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Fooling Around With My Almost Uncle

I really want to have sex with you before you become a part of our family uncle Tommy. The wedding is at the end of the week and I am so wet right now. Wont you fuck me please?

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Taking Care Of Uncle Turns Me On

Dear Diary,

My Uncle and his family came to visit last month and he wound up very ill. My parents both had to work and my Aunt had to get back to work so they asked me to care for him. Every day I would give him his meds and keep his fever in check until the other night. I was bathing him and I noticed he had an erection. The thought of my uncles cock sent tingles surging through my body and I couldn’t stop myself.
I pulled down his pajamas and started sucking his throbbing cock until he started to stir a bit. After he settled down I sucked it a bit more then straddled him and slid him inside my soaked pussy. I was so turned on I came almost instantly but I still wanted more. I rode my uncle hard and he stirred again before I could cum. As soon as he stopped moving I impaled myself once more and rode him til I came so hard I screamed. As soon as I did I realized my uncle had cum inside me at about the same time. How twisted would it be if I wound up pregnant? At least he was oblivious so nobody will ever know this happened!!

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My Uncle Knew And It Made Him Want Even More

Dear Diary,

After I took care of my uncle I decided to go take a bath and clean out the mess. The warm water started turning me on so I let it run over my pussy and I started cumming hard. When I finished cumming I looked up and saw my uncle standing in the doorway. I tried to cover myself but he told me there was no need since he knew what I did earlier.
Uncle Jay was already semi hard so I sucked his cock a bit then he stood me up in the shower and got behind me. His cock entered me and within minutes I was cumming even harder than before. Uncle Jay moved me to the sink and pounded me even harder until he exploded all over my bush. Needless to say I’ll be helping Uncle Jay until hes 100% better, I love the way he fucks me when hes sick so it should be earthshattering when he’s well.

XoXo Kendra

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Right There Uncle Jay – Fertilize My Bush

Dear Diary,

A few days later I was craving more attention so I devised a plan. I went int uncle Jays room and asked him if he could fertilize my bush so it would grow more. Of course he knew exactly what I was after. We pleased each other orally for several minutes before I needed him inside me. I rode his cock for quite awhile then Uncle Jay laid me on my back. He pounded my 19 year old pussy until he exploded all over my growing bush. I.m so glad my college isn’t far away so I can see him often during the year.

Xo Jessica

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Uncle pool in Niece`s pussy

Uncle Jack and I were playing pool one night and I wasn’t doing so good so I asked him to help me. Uncle Jack started showing me how to hold my stick and pressed up tight against me. I started getting all tingly and started missing even more shots which made him get even closer. My butt rubbed against his crotch and I could feel him getting hard. Before long Uncle Jacks cock was buried deep in my pussy and he was demonstrating his slow stroke.
He started pounding my pussy harder and I came really hard. Uncle Jack moved me onto the table and started slow stroking again which made me squirt all over the table. Uncle Jack pounded me even harder after that until finally he exploded inside me and we collapsed on the table. Uncle Jacks stroke really drives me wild but if he keeps dropping his balls in my pocket I’ll end up pregnant for sure!!

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Uncle Jack is Cumming By

After visiting with Uncle Jack a few weeks ago I was home alone and a bit bored. I called uncle Jack and reminded him I left my straightener at his house and he offered to bring it over. As soon as I got off the phone I set up my camera and sat down to wait. I called Uncle Jack into the living room when he arrived and as soon as he sat down he knew what I really wanted. Within minutes his hard cock was in my wet pussy and we were fucking like crazy. Uncle Jack pounded my pussy all over the living room and then blew his load all over my tits. I love when Uncle Jack cums by!!

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Uncle forcing his creampie inside Niece

Jack just got into town for some meetings, he was tired after a long trip. He got his key from the front desk then went up to his room looking forward to just throwing himself into bed and doing nothing for a while. He opened the door and when he walked in he realized there was someone in the room, it was a gorgeous woman, naked and pleasuring herself. Obviously, she was in need of pleasure. Jack was tired but not that tired, he would be happy to help out that gorgeous woman and besides, in some of these hotels, service is a big deal and maybe she is one of those services. Jack wrestled with Helena a little, she was fighting him but not really, just enough to make it look like she was fighting but not enough to make Jack feel her heart was really in it. When Jack started going down on her she really got into it and came in his mouth. As Jack was licking and sucking her pussy, she was grinding on his face, that is one horny lady. Jack was getting so excited he just wanted her so much. When he turned her around it became apparent she wanted it too, she came some more on his dick and when he stopped stroking she stroked. Jack shot a big load in Helena and when he finished, she was dripping and throbbing. Jack stuck his dick back in her to push his cum deeper and Helena took it all. Now that everyone had their orgasms, Helena tried to tell Jack in English that this was her room. Well, she was close, she was supposed to be 317 but she was in 417 and how her key worked makes you wonder. Jack kept a souvenir of Helena’s visit. Wonder what will happen next time, you can bet Jack will stay at that hotel again. (This shouldn’t need to be said but these characters were playing roles, this was fiction. Jack would never force himself on anyone and neither should anybody else.)

