky tongue and puffy lips up and down his hard dick then I deepthroat that young manly cock several times before he stands me up and bends me over to fuck me hard!! First, slowly, but DEEP then he grabs my shoulders and starts rhythmically pounding till I explode! My Son is NOT DONE with me and suddenly says “I want to fuck you all over the house, Mom!”

SCENE 2: Oh I love that feeling of my son’s tongue swirling around my throbbing clit and pussy lips! He finger fucking me at the same time… and my pussy opened for what was next; his beautiful cock in me… filling me up! I got up and lowered my pussy hole onto his hard shaft! I took a ride on that strong, young dick, grinding him while my huge tits bounced! I could barely moan to him; “It Feels so fucking good!” We both took turns rubbing my clit till I grunted and screamed as I came hard! I am not done with my Son and explain: “Let’s move to another spot and fuck, Son!”

SCENE 3: Cum Over Here, Son!” “In A Minute!… I am still cleaning up the sofa!” I sat down on a bar chair and laid back, spread my legs, and played with my pussy while waiting for Edward to fuck Mother’s sweet, wet, abused pussy! I am so fucking excited and horny but frustrated my Son has not come over to fuck me yet! Edward has been fucking me all over the house and after cleaning up our mess on the sofa he cums over to continue taking care of me! He fucks me hard, fast slow, teasing my pussy till I CUM again! When is he going to give me some hot sperm to eat?!?!

SCENE 4: I want to make it to the bedroom but I end up bent over on the stairs with my ass and pussy in the air for Edward to fuck! He DID Mother like there will be no tomorrow! He pounds me until I squirt and then I came so VERY HARD that I nearly ! I turned around and sucked my pussy juices off of his cock and, as he got really close to exploding, I jerked him off hard till he sprayed my face and tits with hot white man cum! YUMMY!!

Mother is sooo HAPPY!!!

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