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Uncle Phil Loved Me

Dear Diary,

A few weeks back Uncle Phil had to house sit while my parents were away. Figuring my uncle was pretty cool I went out partying and lost track of time. When I came staggering in Uncle Phil was waiting up for me so I knew I was in trouble.
He put me over his knee and began spanking me which oddly enough turned me on. Before I knew it we were making out passionately on the couch and Uncle Phil was stripping my clothes off. Uncle Phil licked and fingered me to several orgasms before finally sliding his hard cock into my wet pussy. We made love all over the couch and it was so intense right up to the point where Uncle Phil exploded in my fertile vagina. That really sobered me up.
Xo Audrey

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Climbing The Family Tree With Uncle

Dear Diary:
A few weeks back Uncle Phil had to house sit while my parent were away. Figuring my uncle was pretty cool I went out partying and lost track of time. When I came staggering in Uncle Phil was waiting up for me so I knew I was in trouble. He put me over his knee and began spanking me which oddly enough turned me on. Before I knew it we were making out passionately on the couch and Uncle Phil was stripping my clothes off. Uncle Phil licked and fingered me to several orgasms before finally sliding his hard cock into my wet pussy. We made love all over the couch and it was intense right up to the point where Uncle Phil exploded in my fertile vagina. That really sobered me up. XO Audrey. Anna Oksana –
Dear Diary: I was in my sisters room the other day and started masturbating when I thought of things that happened in her bed. My favorite fantasy came to mind and I began calling Daddy as I neared my orgasm. Daddy came home in the middle of me calling his name and was shocked at first. When he realized it was him I was fantasizing about Daddy joined me on the bed and began playing with my pussy while I sucked his cock. Daddy made love to me more passionately than my fantasy and both of us exploded in ecstasy together. I’m sure I’ll be daddy’s favorite from now on too.

XO Anna.

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Hot Tubbing With Uncle Miles

Loni is visiting her cousin Willow and uncle Miles, they are about to go get into the hot tub, when Willow pulls her aside, she tells her that she has been seeing someone, someone who fucks her brains out, and it’s her dad. Loni is a little taken aback by this, she admits he is hot, but it seems a little weird. Willow tells her that if she’d like to have some fun, she’s willing to share her daddy. Loni tells her that she isn’t sure, and will watch from the window and decide from there.
Willow goes out to the hot tub and starts to talk to her dad, they then starts kissing, then he hops up and pulls his hard cock out of his shorts and Willow starts to suck it like a pro. Inside, Loni is watching, and getting very excited, after some good blow job fun, she decides to come out and play.
Uncle Miles has a great cock and it isn’t long until it’s deep in Loni’s mouth. He picks her up and starts to fuck her sitting on the side, then he fucks her in the hot tub.
He pulls both girls out and makes them worship his cock, before pounding Willow again, then Loni until he cums!

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Chelcee Clifton fucked by Uncle Matt

Chelcee Clifton has just turned 18 and comes over to see her old “Uncle Matt”. He hasn’t seen her since she has grown into a full developed young lady. He also doesn’t understand why she is wearing such a skimpy little school girl outfit. She confesses that her old uncle has always made her “tingly down there” and now that she is old enough she wants his old cock. She wastes no time in getting his cock hard and showing how cute she looks sucking cock. After taking his cock cock in her tight young pussy and making him blow his sperm all over fertile cunt she wants more. She hops on and rides his cock before he finishes off pounding her doggystyle. Everyone should have a naughty niece like Chelcee!

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Uncle Phil Fucked My Ass

Dear Diary,

Today I wanted Daddy to fuck my ass so I was in his room masturbating with a butt plug in. I was waiting for daddy to get home and walk in but to my surprise when the bedroom door opened it wasn’t daddy! It was Uncle Phil! He asked me what I was doing and when I explained my master my plan and how I was desperate to be stuffed full he didn’t mind lending a hand … well cock. I pulled down his jeans and boxers and started working his cock with my hands and mouth until it was throbbing and rock hard. He started fucking my ass and we fucked all over daddy’s bed until Uncle Phil couldn’t help but creampie my ass. I even got to clean his cock off when he pulled out.
God, I love the way my ass and hot cum taste! I hope we all get to fuck soon. The thought of Daddy and Uncle Phil fucking me is so hot!

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Uncle fucking his two nieces

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Riley Wants Her Uncle Until He Knocks Her Up

Dear Diary,
As you know I went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle while checking out new schools and I got accepted to a university near them. During the first semester I moved in with them to save some money and my life got really crazy. I started having fantasies about my uncle Jay and started fantasizing about him fucking me while I masturbated. These feelings are getting pretty intense and I don’t know if I can control myself much longer.
Dear Diary,
This weekend was really hard for me, soo hard in fact I blew it……. By sucking my uncles cock and more. After my aunt left for the day I was alone with Uncle Jay and I just couldn’t control myself. I went and sat on the couch with him and before I knew it, despite Uncle Jays lame attempt at protesting, his big cock was in my mouth.

