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Would It Be Crazy To Fuck My Sister

Ever since my girlfriend of almost 5 years broke up with me, I haven’t been able to get much action. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for another relationship. Especially after the last girl stomped all over my heart, I’m just looking for some fun here and there. Well, I found this super hot chick on this dating app all my friends suggested I use. She was so cute I had to send her a message!! Simone and I were messaging back and forth for a while and the conversation was extremely stimulating…It was impossible to fight the urge, but this girl made me rock hard. I don’t know where my head was at, but I took a picture of my junk to send to her. Girls like getting dick pics, right? Us guys definitely enjoy receiving nudes from sexy women… Maybe I shouldn’t send it, but what do I have to lose? It’s not like I want to date this girl, I just want to fuck her!! Ok, fuck it, I’m sending it. Oh no, this is bad… Did I really just send that picture to my sister!? FUCK! No this is so bad, I can’t let my sister see what my dick looks like, I know she’ll tell mom and dad about this. I have to try and delete the picture message before she sees it! Perfect, my sis is sitting in the living room reading and her phone is right next to her. My heart sinks into my stomach when I sit on the end of the couch. Everything seems normal here, I guess she didn’t look at her phone! Now I just have to distract her and grab her phone long enough to delete the dirty picture.
But my sister is smarter than I thought she is. When I reach for her phone, she immediately becomes suspicious of me. I tell her “I like your phone case I want to get a closer look!” but she knows I’m full of . She opens up her phone and in complete shock, she asks me why I sent her that picture. I try to lie and cover it up, but she sees right through me. “Wait until mom and dad hear about this!!” I try to tell her that it was a huge mistake, I even offer up my allowance so she won’t tell our parents about this incident. My sister surprises me and says she wants me to prove to her that that’s my dick!
What is going on here, this is totally crazy. My sister starts rubbing my chub through my pants and promises that if I give her what she wants, she won’t tell! What is a guy to do, I give in and watch her take my hard on down her throat. I had no idea my sister was such a freak!!
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Pay Me With Pussy – My Sister pornstar

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Caught! Horny Sister Slides Into Brothers Bed

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Step Sister Fucks And Sucks

Olivia Lua and Brad Knight are in a race to use the shower, so they each peel off their clothes as fast as they can. By the time Brad has whipped out his hardon, Olivia is already nude with her pierced nipples and her bare twat. He sticks around, watching as Olivia wets herself down. When Olivia bends down to get the soap, Brad makes his move and slides into her slippery twat from behind.
Olivia is instantly into it, and it’s not long before she has propped one leg up to give Brad easier access so that he can work her with long, deep strokes as her tits bounce in the warm water. His determination pays off when Olivia gets off, but she doesn’t stick around to help him out. When he confronts her later, she claims that he didn’t do anything for her at all, leaving Brad to prove that he can indeed make her cum.
Though Olivia tries to bluff her way through, Brad eventually gets her to admit how much fun she’s having through a combination of a bare pussy feast and all the hardcore action she can handle. Once Brad has made Olivia cum again, she finally returns the favor by sucking him off until he explodes to give her a sticky facial.

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My Sister First Titty Fuck

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Sweater Fuck & Blow my little Sister

He thought I looked really hot in this sweater so we fooled around on the couch ; ) I ended up making him cum in my mouth and playing with it a bit after he fucked me good.

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Sister Auditions for Brother

Are you ready? You’re sure this isn’t weird? I know you’re my brother, but I couldn’t think of anyone else I could practice dancing on… Just be honest, okay? I really want to work at this club. I think I’m pretty good, and I’ve been practicing a lot… Okay, I’ll start, but you have to promise not to laugh if I mess up….

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Horny Step Sister fucking with Brother

I’ve always found my step sister Khloe hot. I always knew I couldn’t do anything about it. Until the other day, when my step dad and I were watching the game and Khloe starts playing with herself behind her dad’s back. She then began to undress and showing me her tits. I just couldn’t hold it any more. I didn’t care that her dad was just a few feet away, I had to go up to her and shove my cock in her mouth. From there, we snuck away to her bedroom where I fucked my step sister in several different positions. I pounded that pussy like never before and finished it all up with a giant load to her face.

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Dirty lessons with your sister

I don’t understand…why I have to spend my holiday in the same room with my brother! Yes….I was complain to mom and dad…..that this is really sick! You are not a little boy any more…..and I see the way you look at me! So here is the role…..if you want to not be in trouble young boy……you leave me alone and stop to sterning at your older sister like that!……You see…..that’s what I’m talk about…..I can’t not take off my clothes without your attention! Ahhh……unbelievable…..I’m going to take a show instead of fight with my silly brother……What the hell you doing……….are you pipping me! How dare you……get out of here. So young man…..you have some real defects!!!What do you want from me?! What?! Do you find me sexy…..and attractive?! WOW….that’s never going to happen! Why???? You are my brother…..and this is completely taboo! Yes…sure I love you, you are my brother! You want me to teach you?! …..Well…..we could make this holiday more interesting! But if you want your sister pussy…..you have to do exactly what I’m saying. Believe me bro….I will me you a real man…real lover! And who knows…..what else could happen!!!

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Sister Lucky Guess

I just wanted to check up on you… Mom’s worried about you again, but I know you don’t care… We should do stuff together more often, I don’t know… I just wanted to hang out… Do you ever get horny?.. I know you don’t have a girlfriend… What if we helped each other? What if we did something bad, like a secret?.. I’m not messing with you. I’m serious… Feel how wet I am… Let’s be bad together….

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