Waking Daddy with a BJ

Chloe finds Daddy on the couch. He probably had a few too many. She sits on the couch and tries to wake him up but it wasn’t happening. Chloe tells her Daddy how much she fantasizes about him. That now even when her Brother is fucking her she is thinking about her Daddy doing it! She reaches under the blanket and touches his cock. She tells him that she thinks about that time her masturbated and came all over her big tits. And now she needs more from him and knows that he doesn’t think it’s right but she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Chloe thinks it’s perfectly natural. She strokes Daddy’s cock and then couldn’t resist putting it in her mouth. She is so happy to have his cock in her she is smiling the whole time. She takes it all in her mouth as it starts to harden. Soon Chloe starts gagging on Daddy’s hard cock! All of a sudden he wakes up! He is mortified and stops her. He gets angry and tells her to leave. But Chloe doesn’t play nice! She tells Daddy that he doesn’t let his little girl suck his cock, she will yell for Mom! And she will catch him with his pants down and her tits out! His spoiled little girl always gets her way!

File size: 114MB
Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 00;16:29
File type: MP4

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