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Uncle cumming deep inside his niece

Gisele was hanging out at the house. Poor girl was horny and well, she could take care of that and got out her favorite toy. It was feeling really good but it just wasn’t quite doing it. About that time Uncle Jack happened to walk in. He saw what she was doing and, always willing to help, Uncle Jack offered to see if he could take a little stress off her. Uncle Jack started massaging Gisele’s clit. It seemed to be working pretty well but Gisele wanted more and Uncle Jack is so helpful. Gisele reached under Uncle Jack’s robe and started stroking his dick. The hand just wasn’t enough, Gisele wanted more and she really wanted her orgasm, Gisele really enjoys her orgasms. Gisele instructed Jack to fuck her. By that time Gisele was already really wet. Uncle Jack bent Gisele over the couch and slid his dick in her, Gisele took it all and wanted more. Jack stroked that soaking wet pussy. The harder he stroked the more she wanted. Gisele was getting wetter and wetter then as she came she slid off Jack’s dick and squirted. Uncle Jack loves it when she squirts and rubbed her clit really hard and she kept on squirting. but neither she nor Jack were done, they both knew they both wanted more. Gisele sat Uncle Jack down and licked and sucked all her juice off his dick and when she was ready she climbed on his dick and rode it like a wild girl. Gisele hammered away on Jack and then squirted some more, she soaked Uncle Jack and Jack was loving it. Gisele slid Jack’s dick back in and started hammering away again. Jack was so ready to cum and he wanted Gisele to cum with him. Gisele took Jack’s load and came on his dick as he came deep inside her. Oh ya, she had her orgasms. Toys are nice but there’s nothing like the real thing.

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Nap Time with Uncle

Kingsley was visiting her Uncle Jack. She was exhausted from her trip and needed a nap and she remembered how comfortable Uncle Jack’s bed was. She called out to her Uncle Jack if she could take a nap in his bed. Dirty old Uncle Jack thinks, Kingsley, beautiful sexy Kingsley in my bed. Well, that was too much to ask of Uncle Jack to just let that go so he had to check it out. As he stood in the doorway watching Kingsley turn down the bed, those two things, Kingsley and bed are just too wonderful together to let go. Uncle Jack walked up behind her and it sure seemed like Kingsley knew what was happening, there was absolutely no surprise. Jack caressed that young lady from behind, Kingsley soaked it up and then started rubbing her magnificent butt against Jack’s dick. Jack slipped her panties off and Kingsley didn’t protest, apparently she wasn’t all that tired. Jack then rolled her on her back, he really wanted to taste that beautiful, wet pussy. Oh ya, it was wet, real wet. Uncle Jack licked and sucked on that pussy and Kingsley got more and more wet. Kingsley wanted to return the favor so after she came she turned around and started sucking on Jack’s cock. She’s really good at that and really love doing it. Kingsley was getting Uncle Jack so excited he had to slow her down, wow that’s some absolutely great head. But now, that pussy. That blow job was awesome but that pussy is to for. Kingsley was already super wet, giving head gets her really excited so when Jack wanted to put his dick in her pussy, she was ready. Jack turned her over on the side of the bed so he had that butt, ohhhh that butt, facing him. Jack slid his dick in, she was so wet it slipped right in. Jack just wanted to leave it there for a while and enjoy that feeling but Kingsley wanted him to start stroking and, of course what Kingsley wants Kingsley get. Uncle Jack started pumping that pussy and Kingsley took every bit of him then Kingsley lifted her leg up on the bed so Jack could get deeper and see that pussy better, an amazing sight, and if that wasn’t enough, Kingsley reached back with her hand and started stroking Jack’s dick as he was fucking her. The sensations were amazing, that delicious, wet pussy stroking on his cock that those delicate hands caressing Jack’s dick and balls. Kingsley knew just how to really get Jack. Jack got up on the bed with Kingsley and banged her some more doggy but then he wanted to get Kingsley on top so he could watch her perform and what a performance. Kingsley rode that cock, grinding and stroking, playing with it, teasing it. Jack was about to explode. Jack rolled Kingsley over on her stomach and banged away on that pussy until he just couldn’t hold it any longer and shot a huge load in her. As if her pussy wasn’t already wet, it got soaked. An amazing girl, body, adorable face, delicious pussy, great head and very orgasmic. What more could you ask for. Kingsley is the best.

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Uncle And Nieces Poolside Misadventure

No, I’m not ready to go inside yet. Mom won’t be home for like an hour anyway… No you can’t catch me… Now I’m naked and you can’t stop me silly. Haha look you have a boner, I knew you thought I was hot… But Uncle, I’m already doing it, and I know you don’t really want me to stop….

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