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Mom is an Anal Virgin

“I want to do something that your father isn’t into” Melanie tells her son spreading her legs and flashing him her panties. “But I’m your son” You say to her and she just smiles telling you it will be a secret. You feel awkward and your pants stiffen as your mom looks at you while touching herself. “Touch mom right here” She says and points to her asshole. She pulls out her breasts and tells you to work your way down. She moans as you touch her tits and slide your hand down to her pussy. Slowly you put your finger in her ass and she tilts her head back in ecstasy. Her husband wont do that but she can train her son to give her what she wants. You make her cum for the first time in years.

Scene Two: Toys
Your mom is sitting on the couch in her bra and panties when she calls you over to her. She can’t stop thinking about the other day and how you made her feel. “I brought some toys” She tells you and instructs you on what to do with them. She unhooks her bra, letting out her big heavy tits, and slides down her panties. “Are you sure?” You ask and she nods spreading her legs. You slide the pink glass rod slowly into her ass and she moans in pleasure. The vibrator on her clit building her up inside. Oh god it feels so good. Just when she can’t take it anymore she floods with sensation and her toes curl in orgasmic pleasure. She wonders if she’s ever cum that hard before. Her son is the best toy she owns.

Scene Three: Mom and dad fight
“You and your damn work, just go and fuck your little secretary” Melanie yells at her husband. He leaves for work in a rage and she walks into your room to get revenge. “Lets have some fun” She tells you and pulls your penis out. Slowly she licks and sucks on you and makes your penis hard. It feels amazing and new as she makes you have a strange feeling in your body. She takes off her clothes and grabs a toy from her bedroom, spreading her legs and instructing you how to put your penis in her ass. It’s so tight and warm as your hard cock slowly goes inside of her. She puts the vibrator on her clit and cums while you fuck her. The noises she’s making and the constant rhythm of her body against you makes your vision turn white and you release inside of her. “Thank you” She whispers, out of breath as cum oozes out of her tight fucked ass.

Scene Four: The promise
You come into your room to find your mom in your bed wearing red lingerie. “I have something to tell you” She says. She and your dad have come to an arrangement where they can get to fuck whoever they want. Little does your father know but she wants to fuck you. “You’re the only one who gets my ass” She whispers to you, sucking your cock hard again. She lays back and puts her legs in the air and a vibrator on her clit. You’re so hard and horny that you can’t stop yourself from plowing her pussy and making her cum. You take yourself out and give her what she really wants. You push into her ass and make her scream in pleasure. With the vibrator on her clit she cums over and over until you cum inside of her ass with a hot white mess. “Only you get to do that” She tells you with love in her eyes and cum in her ass.

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Virgin Daughter Fertilized

Oh my Goodness, that was the best date I’ve ever been on! I- I really think I love this guy. Oh, he’ll be so happy to hear I’ve been saving myself for him! But, I really can’t help but feel so turned on. He looked so sexy tonight. Well, no one’s home… Daddy must be late at work. I just have to masturbate!
Wait, Daddy?! What are you doing here? Wh- I thought you were at work? Hey, come back!
…Daddy, … you didn’t have to run to the restroom. I know what you were doing, so just come clean. You were watching me, weren’t you? Did you like what you saw? Daddy, I’m a virgin and I’m saving myself for my boyfriend! We’re really serious, you know.
Hey, I know it’s been tough since Mommy left… Is there anything I can do for you? Er, anything at all? … Yes, Daddy. I’ll relieve you of your stress. Please, let me. Let’s go to my room. I’ll let you fuck me.
Oh, Daddy, yes! I love this. I love you! This is better than I’ve ever imagined, especially since it’s with you, Daddy. I love sucking your cock and licking your balls. I’ve always thought of you. Please, can you fuck me like you did Mommy? Yeah, I want to be just like Mommy. It’s okay that I’m not on any sort of contraception, right? You’ll still fuck me, Daddy? Oh, please cum inside me! I need to feel you shoot your load in me. I want to be bred, fertilized, like Mommy was! Yes! Daddy, yes!

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Giving My Virgin Brother His First Fellatio

You approach your hot older sister, Raquel, who notices you’re back from school pretty early. You explain to your sister that you had a special class today. Today you had a sex education class, and you have some questions. Raquel asks what kind of questions you’d like to ask. She is shocked and appalled when you ask to see her boobs. She slowly strips off her shirt, to her bra.. and is even more grossed out when you ask her to take off her bra too! She’s your sister… she shouldn’t be showing off herself to you! What if Mom and Dad found out about this? You ask to see your sisters ass, and she takes off her pants to show you. You’ve almost seen all of the female anatomy, but your sister still has her panties on. Raquel shrieks as you ask to see her vagina too… But it’s all for education, so she takes them off. You explain to your sister they mentioned blowjobs in Sex Education, and you’ve never had one before! In fact, you’re a virgin! Your sister can’t believe that you’re such a late bloomer. Your sister seems embarrassed, but intrigued, when you ask her for your first blowjob experience. She gets on her knees, and demands that you don’t tell your little friends about this. She takes your cock into her mouth, and slowly starts sucking, and licking the tip. “You’re already going to cum?? Oh no! Is that mom and dad?!” Raquel stops and tells you that if you want to really have your first experience, meet her when Mom and Dad are asleep.. You meet your sister in her room later that night, she’s surprised you even took it seriously! Your sister begins to strip her clothes for you, “This is really, dirty..” Raquel starts to suck your cock, and stroke your shaft up and down. You can’t believe how amazing your sister’s mouth is. Now you’re afraid that no girl will ever be as good as her! She deep throats and sucks until you cum all over her face and hand. “You got it all over my face! What do you mean?! This isn’t happening again!” Your sister seems disgusted… But you are happy with yourself as your cum drips down her face. Finishing your first, and best, blowjob experience.
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Big Sister Fixes Brother’s “Virgin Problem”

