Today Daddy Is Our Sex Toy

Scene One: Dad is a pervert
Cory and her daughter Molly find dad in his bedroom masturbating. Wearing panties and smelling a dirty pair he rubs them on his cock. They leave him with their panties to go have some fun.

Scene Two: Get us off
Cory and Molly return with some long dildos for him. Straddling his face Cory shoves her cock into his grimacing mouth. “It’s so yummy, right?” Cory asks fucking his mouth. Using her big black cock Molly fucks her dad’s mouth hard.

Scene Three: Forced Milking
The girls jerk his cock, all four hands rubbing him. Cory takes her vibrator and rubs it under his balls giving him pleasure just like a girl. They tease him taking him to the edge or orgasm then stop.

File size: 1.06GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:29:30
File type:  MP4


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