When My Brother Found Out

Dear Diary,
Things have been going really well with my project in the woodshed. My purple crank is selling phenomenally well thanks to my chemical genius. The other day I was texting one of my “associates” when my big brother walked in. It seems he found out what I have been doing at the woodshed and was going to tell the world if I didn’t do exactly as he said.
I figured he would want money or product but my twisted older brother wanted sexual favors to keep him quiet. As embarrassing and demented as that sounds it actually turned me on a bit. It turns out my brother is quite an awesome lover and he made me cum a few times before the buffoon blew his semen inside of me. What an idiot move that was since I’m off my birth control. He better keep his mouth shut. Jenni is blackmailed to strip, her brother eats her pussy, gets her to suck his dick and then fucks her and creampies her.

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Duration: 00:16:18
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