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Harder Uncle Bob And Cum On My Socks

Dear Diary,

A few weeks after Daddy and I started fucking his brother, Uncle Bob, moved in. My desires for older men were getting even stronger lately and I was constantly horny. One afternoon Uncle Bob was laying on the couch when I decided to take a bath. The bubbles and the warm water started turning me on so I decided to masturbate. While I was fucking my little pussy with my dildo I felt like I was being watched so I started putting on a show.
When I came out of the shower in my towel I could tell by the way he was acting Uncle Bob had been watching. I decided to throw caution to the wind and dropped my towel while groping Uncle Bobs crotch. He couldn’t resist my advances and soon his hard cock was in my mouth. Uncle Bobs cock was so hard I had to feel it in my pussy so I climbed on top of him, riding his cock while he squeezed my tits. I came really hard then turned around so he could drill me deeper. I fucked Uncle Bob til he came in my tight pussy really hard.

Dear Diary

A few days later I was sitting on the couch in my schoolgirl uniform when Uncle Bob came home early. I convinced him to come to my room and started sucking his cock. I was soo horny I begged him to fuck my schoolgirl pussy and as soon as I stripped off my panties he slid right in. He started fucking me hard so I begged him to fuck me senseless. He pounded my tight little pussy til I came soo hard I went limp and blacked out a second.
When I came to my senses Uncle Bob was still fucking me slowly which made me quiver. I wanted even more so I begged him to fuck me harder. This time I wanted to cum so hard I’d be senseless for hours which I was sure Uncle Bob could do. With me urging him to fuck me harder Uncle Bob plowed my pussy harder and harder. Right before my most intense orgasm ever I begged him to cum on my socks after I went limp. Uncle Bob must have really enjoyed the orgasm cause when I came to my socks were covered in white sticky goo.

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They Made Me Fuck My Uncle (And I Love It)

Dear Diary,
I thought going to college would be all fun, games, partying, cute boys, and I guess a little class but I was wrong! My Uncle who is a Professor suggested I join this super popular sorority here on campus so I thought to make him happy I will.
Diary these girls are sooo mean! They picked on me during the interview! Then there was the hazing part! OH MY GOD! They tickled me, spanked me and even worst they made me fuck my Uncle! Yeah! The professor Uncle! They blindfolded me and lead me into a room and watched! They instructed me on what to do every step of the way! They had me stroke him, suck him & fuck him until he came all over me! One of them even got me to say “I LOVE MY FAMILY” while I was getting fucked! I was so embarrassed I tried to run out of the room but they brought me back in!
You know Diary, I kindof think Uncle Jack set all this up. Maybe that’s why he was so adamant that I enroll in this specific sorority. Honestly though Diary I really liked fucking my Uncle Jack, even if I didn’t know it was him at the time. I hope I get to do it again soon!

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Uncle agrees to be my baby’s Daddy

I’ve been married a couple of years to a really great husband. The only thing not so great is we want to have a baby and he has an extremely low sperm count. I want to try artificial insemination but don’t want just anyone’s spunk injected in my uterus. The only man I can think of who means as much to me as my husband is my step-mom’s brother. He is my favorite Uncle. He is really smart and sexy for an older guy. I’ve had sexual fantasies about him over the years but never acted on them. The thought of having a part of him inside my body really turns me on. I can tell my husband that I chose an anonymous sperm donor from the clinic files and no one needs to know my plan except me and my Uncle, that is if he agrees to share his semen with me. I called him and he welcomed me over to his house the next morning for a little chat over coffee. I told him my dilemma and how much I wanted to have a baby with his genetic benefits. I think I flattered him and he agreed to be my baby’s daddy without hesitation. I even told him we didn’t have to have sex so I wouldn’t be cheating on my husband except for the little lie of where the sperm donation came from.
I brought a sterile cup with me to collect my Uncle’s cum through means of extracting it myself by giving him a hand job. His eyes lit up a little more when I told him I was going to crank his cock myself so he didn’t have to sit in a clinic bathroom and do the deed. He made himself comfortable on the sofa and I began working on his load. I wanted the biggest ejaculation he could give me so I had a good chance of getting pregnant with his baby right away. As I had his precious family jewels in my hands I let him know I noticed he has been a bit nicer to me over the years than he is to my cousins. I also made him aware I remembered when he had a boner in his swim trunks that time we were all at the lake for family vacation and I hugged him while wearing my bikini. I never said anything to anyone about the way he looked at me when I winked at him, acknowledging his stiff cock was there because of me. This situation seems perfect that years later I get to be the one to take care of his stiff cock and for my own benefit. I wanted the biggest load he could give me so I gave him plenty of encouragement by stripping out of my clothes and showing him my perfect little pink pussy and tight round ass. I saw his cock stiffen and bounce as he looked at my young body. I knew it was time to work my precious load from him. I asked him for his cum as a gripped his shaft firmly. I asked my Uncle to help make me pregnant with his baby. He released his semen into my hands just like I asked him to. I milked his dick for every drop before letting him know that if this first sample doesn’t make me pregnant then I would be back for more of his daddy batter. I also informed him if this first sample doesn’t take then we may have to try direct implantation. I want a baby so bad that regardless of what my husband says, I would let my Uncle fuck me but first I’m going to the clinic with this fresh semen, spreading my legs for the Doctor and hoping the injection of my Uncles spunk hits the baby making spot.

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