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Mommy wants your warm sperm all over her

My son….come to mommy! Mommy has a new exiting game for you!!! You know mommy love you so much…do you?….We has a lot…a lot of pleasure time together my darling….but now…..mommy ants you to play with her tits! Look at me my son….look those boobies……Do you like them?….Mmmmm….that’s my good boy….touch them…….come close to mommy my darling and feel mommy’s tits….Ohhh….that’s answer my question…….see your hard cock in your underwear…….so….so…big!!! Let mommy play with youe swollen cock my son!!! Just relax my darling….mommy will take care of that pressure in your penis…….Good boy….just feel mommy’s boobies all over your cock!!! How is it my boy?!!! You want to keep your erection?!! Mmmmm…I love you so much…..then….come ….come over ommy and fuck her boobies…..move between mommy’t tits……nice….and slide!!! Move my boy….move….fuck mommy’s tits just the way you need!!! Ohhh….yes….so hard you cock……now honey….come now for your mommy!!! Come on my tits my son!!!…..That’s my boy……!!!!

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Filling Mother Pussy With Sperm

Part One: My Mom walks me up to my dorm room after she drives me back. She’s really tired and she says she might get a hotel room. I suggest she just stays and sleep with me, it’s not really a big deal. Fighting the urge to lay down, my mom finally just gives in and comes to bed with me. When she starts to doze off, I can’t help but admire her body. All of it. Just right there next to me. I just had to touch her.

Part Two: I had to come home to see my mom. After the night we had in my dorm, I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop thinking about her, her body, her smell, her touch.. I burst in the room and she’s getting ready for bed. She’s shocked to see me, but when I walk up to her and try to kiss her and she starts pushing away saying we can’t again. But, she so quickly changed her mind.

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Mom Natasha gets her boy sperm inside

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Mom Drinks Son Sperm From Condom

My Mommy loves me so much!!! I know she’s a really busy and important lady but Mommy always finds time to teach me new things and make me feel better. I have the best Mommy in the whole wide world!!! ***Starring Alexis Rain*** 4 OF FAMILY THERAPY’S HOTTEST MOTHER/SON POV CLIPS! Compilation includes full versions of “Mommy Will Teach You” “Son, Mommy Knows What You Want” “Son, I Can’t Get Pregnant’” and “Mom’s Bye Bye Blowjob”

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Sperm Stealing Sister

My girls and I have come up with an idea, a pact you might say to get pregnant all at the same time. We can watch our belly’s grow and have all the grow up together. It would be so perfect to see my lil bump and feel it kick. I call my other friend Stacey to see if she is down to get prego too. She seems hesitant so I’ll have to talk her into it at school. I didn’t get to talk to Stacey but she called me 2 days later and said Christina is pregnant! I’m so jealous, she slept with one guy…I’ve been with 2 guys…well boys I assume. Christina slept with an older guy and that’s what I need to do. You know what, I’m going to check out my porn addict brothers room and see if he has any info on how to get girls pregnant. Upon investigation I discover something even better than information, something more valuable, the most precious of all human substances, a jar of sperm! JACKPOT Holy my big bro has been saving a jar of his sperm next to his porn stash. I take the jar of jizz and quickly rush tomy room. quietly I put the sperm inside me and let it flow deep inside. Its such a rush knowing this time I will finally get to be knocked up. Oh my fuck! Are you serious??? I still can’t get pregnant…what is wrong? Test after test nothing is working. I need more cum. Fuck, Luke doesn’t have as much cum saved up as last time…I will have to find a way to shoot it up inside my pussy. Mmmm this will surely do the trick. Are you fucking kidding me? Days have gone by and still nothing. I need to go straight to the source. I break down to Luke, tell him all about the pact and how the other girls are already preggers. I tell him we need to fuck but he’s not going for it. I reach into his drawer and pull out a fresh clean jar and tell him to jerk off into the jar. I need that precious seed from my brother so bad. I offer to pull out my tits so he has something nice to jerk off too. While encouraging him to cum he busts a good sized load in the jar, I quickly run off with my precious. A week has gone by and not a damn thing. I need to fuck my brother. I prance in his room a lil dolled up and let him know I mean business. I caught him in his boxers so after I took my pants off his boner was…well poking out lol. I offer him my pussy and make sure that he fills it up with plenty of sperm. After I lay there with my ass in the air letting his sperm drip deeper inside me. Months have passed and I call stacey to tell her the good news. I bet she’s going to be so jealous lol.

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Hardcore with Daddy – Sperm In Pussy

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Getting Her Son Sperm Inside Her Pussy

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Sister Pussy Full With My Sperm

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My sperm for mommy boobs

Clip 1 – You can trust me son – Mom is getting ready to go meet dad for lunch, she has been separated from him for a while and it has just been her and her son at home. She needs to discuss some financial matters with him so they decided lunch would be best. She is wearing a very sexy red dress and heels when she walks into the living room ready to go. her son is in there and asks where she is going, when she tells him he is upset. Why would she go meet dad? She promised that it would be just the two of them from now on. Mom tells him that he can trust her, but her son is not convinced. She tells him it will be ok and not to worry as she drops to her knees and starts to suck his cock. He is loving this as Mom gives the best blowjobs he has ever had. When he is ready to blow his load, she makes sure it is all over her face, then she tells him to get his smart phone so he can take a picture of her cum soaked face. Now that he has a picture of his Mom with his cum on her face, surely he will trust her now.
Clip 2 – Facial for mom’s skin – Alexis is doing some exercises in her living room when she notices her son is on the couch. She has been reading online about how cum is good for the skin and she wants some for her face. She figures she can get some from her son. She asks if he can help her get motivated to work out more and he asks how he can help. She tells him that he can sit while she exercises on him. She takes off his pants and does pushups on his legs while her mouth rides up and down his cock. When he is good and hard she gets on top and starts to fuck him. She wants his cum bad so when he is ready to cum she grabs his cock and rubs his cum all over her face!
Clip 3 – Son’s birthday lapdance – wmv Alexis is getting ready to go to work at the strip club when she sees her son sitting in the living room. She is surprised to see him because his dad was supposed to take him to a strip club for his 21st birthday. She asks him why he is still at home and he tells her that dad left without him. Mom feels bad for her son and offers to give him his very first lap dance before she goes to work. She dances and grinds on her son, teasing him gently as she turns and rubs her chest on his lap. Her son is embarrassed that he is getting aroused by this, but Mom says it is ok, she will take care of him. She pulls of his pants and strokes and licks his cock until he shoots his cum on his Mom’s tits.

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Daddy Filling Daughter Hairy Pussy With Sperm

Daddy?.. Daddy, wake up. I have a favor to ask of you. So, prom is tonight and my boyfriend has been asking me for something lately… He wants to try anal. But I’ve never done it before! I was thinking, since we’ve been having sex for a while now, maybe you and I could stretch my asshole out a little?
Oh, Daddy, yes, please, would you help me? Thank you! I love you so much. I just know if you can teach me just how to take your big cock in my ass, my boyfriend can definitely fit! You’re much bigger than he is. Of course, I wonder how good he’ll be after I’ve experienced you. Oh Daddy, I love you! Please, though, do go slowly. It’s my first time! …Hey, that feels.. good!

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