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Forced Sister Slut

I’ve been watching my sister be a little slut. Now I want her to be a slut for me! Whether she wants to or not…

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Brother Sister Tinder Date Creampie

When you check your Tinder you are surprised to see a familiar, cute, little eighteen year old face smiling back at you. Could it be? Is that really your sister on Tinder? Surely it is a fake. You thought your sister was a virgin, but here she is declaring that she is DTF and wants the D right now. It must be a catfish profile. You figure you will swipe right, just to prove yourself right. You are a match! Holy . What now. You exchange messages, it is your sister, and she wants you to treat her like a princess before fucking her real good!

Your eighteen year old little sister, Tammie Madison, is coming of age and turning heads. She has a wicked sexual streak and she is not afraid to let you know. From the minute the two of you match on Tinder, that is it, she is sure that she is going to get hers. She is delighted to have finally found someone who she knows will know how to treat her right.

It does not take long before you and your sister are naked in her room. She takes out your cock and starts to suck you deep. She licks and sucks your balls whilst she looks you in the eye. Her drool spills down your shaft as she talks dirty to you, telling you how badly she wants you inside of her. The next thing you know she is on top of you riding you hard and fast. Looking over her shoulder and screaming that she is a dirty fucking slut. She comes hard from your cock and begs you to keep going until you finish inside of her. She is delighted when you explode and she can spring off of your dick knowing that she is full of your seed.

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Sister Gives Brother Sensual Oral

I’m about to leave for college and everyone is wanting a piece of my time before I go. I feel drained and I haven’t even got a chance to cope with the idea that I am leaving the only home I’ve ever known. I was looking forward to having a Friday night at home alone. I walked in the door and called for them, “Mom… Jill?.. Anyone home?” The house was so quiet, I stepped out in the patio, it was warm outside, peaceful, so I brought my jerk-pad out of my backpack. The hot sun on my shoulders was periodically cooled by a September breeze trying to push the Summer into Autumn, and it made my pressures feel trivial. The seasons were changing whether or not I was ready for it, maybe I ought to just go with the flow like the seasons. I sat down and pulled up one of my favorite porns, the perfect mind diversion, and I relaxed and stroked my cock.
I didn’t realize that my sister had come home when I was stroking. I thought I hid myself before she slid open the patio door, “hey, Chad,” she said in her sweet sing-songy voice. My sister seems sweet, but she has a manipulative side. She’s daddy’s little girl and she’s had him wrapped around her finger forever, the chump. She’s beautiful, she’ll climb into his lap, tell him she loves him, and she gets whatever she wants. She tells me she wants to see what I was watching on my iPad, and I try to brush her off, then she tells me she knew I was watching porn!

I’ve been busted, I admit it, “I was watching porn,” and I try to tell her that I thought no one was home. She mentions that she knew my habit of watching porn on the “communal patio,” and, “that’s gross, Chad.” She starts to snap pictures of me with my pants at my ankles, a blanket covering my softening erection, and then she grabs the blanket and tries to take a picture of my dick! I try to take her phone away, and she tells me “STOP! The pictures are loaded into Facepage and all she needs to do to post them is tap the screen.” I fall backward in a panic. I try to tell her how wrong this is, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She puts on her sweet little voice, the same one when she calls for “daddy” when she wants something, it makes my dick twitch. “All I want to do is watch a porn with you, Dad put the parental lock on my computer and I can’t even shop for underwear online.”

Ok, this is weird, but ok, I can watch porn with my sister. What’s the big deal? I push the play button and I watch her breathing slow, she’s relaxing, she’s focused. She has questions. She wants to see a real penis, in person. She gives me ‘that little girl look” again, and her lower lip pouts, “Can I please see your penis, Chad?”

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Sister Swap

Teagan has always been the perfect sister. She’s got her younger sister Kayla and her brother-in-law Jessy coming to visit her and her husband Jessy for the first time in years. Little does Teagan know, Kayla has been planning to pull one over on her perfect sister…by pretending to be her and seducing her husband!

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Molested by my Mother and Sister

I LOVE MY SISTER MOLLY SO MUCH!!!! Sure, she does drink a lot more than she should, and sometimes threatens to tell my parents lies about me, or even fucks too many other guys without my permision. But other than that, my sister is awesome!!! My Mom even made her practice sex with me for her first time, and she didn’t even argue with her! She just needs a hard spanking and her brother’s big dick every once in awhile to keep her in line. Here’s to you Sis 🙂 Included are Full Versions of “Molly Jane is S#!*-Faced Again”, “We’re Having Potato Chips For Dinner”, “Molly Jane Plays Dress Up”, and ” by my Mother and Sister”

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Paying My Sister For Fun

Sometimees an innocent massage can take a turn and suddenly become the sex fantasy you’ve always dreamed of! These horny step-siblings find out just how that line gets crossed when a platonic rub down transforms into a hot and heavy hardcore fuck!

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My Shameless Step Sister

There’s drama afoot in Maya Bijou’s blended family. Her mom Marie McCray and her stepdad Marcus London are at their wit’s end as Maya flaunts her perky boobs and bad attitude everywhere. Even her stepbrother, RIon King, can’t escape Maya’s sarcasm. When Maya shows up to dinner topless, both of her parents rage quit the room. She takes the opportunity to pounce on RIon and peel off his shorts so she can drop to her knees and start blowing his dick. As soon as Rion is nice and hard, Marie bends over the chair so Rion can fuck her greedy pussy from behind. They keep it up until their parents return and catch them in the act.
Later, Maya believes that she’s home alone as she wanders to the couch with a carrot and her magic wand vibrator. She pushes the vegetable deep into her tight twat and starts banging her cock hungry fuck hole with it. Then she turns on the vibrator and pushes it right against her clit to enjoy double stimulation. The family walks in right as Maya’s about to cum, and she can’t be bothered to stop masturbating for them.
Rion comes back to talk to his stepsister, and Maya puts the toy aside so she can have her stepbrother instead. She sucks him to total hardness, and then lays back with her legs spread wide so he can slam into her juicy bald snatch. When Maya climbs on top of Rion for a full on stiffie ride in her bare twat, she won’t stop until they both cum. As Rion takes the plunge filling Maya’s mouth with a cum shot, their parents walk in just in time to see them in the act.

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Sister Needs Brothers Sperm

Todd just can’t seem to commit to my sister! She has been dating him for 4 years now and all her friends are married with and SHE WANTS TO GROW UP TOO! She tells me all about it so I suggest that she let a guy friend get her pregnant so Todd will be forced to marry her. She says I’m her only single guy connection??? WHAT? She wants me to get her pregnant??!!!! She grabs my cock and tells me how important it is that I do this for her. I let her suck on me and sit down on my cock while she rides it SO GOOD! I fuck her and make her beg me for my hot creampie!!! OMFG, I love getting my sister pregnant!!!!

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Brother uses his tiny little sister

An older Brother uses his tiny little sister whenever he wants….

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Sister Gets Fucked Hard And Squirts

On this relaxing family vacation, I catch my sister sneaking off with some guy she just met. When I tell her she owes me one for lying to our parents, she thinks I’m joking around. But this time I’m not, and I was pretty jealous that my younger sister is getting more action than I am. It took some convincing, but I finally get her to take off her skimpy clothes for me. I’m sure if mom and dad knew how much of a little whore their princess was being, they’d cut her off so quick! The only way I’ll keep her secret is if she fucks me before our parents get home!

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