Uncle Forbidden fruit

Scene One: Family grown
This is the story of Cory’s rich, powerful and domineering brother that has paid for everything in Cory’s life. Once a month he visits her and uses her, but now that her daughter Amara has turned 18 the deal has changed. This is Amara cumming of age….Amara’s uncle is coming into town and Cory takes some photos of her daughter to show him how much she’s grown. He also sent Amara some very stylish and very expensive European clothing and Cory makes her put on. Amara is uncomfortable with the revealing clothing and the photos. Cory explains that she has to do better and that she’s going to take sexy photos of her daughter striping out of her new clothes. Amara has no choice but to do what her mom says. Cory poses her like a sex doll, taking naughty photos of the nervous and humiliated girl.

Scene Two: Uncomfortable Position
It’s just then that her uncle walks into the house. He demands the photos and gets angry when their not what he wants. Assume the position He tells Cory. oh god Cory says in desperation, getting to her knees and taking off her clothes. He orders Amara to lick his balls and suck his cock just like her mother.I don’t want to do this, Amara thinks as her mom is fucked on the couch and she’s ordered to suck him when he’s done fucking. She just wants to leave but he forces her to kiss her mom as she is fucked. Then its Amara’s turn. Reluctant and shy Cory yells at her until she complies with his every wish and demand. Ordering them to the floor he cums on both their faces and leaves them.

Scene Three: Forbidden fruit
Amara’s uncle has given mother and daughter some lingerie to wear for the photo session he’s going to have with them. He enjoys watching how humiliated and shy Amara is as he forces them to kiss, touch each other and lick each other, snapping photos the entire time. You have to do it Cory tells her daughter, demanding that she obey. Cory instructs her daughter on how to fuck and forces her to break through her shyness. Oh mommy Amara pleads as he fucks her around the room. She gets to her knees and looks into his eyes as she’s told to say. Please cum in my mouth, I want to share it with my mom Her uncle gives her exactly what she asks for.

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