The Salesman Rape hot Mother

Lovely housewife Rachel Steele is home alone while her husband attends to business out of state for a couple of weeks. A vacuum salesman goes door to door in her ritzy neighbourhood to demonstrate his product. He takes an instant lusting to Rachel when he sees how well she fills her pretty dress. He also learns that that her husband is away and she’s is very vulnerable in the house all by herself. Instead of crudely attacking her, he spikes her drink when she is in the kitchen. He then pretends to leave – saying he will follow up when her husband returns. Swiftly Rachel becomes light-headed and falls into a deep sleep on the couch. The salesman returns, carries her limp body to her room, strips her down to her lingerie, ties her up and gags her. When Rachel wakes, she is very groggy and weak. She cannot do anything to prevent the salesman from using her. Her only recourse is muffled words: Do what she want, but please do not hurt me – she says. After the salesman has forcibly fondled her and licked her pussy, he forces her to suck his cock, then fucks her in the , missionary and side-on positions. Finally he makes her suck his cum into her mouth. That last humiliation is enough to sober Rachel up. She curses the salesman and tells him to leave. He knows she will be too ashamed ever to tell anyone what he did.

File size: 156MB
Resolution: 720c540
Duration: 00:12:11
File type: WMV


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