Unconditional love for his mother!

Calling Eric into her room, she immediately set about seducing him. This time her son could not resist. He went crazy for his mother after seeing her strip down to her see-through lacy nightie. On the bed the taboo twosome began making out. Frank laid on side, but Rachel gave him unceremonious shove. His limp body rolled onto the floor with a heavy bump. Mother and son had it all to themselves from then on. And they made the most of it. Laying on top of his panting mother, Eric hungrily kissed and fondled her big breasts. Then the pair moved into the 69 position. Here Rachel feasted on her son’s thick hard cock while he ate out her wet pussy. The could not get enough each other, and ended getting pretty gymnastic in their enjoyment of one another’s bodies. Then came the full-on fucking. Rachel started out riding her son on top, switched to some hard doggy style action, and finished up in the missionary position. Eric’s cum-filled condom she emptied over her breasts so that they looked glazed. Wantonly desiring to taste her son’s youthful essence, she ran her tongue along the inside of the condom. Then she lay down beside him. Together they agreed to set Frank up and catch him cheating. That way, Rachel could get a divorce and live happily ever after with her son. Frank himself was just feet away, oblivious of his wife’s and his son’s plan for him – or the fact that they had just fucked each other’s brains with torrid, taboo abandon.

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