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Harder Uncle Bob And Cum On My Socks

Dear Diary,

A few weeks after Daddy and I started fucking his brother, Uncle Bob, moved in. My desires for older men were getting even stronger lately and I was constantly horny. One afternoon Uncle Bob was laying on the couch when I decided to take a bath. The bubbles and the warm water started turning me on so I decided to masturbate. While I was fucking my little pussy with my dildo I felt like I was being watched so I started putting on a show.
When I came out of the shower in my towel I could tell by the way he was acting Uncle Bob had been watching. I decided to throw caution to the wind and dropped my towel while groping Uncle Bobs crotch. He couldn’t resist my advances and soon his hard cock was in my mouth. Uncle Bobs cock was so hard I had to feel it in my pussy so I climbed on top of him, riding his cock while he squeezed my tits. I came really hard then turned around so he could drill me deeper. I fucked Uncle Bob til he came in my tight pussy really hard.

Dear Diary

A few days later I was sitting on the couch in my schoolgirl uniform when Uncle Bob came home early. I convinced him to come to my room and started sucking his cock. I was soo horny I begged him to fuck my schoolgirl pussy and as soon as I stripped off my panties he slid right in. He started fucking me hard so I begged him to fuck me senseless. He pounded my tight little pussy til I came soo hard I went limp and blacked out a second.
When I came to my senses Uncle Bob was still fucking me slowly which made me quiver. I wanted even more so I begged him to fuck me harder. This time I wanted to cum so hard I’d be senseless for hours which I was sure Uncle Bob could do. With me urging him to fuck me harder Uncle Bob plowed my pussy harder and harder. Right before my most intense orgasm ever I begged him to cum on my socks after I went limp. Uncle Bob must have really enjoyed the orgasm cause when I came to my socks were covered in white sticky goo.

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They Made Me Fuck My Uncle (And I Love It)

Dear Diary,
I thought going to college would be all fun, games, partying, cute boys, and I guess a little class but I was wrong! My Uncle who is a Professor suggested I join this super popular sorority here on campus so I thought to make him happy I will.
Diary these girls are sooo mean! They picked on me during the interview! Then there was the hazing part! OH MY GOD! They tickled me, spanked me and even worst they made me fuck my Uncle! Yeah! The professor Uncle! They blindfolded me and lead me into a room and watched! They instructed me on what to do every step of the way! They had me stroke him, suck him & fuck him until he came all over me! One of them even got me to say “I LOVE MY FAMILY” while I was getting fucked! I was so embarrassed I tried to run out of the room but they brought me back in!
You know Diary, I kindof think Uncle Jack set all this up. Maybe that’s why he was so adamant that I enroll in this specific sorority. Honestly though Diary I really liked fucking my Uncle Jack, even if I didn’t know it was him at the time. I hope I get to do it again soon!

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Uncle agrees to be my baby’s Daddy

