The Family Fortune

Sarah and Pixie left for school around nine Sunday night. Sarah had pulled me aside and told me I owe her. I gave my sister a deep kiss and told her I looked forward to the pay-back. Pixie grabbed me in the bathroom. She kissed me hard and rubbed my growing cock.

“I want you to stick this in me, now….but I know you can’t. I’m dying to have you cum in my sister pussy.”

Was she listening? Was it her who was closing their door?

As their car pulled out of the drive way mom was next to me.

“When do you have to be back?”

I put my arm around her.

“I have to be at work at nine.”

My hand slid down and rubbed her firm ass through her jeans. She purred.

“Good, then you won’t mind if I want to shower and fuck, right?”

I looked and she had a mischievous smile.

“Mind? I’ll race you.”

We were in the shower. I held my trim firm mother close to me as we kissed like there was no tomorrow. We were both panting with desire. She pulled back.

“I thought I was going to wear my pussy out masturbating over you.”

I slid my hand down and cupped her vagina.

“Hmmm seems okay, no lasting damage.”

“ohhhhhhhh you fucker. Finger me son, I’m so hot for you.”

I had a finger deep inside mom and she just hung on me. She finally kissed me lightly.

“Let’s dry off and get into bed. It’s time for the main event.”

We dried each other with a great deal of kissing and fondling. I’d been hard since we stripped to shower. Mom gave me a playful suck as she dried my legs and I buried my face in her ass as I dried hers. She squealed.

“Ohhhhh something new? You like that?”

I let my tongue touch her rosebud.

“When you’re as clean as this, sure. Never tried it actually.”

She bent over and gave me clear access. I tongue fucked my mom’s ass for a few seconds while I slipped my thumb up her slit. I could smell her need. I pulled back and got up. She was flushed.

“I’ve never had that done. That was fucking hot.”

“You’ve never had anyone up your ass?”

She shoved me out the door.

“Oh hell no! You’re the only man I’ve been with who hasn’t fucked my ass.”

I stopped quickly and her naked body collided with mine. I turned around and hugged her, pressing my cock into her hard abs.


Was all I said and then kissed her again. Mom broke away and climbed on the open bed. She just lay back and looked at me while she toyed with her pussy. I moved on the bed and between her open thighs. We were eye to eye. She smiled.

“Come on Gene, stick it in me, now.”

As I put the head of my rigid cock at the soaked lips of mom’s pussy I had a sudden flashback. That was exactly what Sarah had said. I bottomed out in my mother’s tunnel.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeeeessssss! That’s what mom needs!”

Just like with my sister last night I was up on my elbows and sliding in and out. Sarah was a little bit tighter, but mom knows how to work those kegals and she was massaging my prick as I fucked her. Her legs were around me, way up my back, further than Sarah got. I concentrated on how fine it felt to have my cock in a warm wet pussy. Mom was groaning and every few minutes I think she had a small cum.

I felt the surge.

“Mom, I’m gonna cum for you.”

“Ohhhh yeeaaahh! Fill me Gene, I need to feel you cum in me. Cum in my mom pussy!”

One more hard thrust and I held, feeling the pulses of my ecstasy pump into the birth canal I came from. I stayed inside her for another minute and then rolled off. She rolled on top of me.

“MMMMMM that was nice. A few more like that and maybe I’ll let you go to work.”

I held her.

“Maybe I’ll call in sick.”

She laughed and rolled off of me. We lay in silence for a few minutes.

“Gene, I’m wondering about something and I want your opinion.”

I brushed my fingers gently all over her smooth skin.

“Sure, we seem to have no secrets anymore.” ( A lie of global proportion but useful for now)

“How close do you think Sarah and Pixie are?”

I played dumb, for just a little bit.


Mom rolled and faced me.

“You want me to spell it out? Do you think they have sex?”

I had two choices, lie or show her the pics. I reached for my phone.

“You know we all have the same phones, right? Well, they come with a file sharing feature. I had put my phone next to Sarah’s when we had dinner last night. When I checked it later I found these.”

I carefully chose the right folder. It’s all about controlling the flow of information. I slowly ran through the pics of Sarah naked and then Pixie, with no face shots. I just kept going through them till she said stop. I noticed that her nips had gotten hard and her pussy was back to flowing. Interesting, very interesting.

“That’s Pixie.”

“Yeah, mom, I recognized the scar too.”

“Why are they trading naked pictures of each other?”

I laughed lightly.

“Why did you?”

Mom had sent a long series of very nasty phone pics to me while I was back home. She laughed.

“Did you jack off to these? Don’t lie.”

“Yeah, mom, I did.”

She snorted.

“You’re a bad boy.”

“Well, look at them. They are hot looking. Oh, and that makes me bad? I’m already having sex with my mother. How much badder can I be?”

She laughed and kissed me.

“And you are soooo good at it! So I guess they are, huh?”

Now to what I wanted to know.

“Sure looks that way. Now, how do you feel about that?”

She relaxed back onto the bed and sighed.

“Well, I’m committing incest with my son so I guess anything else can’t be too bad.”

I rolled on top of her. My dick was growing again.

“Just what exactly does that mean, Miranda? Have you had sex with women?’

I ground my growing prick into her hard belly. She was beginning to pant.

“Yes, Yes, I have. In college, a friend. She seduced me when I was drunk but she’d been teasing me for weeks. Getting undressed in front of me, showing me her pussy, masturbating when she knew I was still awake. By the time she moved to kiss me I was not only ready, but I wanted it, bad.”

I moved my prick down. Now it was sitting at the very wet entrance to her vagina.

“And since college?”

“Oh Gene, put it in, please?”

“Not till you tell me, mother. Then I’ll put this nice prick in your hole.”

I slid just the head in for a second and pulled back.

“Oh I hate you. Yes, in the last year. Please don’t ask me any more. I shouldn’t say more unless she says it’s okay. Now, son, fuck your mother, you got me so fucking horny.”

We fucked for an hour. Mom came many times. I held out. We’d stop and just make out for a while then she’d suck her juices off my cock. We just enjoyed each other’s body until I couldn’t take anymore and filled her with my cum. We took a quick shower and fell asleep.

Over breakfast in the morning we made plans for when we could get together again. There was a pause in the conversation.

“Does dad know?”

Mom looked at me across the table.

“About us or about me and my girl playmate?”


Mom got up with the two empty cups.

“That need be no concern of yours.”

I left fifteen minutes later and without any further explanation.

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  1. skye says:

    Oh! why stop this, just continue

  2. curiousboy40 says:

    i guess this is just a summary? lol very short and dry, nothing explicit or that raises an eyebrow here.

    if the author were reading this, i’d say try again, with feeling this time.

    • curiousboy40 says:

      found the original story, this one here is chapter 7, no wonder its a little dry. the first chapter is on literotica if anyone wants to read it.

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