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Father preparing Velma for Job

Velma has finally gotten an interview as a calendar model. She is dressed nicely and asks her dad to help her prepare by pretending to be the interviewer. He asks her some uncomfortable questions about her sex life like how many times does she masturbate a week and if she looks at porn. She answers then tells him that they will not be asking these types of questions and the father replies that they will. He asks her to model for him. Velma strips off her clothing to her sexy tiny swim suite underneath. She models her hot body for him not quite sure of herself. He tells her that if she really wants the job than she will have to do more than model. She gets on her hands and knees and crawls to him and begins to suck on his cock. “Like this daddy?” she asks as she works his shaft and balls with her hands and mouth. He takes off her swim suite and fucks her on the couch. She is very vocal as she fucks him begging him to give her the job, and telling him he can cum inside her if she is hired. The dad can’t handle his daughter begging him to cum inside her and explodes. His creamy cum is warm inside her pussy, and she puts the swim suite back on her cum filled pussy shaking her ass getting used to the squishy feel. I think she will get the job.

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Velma DeArmond in Paying Rent to Daddy

Velma is living at home and has been using her savings to pay her parents rent so she can stay there. She has been trying to get a job but is always under qualified. Now broke her father asks her where the rent is for that month. She pleads with him not to kick her out, that she is his daughter. The dad tells her to pack her things, when she asks if she could do some chores around the house to pay. The dad asks her to give him a show by stripping to her underwear. Velma has always been a good girl, and only ever had sex with her boyfriend. She is shy about her body, and embarrassed that her daddy wants to see her like this. Once in her underwear she is told to take off her bra and let her dad play with her large breasts. She looks away as he gropes and plays with them. He tells her to fully bend over for him and slowly pull down her panties so he can see her ass. He makes her pull her ass apart so he can see her perfect asshole and pussy while playing with herself. She can’t believe her dad is making her do this. He asks if anyone has ever fucked her ass before. “No” Velma says, she is a good girl. He makes her get to her knees and suck his big cock, which she does reluctantly. Then he lays her on the bed and fucks his little girl. She cries and moans daddy, as he fucks her harder than she has ever been fucked before. The shame and excitement drives her pussy crazy and she convulses with an orgasm. She is dazed as her father drops
her against the couch, quickly cumming inside.

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