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Mother & Sons Unexpected Sleepover

Oh so you want to hang out now? I thought you just wanted to pout in your room all night because your friends couldn’t come over… Yes of course you can lay with me honey. Mommy is just being silly. Don’t worry about your friends… I’m sure we can reschedule another sleepover soon. But your Father won’t be home until late so we can have a little sleepover of our own right now….

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Stepdaughters Sleepover Surprise

Sadie is sitting in her living room, dressed casually like she wasn’t expecting company, watching TV. The doorbell rings, she answers it, it is Ricky, carrying a duffel bag. Sadie’s eyes instantly widen, she throws her arms around his neck and starts frantically kissing him and hugging really hard. He gently pulls away and jokingly says, “Hey, let go I didn’t come all this way just to get on my own front doorstep.” Sadie pulls back, her eyes fill with tears and she asks half accusingly, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home so soon? I wasn’t expecting you for another two weeks!” He says, “I just got lucky. My Unit got shipped back early and I wanted to surprise you.” She says, “You sure did that!” and punches him on the arm lightly.

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The Sleepover Best Limp Fetish

Last Friday night I brought my girlfriend over to my sister’s house for some drinks and a movie… I decided we were all having such a good time, why not make it a sleepover?

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Mother’s Sleepover!

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