Dixie CometHey Bro, why weren’t you in school today?Mom said you stayed home sick but I don’t think that was really the problem. I heard some of the older students talking and I know that a bunch of them were making fun of you for still being a virgin. They’re assholes and you shouldn’t even let them bother you… but on the other hand, maybe I should just help you take care of your problem so they can’t make fun of you anymore? I’m sure you’ve heard I’ve got kind of a slutty reputation around school, I’ve touched a lot of dicks already, why shouldn’t I touch yours? Have you ever had a girl touch your cock before? I can tell by the tent you’re pitching that the idea is turning you on, I’m going to just pull out your cock. Wow Bro, you’ve got a nice cock, I’m going to just put it in my mouth a little bit to see if you like that. But you know, none of this really counts, you’ll have to put it in my pussy if you really want to not be a virgin anymore. We have to be quiet though, I told mom we were playing video games to cheer you up.

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Virgin Brother Asks Sister Advice About Sex

I have a huge date tonight with my girlfriend, and we plan on fucking for the first time! We are going to lose our virginity together! I AM SO FUCKING NERVOUS. I talk to my sister about it and she suggests that she show me what to do to my gf! OMFG She is going to get naked for me and tell me what to do! YES! Holy shit, I get to touch my sister’s pussy!!! I am scared at first but she tells me what I have to do to make a girl cum hard with my fingers! NOW SHE WANTS TO TOUCH MY COCK!!! GOD PLEASE DONT LET ME CUM TOO FAST!!!She gives me a handjob and it feels SO fucking good! She wants to suck my dick now??? I am really going to get a blow job from my sister!!! What? she wants me to eat her out now? I don’t know how! Her pussy tasted so fucking good! I got to lick it and make her cum so HARD! NOW SHE WANTS ME TO FUCK HER!!! SHE IS GOING TO TAKE MY VIRGINITY!!! OMFG I CAN’T WAIT TO CUM IN HER PUSSY!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

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Virgin Son Sex Education

I know you are still a virgin, I caught you several times watching porn, and saw cum stains on your undies while I was doing your laundry. At your age this is normal, that’s why mommy is going to talk to you about sex for the first time. I know it’s a little bit awkward but I want the best for you and to teach you how to make good decisions. You have never seen a pussy before and I am going to give you a lesson of how touch a girl’s pussy, how to please them and how to penetrate them. But you cannot practice with mommy’s pussy, that’s forbidden. I’ve brought a fleshlight to give you an idea of how be a real man and use your young cock the right way.

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Daddy’s Anal Video Virgin

Anneliese Snow was working a normal job when she answered an ad for adult work. This college educated professional couldnt resist the chance to make money doing what she enjoys, having KINKY sex. After a brief but enlightening interview this beautiful blonde was ready to do all sorts of kinky things. We got so carried away in her first scene she even wound up getting her first creampie on film too.
Anneliese Snow – Young Anneliese enjoys anal toys in her personal life so when we asked her to do her first anal scene on camera she was more than ready. After getting herself ready with a hitachi and some toys we sent her upstairs to the bedroom. Annelliese jumped right to sucking Traces cock then the fun began. Trace gave her tight ass the gaping of a lifetime but I’m sure she’ll be back for more.

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Daddy`s Video Virgin

Father fucks lovely brunette Daughter in different positions.

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My Brothers Not A Virgin …. Anymore

Thanks To Me!Dear Diary,Apparently a few days ago when my little brother Loki was at our neighbor’s house helping do yard work my best friend Brittany ratted me out to him. She told him I told her he was still a virgin! Well today on twoface-book she messaged me and told me she gave him a handjob! I decided to confront my annoying little brother since dad left us in the hotel room alone. He didn’t want to admit it at first but when I had his pants down and his cock in my mouth he slipped up! Needless to say no one, not even my best friend takes his virginity! While we were fucking he kissed me admitting I was his first kiss, I guess I was his first creampie too then huh.

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Cum Quietly Daddy When You Fuck My Virgin Ass

Dear Diary,
Daddy and I have been stealing quiet moments alot lately. The other night I was so hot for his cock I called him in right after mommy went to bed. Daddy was reluctant to fuck me with mommy close by but my lips persuaded him quickly. When he started fucking me I had an overwhelming desire to explore anal sex. Daddy was eager to enlighten me but he had to keep me quiet too. When his cock filled my ass it hurt a bit but Daddy loosened me up until it felt so good I came all over the bed. Daddy came soon after and filled my virgin ass with a huge load. I guess we came quietly enough, mommy never even stirred.

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