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Sexually Successful Stepdaughter

My naughty manipulative dad asked me to send him a video of me masturbating and fucking dildo, to not tell mom about my bad grades at college and new old boyfriend. I know I had to keep good relationship with my mom, so she don’t decrease my easy money income from her. Well, no biggie, I’m sure mom isn’t really letting him have fun times, so llet him had some fun with me.

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Sexually Preparing My Stepdaughter

The next day I sit down with her and explain what a good girl she’s being. “I think this is weird, I don’t think this should be happening.” She tells me with her innocent little voice. I tell her that if she wants to stay in this house she’s going to have to do what I say. I tell her to strip for me and she looks at me with her big eyes. “Do I have to?” she pleads as she slides off her tiny panties.
I touch her body with my cold hands and make her shiver with embarrassment. Like a good girl she gets to her knees and I make her take my cock into her mouth. “Dad this isn’t ok” She says but I quiet her complaints with my dick. I lay down and make her get on top of me. She very hesitantly and slowly rides on my cock and it just makes me harder. I push her down onto the couch and have my way with her tight little body, fucking her hard and using her like a sex doll. Kadence tries not to look at me as I fuck her and shoot my big load of cum all over her humiliated face. She’s going to be a perfect daughter sex toy. “I hate you dad” She yells, cum dripping down her body.

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Son Sexually Harassed By Mom At Work

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Fully Sexually Liberated Family

Preface: As a family, they are naturalists, as much as they can be. This began from the moment Cory met Luke. Corys freespiritedness won over Luke and they decided together that they would raise their family in that way. Nothing about the human body or its functions were taboo, nor were its urges. That meant to them that there should be no restrictions placed on them, provided it caused no harm to themselves or others. Life in the home was spent nude and open. Rooms in the home are left open at all times, nothing was hidden from anyone. Yes, that includes sex. Sex is a fairly large part of life at the home. Few people realize how strong human libidos can be when not fettered by taboos or restrictions. The kids grew up around it their whole lives and when the time came that their own sexual natures came to light, mom and dad were there to guide them. Mr and Mrs taught their kids early on the proper way to treat others, with respect and concern for their well-being. Sex was only to be practiced by two or more willing parties and their limits were to be strictly honored. Outside of that, however, the kids were taught nothing was to be feared about their sexual appetites or desires.Today is Jennis 18th birthday. The school year is almost over, and spring is in the air. Jenni has been looking forward to this day all year. Its special because her family has her undivided attention all day, which can be hard with how busy everyone gets.

Scene 1: Chat with Mom
Father is working in his office when mom walks in. She discusses Jenni’s gift and how excited she is for the party later tonight. Dad has a couple of emails to send out and then plans to pick the gift.Mother walks in on Son watching TV. Mom discuss the party later tonight and sits next to Bruce. During the talk, Mom jerks and strokes Bruce and then begins to ride his cock. Mom finishes up, swallows his seed and then walks to the kitchen to prepare for later.

Scene 2: Mom Shows Brother and Sister How
Later that day, brother walks into sisters room. Her party is mentioned as is the surprise for later. Sister is so excited she is willing to do anything to make Brother talk. She attempts to suck her brother but she is clueless how. Jenni has never had any sexual contact and desperately needs teaching. In walks Mom, just as Sister attempts to give head to her brother. Mom tells Sister she is doing it all wrong and quickly demonstrates the proper blowjob technique. Sister is a quick study and pulls the cock from her Mother and begins to suck. Sister then wants to ride the cock and asks Mom for pointers. Mom watches her Daughter fuck her Brother. Sister asks about the surprise coming later but neither Mom or Brother will talk. Before Sister can ask again her Brother is about to cum. My quickly tells Sister to get off the cock just as Brother Cums in Mom’s mouth. Mom swallows and leaves the room with Sister…

Scene 3: After the Shower
Dad walks out from the shower and grabs a towel to dry off. In walks Daughter and she has one thing on her mind. Seduce Dad and convince him to talk about the surprise. Daughter fucks her father as planned but he tells her to wait till later to reveal the surprise.

Scene 4: Birthday Celebration
Later that night…Dad brings in the birthday cake from the kitchen and the family sings “Happy Birthday” to her. She is all smiles and giddy. She thanks them for their gifts and the wonderful food. She wishes all families could be as open and fun as hers and becomes a little saddened. Mom comforts her with a warm hug and reminds her of how much they love each other and that there are other families who share their lifestyle they get to meet, so they’re not all alone. Besides, the birthday celebration isn’t over yet! Mom reaches over and begins to stroke Bruce’s cock and reminds Jenni about her surprise. The family will have a birthday orgy! Jenni’s face brightens and she hops and runs to her dad. The family moves to the couch for family fun.Mom and Daughter kneel in front of the men on the couch and begin blowing them. After a few minutes, the men and women trade places, with the men eating out the women’s pussies. Mom then picks Son for sex and Jenni selects Dad. They chit-chat a bit while the family performs their first ever family orgy. Son then blasts his seed into Mother’s mouth and then Dad gives his daughter an oral creampie. Mom not yet full from her cumbath leans over and helps clean off Jenni.They all wish Jenni a happy birthday. Mom and Son leave for the room together in one direction, Dad and Jenni leave together in another. The End

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