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Satisfying My Stepmom

Katie Morgan just wants to get some sleep, but there’s water dripping from the ceiling of her bedroom right onto her twat. Peeling off her wet thong and nightie, she changes clothes and then relocates to her stepson Tyler Nixon’s bed. What she doesn’t know is that Tyler has just been masturbating and that he’s horny as hell.
Faced with the opportunity to have his stepmom, Tyler decides to go for it. He rubs her ass and finds that she’s not wearing underwear. When he slides his fingers up and down her landing strip twat, he finds her nice and wet. Katie wakes up when he spoons behind her and slides in, and they agree that just this once they can both enjoy themselves. Now that he’s got free reign, Tyler enjoys every moment of banging his stepmom from behind. He gets even harder when she rolls onto her back and puts her ankles above her ears to give him unrestricted access to her cream filled fuck hole.
Katie can’t resist the chance to suck her stepson’s hardon, nor is she shy about giving him a sitffie ride Her big boobs bounce in his face, delighting them both when Tyler sucks on her hard nipples. Then he gives her the pussy pounding she really craves when she gets on her hands and knees and fucks her until she cums. Pulling out at the last second, Tyler obeys his stepmom’s request to cum on her ass. This time when they try to sleep they are both much less horny.

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The Competition: Mom V Stepmom

You are faced with a dilemma, now that your mom and dad’s divorce is final, you need to chose whether you live with your mom, or move in with your dad and your stepmom.
Naturally, your mom, Holly, wants you to stay with her, but Axa, your stepmom, knows she would be in your dad’s good books if you decided to move in with them. With both women desperate for you to choose them, the ball is really in your court. Who will you choose? How will you decide?
Surely, the only way to make a decision is by evaluating the best qualities of each mom – a competition. Which of these ladies will make your stay with them the most rewarding? Your mom and stepmom agree, they will duel it out to determine which of them is best, which of them wins you.
The two are naturally quite competitive, so they jump at the chance to flaunt what they have to offer. Axa, your raunchy stepmom, has no problems telling you that she is happy to greet you in saucy outfits, flaunting her young figure for your pleasure. Holly, your mom, is a little put to by this, but not one to give in so easily, she reluctantly decides to make a counter offer. The two are head to head competing for you. So, you do what any good son would do, you put them to the test and convince them that they take turns showing off their assets. Who can perform the best striptease? Who has the best breast? Who has the best pussy? The best ass? The best oral? The best sex?
After both your mom and stepmom have worked their hardest to score a win in each category, they are even and you still cannot decide. Well, there is only one way to settle this, which ever of the ladies can make you cum, that is who you will live with. Like thirsty, cock hungry savages, Holly and Axa devour your dick, swelling all of you as deep as they can in the hopes that you will explode for them.
It doesn’t take long for a winner to be determined, but who will it be? Mom or stepmom?

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Finally Got Fucked By Stepmom

Riley Jenner gets ready to jump in the tub when she notices Juan spying on her. He saw her get undressed and now he needs to answer to Riley as she confront him. She has him get naked before she has him get inside the tub where she notices and starts playing with his hard cock. She stokes his dick with her hands and feet until she finally starts going down to give him a good sucking. She ends up taking him to the bedroom where she climbs on top to ride him. She fucked him until she’s fully satisfied and makes his cock explode his cum inside her mouth.

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Yummy StepMom

After a night out partying without her husband, Sofie Marie is checking on Brian, her stepson. She notices he has a boner in his pj’s and this turns her on! She can’t not touch herself looking at her step son’s big dick, and she gets off fingering herself by the bed. She feels Brian needs help with his nocturnal release, so she gets on the bed and sucks her son’s cock dry. Sofie is unaware that her husband has installed a Nanny cam, so that is one view of the action. Brian does wake up, but doesn’t tell Sofie. This POV view is part 2 of the video! 20:11 with 2 views of the action.

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Soothing My Stepmom

Raven found some panties in her bedroom and thought maybe her stepson, T Stone brought a girl home and fucked in her bed. But he never saw them before and verified that they weren’t his girlfriend’s panties! Raven got upset realizing that her husband has been cheating on her and those were his mistress’ panties. T Stone later found his stepmom crying after discovering her husband’s affair and Raven was worried she wasn’t hot anymore to be desired. She decided she needed a man who would appreciate her hot body and her stepson confessed that he would love to be that man!

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Stepmom Gives An Education

India checks in on her stepson Seth while he is looking for jobs and reminds him to make sure he still has time for school. She goes off to take a bath and gets interrupted by Seth who wanted her opinion on his suit for his new interview at a strip club. But India doesn’t think he will be able to handle being around hot naked women all day and puts him to the test!

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Stepmom Found My Jizz Rag

Hot milf Silvia Saige was pissed that her stepson was hogging the bathroom. She really had to go! She got even more frustrated when she was able to use the bathroom. Brad left his dirty stinky jizz rag towel out for the whole world to see. That was the last straw. She went to tell her husband about how Brad destroyed her decorative towel, but he didn’t want to hear it! It was up to Silvia to handle the situation once and for all. She went into Brad’s room and caught him mid jerk. Silvia then refused to leave until he finished. Silvia then volunteered to help him, and even let him fuck her mature pussy! Her aged snatch felt much more awesome than any decorative towel ever did. Brad finally came onto her hand instead of a cloth, and boy did it feel wonderful! Too bad His dad came in just after the nut and ruined everything. Lock your door next time little buddy!

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Get Stepmom Pregnant

Hey sport. Come on in here. There’s something very important I wanted to talk to you about. Your father and I have been trying for a new baby ever since we got married. It’s been a few years now, and still no luck. I went to the doctor myself, and my fertility is absolutely fine. I think your dad has gotten a little too old and shooting blanks. We talked about using a sperm bank, but he’s so set on having a little one that’s 100% his, he won’t even consider it.
I need your help, son. You like having me as your new mom, don’t you? I love being a part of this family. However, I fear that if I don’t get pregnant soon, your dad is going to divorce me. I have a proposition: what if you got me pregnant instead? You look so much like your dad, the baby would easily pass for his. You won’t have to raise it or anything like that. Please, won’t you help me? I just need you to cum inside me and get me pregnant.
Oh don’t worry about not being that experienced in bed. I know what I’m doing. Let me take care of you. First, I’m going to use my mouth to get you nice and hard and help you work up a big load of cum. Mmm, just relax and let me work my oral magic.

. . . oh, son, your cock is so hard now. You’re even more hung than your father! Wow! I can’t wait to feel you inside me. Your balls feel so heavy with cum. It’s time to slide you inside my hot, wet pussy. Mmm, take me in doggy style. I read that it gives the deepest penetration and therefore has the highest chance of causing pregnancy.
That’s it honey, fuck me as deep as you can. Oh, it feels so amazing to have your thick young cock inside me. I’ve been dying for a pounding like this! I know you’re getting close to cumming. When you shoot your load, press into me as far as you can. Fill my unprotected womb up with your sperm and get me pregnant!

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Cheating StepMom Anally Mind-Fucked

Chris Strokes suspects busty, new stepmother Cory Chase is not the perfect homemaker she pretends to be. When he catches her cheating on his dad, he uses a secret smart phone app to put her in a trance. In no time, Cory’s ready to obey any command. Chris makes her squeeze her giant boobs, rub her juicy pussy and call him ‘Master.’ Mesmerized, she sucks her stepson’s massive cock. He fucks her pussy and ass, finally shooting a messy load into his spellbound stepmom’s open mouth.

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Stepmom Plays With Stepsons Cue Stick

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