I’ve been married a couple of years to a really great husband. The only thing not so great is we want to have a baby and he has an extremely low sperm count. I want to try artificial insemination but don’t want just anyone’s spunk injected in my uterus. The only man I can think of who means as much to me as my husband is my step-mom’s brother. He is my favorite Uncle. He is really smart and sexy for an older guy. I’ve had sexual fantasies about him over the years but never acted on them. The thought of having a part of him inside my body really turns me on. I can tell my husband that I chose an anonymous sperm donor from the clinic files and no one needs to know my plan except me and my Uncle, that is if he agrees to share his semen with me. I called him and he welcomed me over to his house the next morning for a little chat over coffee. I told him my dilemma and how much I wanted to have a baby with his genetic benefits. I think I flattered him and he agreed to be my baby’s daddy without hesitation. I even told him we didn’t have to have sex so I wouldn’t be cheating on my husband except for the little lie of where the sperm donation came from.
I brought a sterile cup with me to collect my Uncle’s cum through means of extracting it myself by giving him a hand job. His eyes lit up a little more when I told him I was going to crank his cock myself so he didn’t have to sit in a clinic bathroom and do the deed. He made himself comfortable on the sofa and I began working on his load. I wanted the biggest ejaculation he could give me so I had a good chance of getting pregnant with his baby right away. As I had his precious family jewels in my hands I let him know I noticed he has been a bit nicer to me over the years than he is to my cousins. I also made him aware I remembered when he had a boner in his swim trunks that time we were all at the lake for family vacation and I hugged him while wearing my bikini. I never said anything to anyone about the way he looked at me when I winked at him, acknowledging his stiff cock was there because of me. This situation seems perfect that years later I get to be the one to take care of his stiff cock and for my own benefit. I wanted the biggest load he could give me so I gave him plenty of encouragement by stripping out of my clothes and showing him my perfect little pink pussy and tight round ass. I saw his cock stiffen and bounce as he looked at my young body. I knew it was time to work my precious load from him. I asked him for his cum as a gripped his shaft firmly. I asked my Uncle to help make me pregnant with his baby. He released his semen into my hands just like I asked him to. I milked his dick for every drop before letting him know that if this first sample doesn’t make me pregnant then I would be back for more of his daddy batter. I also informed him if this first sample doesn’t take then we may have to try direct implantation. I want a baby so bad that regardless of what my husband says, I would let my Uncle fuck me but first I’m going to the clinic with this fresh semen, spreading my legs for the Doctor and hoping the injection of my Uncles spunk hits the baby making spot.

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Uncle Carl Knocked Me Up

Young college student Cameron was out of town checking out a college and stayed with her Uncle Carl and Aunt Linda. After getting accepted she moved in with them and her story begins. The first night she sits and writes about the move in her diary wondering what kind of fun she’ll have. When she moved in Cameron agreed to to abide by the house rules including a curfew. She comes in late one night and Uncle Carl is waiting. He puts her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom and tickles her feet making her promise not to be late again. When she gets to her room she tells her diary a different story. It seems the tickling turned her on and she wants more. The next day she is showering with the door slightly cracked. When she realizes she is being watched she puts on a show and makes herself cum a few times. Her next diary entry warns that it may be a few days to her next entry since her aunt is going out of town and she plans to seduce Uncle Carl.
Cameron sneaks into her Uncles room while he is napping and starts sucking his cock. At first Uncle Carl is shocked but he can’t resist his nieces charms as she licks and sucks his hard cock. Cameron gets soo turned on by having her Uncles cock in her mouth she has to feel it in her pussy. She straddles him and rides his cock hard and fast making her build to an intense squirting orgasm. Uncle Carl flips her over and fucks her doggy style burying his cock deep then rolls her on her back. He fucks her to another squirting orgasm before he explodes inside her too.
The next morning Cameron oversleeps and Uncle Carl wakes her by tickling her feet. Her seductive looks convince Uncle Carl to write her an excuse and to show her gratitude she starts sucking his cock. Next thing you know she is riding his cock like theirs no tomorrow making Uncle Carl explode inside her again. Camerons Diary entries resume with some great news in her last trimester. Uncle Carl is getting divorced so they can have their own family.

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Taboo Diaries Mia Loves Her Uncle

Dear Diary

The other day I was working at the massage parlor and something really strange happened. I was giving a massage to a client when he rolled over and shocked me completely. The client turned out to be my uncle and he was there to bust the place. When he found out I gave happy endings for free he wound up getting a full massage instead.
I couldn’t stop thinking about him so when I found out Aunt Sue was leaving for the weekend I decided to make a house call. My Uncle was laying on the couch when I walked in and after making sure my aunt was gone I attacked his cock like a hungry tigress. I sucked and licked his cock and balls til I had to feel his hardness inside me.
I quickly stripped and straddled his cock plunging it into my tight pussy. My uncle squeezed my tiny nipples and sent an orgasmic wave through me. He spanked and teased me while we fucked and he made me cum several times which is why I love older men. When he bent me over doggie style and pounded my pussy it was awesome until he came deep inside me. I kind of freaked out a bit but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the weekend.
Dear Diary
Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better my Uncle slid into bed with me Saturday morning. He teased and fingered my pussy then out of the blue he slapped it and took complete control of me. He facefucked me so hard I cried as my pussy leaked wetness down my leg.
He made me beg for him to fuck me and that really turned me on. I begged til I got it right and me uncle spun me around quickly. He pulled my panties to the side and fucked me hard before grabbing a handful of my hair. We switched positions and he choked me while he fucked me even harder making me cum even harder. I had soo many orgasms I lost count but when my uncle blew his load all over my belly I had my best orgasm ever. I hope my aunt goes out of town more often.

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Nude Sunbather (Uncle – Niece)

Young, Big-Breasted Keiyra is from France…and staying with her Uncle Vinnie in America. Keiyra decides to do a little Nude Sunbathing in Uncle Vinnie’s backyard….so she strips off her dress, and begins to lie out 100% Bare Naked in the backyard. Uncle Vinnie sees his Niece out there….with her magnificent Giant Boobs….and his first instinct is…..to spy on her and masturbate!!! After a few minutes of spying on the Big-Breasted youngster…. Uncle Vinnie realizes that his neighbours may see the Naked girl in his backyard…..and complain to the Condo Association….so he calls Keiyra inside and scolds her for her Nude Sunbathing. Keiyra is confused….as this is a common practice back home. Uncle Vinnie tells his Niece that she is going to have to be Punished for her behaviour. To the horror of the young, Big Breasted girl….Uncle Vinnie orders her to masturbate his big cock…telling her that she is at fault for his erection….since she caused it. Still believing that she has done nothing wrong…..poor Keiyra is very upset as she begins to masturbate her Uncle. after a few minutes of cock stroking…Uncle Vinnie decides that a mere handjob is NOT enough Punishment…..and her instructs his Niece to get down on her knees…and suck his cock!!! Uncle Vinnie grabs his young Niece by her head…and thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth. Keiyra is in tears as her Uncle ejaculates in her mouth!!! A HUGE ejaculation fills her mouth….dribbling out…all over her Enormous Tits. Uncle Vinnie orders Keiyra to swallow some of his seed….”swallow it Keiyra….swallow a little bit….you need to learn a lesson” Keiyra cries as she swallows her Uncle’s cum.

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Uncle and Father fucking big tits Daughter

Veronica walks into the scene to see an inflatable baseball glove on the floor with a note saying it is from Uncle Joe and dad. She is confused at first. Why would they get her a glove and no balls? They know she loves balls! Then Uncle Joe and her dad walk in and ask how she likes the inflatable, they tell her that they are providing the balls for her glove! She starts to suck on Uncle joe’s cock while dad fucks her. Then they switch, she deep throats their cocks and begs to get fucked harder! As they are fucking, the glove starts to break and lose air. Will they finish before it is completely flat? Uncle Joe cums in her mouth as she swallows every drop! Then dad cums on her tits. Dad, Uncle Joe and the glove were all drained!

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Niece came to her uncle to work and get dick in pussy and mouth

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Niece seduced his uncle in the kitchen

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Sicko Uncle Humiliated & Destroyed

Molly Jane’s Mother has invited uncle Lew to spend the holidays at their house. uncle Lew is a disgusting drunken womanizer who thinks he can get away with whatever he wants. Molly catches him spying on her in her underwear while she is getting ready to go out to a club. Molly is determined to teach this old pervert that women are in charge around here. She dominates him with her feet making clean every inch of her shoes and bare feet. Molly tramples him and uses the worthless sicko as her human ashtray. But her uncle’s lesson is not complete without a brutal ball kicking. Molly completely mutilates the loser’s nuts over and over until he is crying and unable to move. Molly drags her newly trained uncle off to his new home for the holidays – a dogcage.

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