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Your Secret Secretary

Thank you so much for giving me a ride to the office party, Boss. I really appreciate it– oh! hehe, oh I’m so sorry Boss, I know this is bad… I don’t have any panties on! You like that, don’t you? Grab my ass some more… Promise I’ll keep quiet at the office. Mixing business with pleasure is always risky, but don’t worry. I need this so badly I’ll do anything! Every day in the office, I can’t handle you in your work suit… I get so wet. I touch myself under my desk… I need to see your cock, Boss, please? I am a professional, after all. You can trust me to keep us a secret and pretend like this never happened! Oooh yes! This is so bad!

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Secret Stepsibling Shave And Fuck

Gracie May Green was up to her usual saturday morning routine of watering the plants in her see through pajamas. Her stepbrother was also up to his usual saturday morning routine of toying with his cock and watching her. Gracie then made her way into the bathroom to wash off, and stepbro followed. Today would be the day that he steals a pair of her panties for his spank stash. He slowly crept in and grabbed them. He got so caught up in sniffing them and jerking off that he ended up getting his cover blown.
Good thing Gracie needed help, or else he would have been fucked. Gracie asked him to assist her in shaving her pussy. It was hard for her to reach the back area without hurting herself. Stepbrother was super gentle. Gracie could see he wanted to lick it too, so she let him. Before long these devious step siblings were fucking all over the bathroom. Stepbrothers cum was blown all over Gracies face and left there to seal her lips and keep this ordeal forever a secret.

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Aunt & Nephew’s Secret Sleep Over

Why are you still awake? I don’t care. It’s time for bed. That means you go to sleep, it’s pretty simple… That’s right I’m not your Mother but I’m still your Aunt, and you have to listen to me you little nerd. And don’t worry about what I’m doing. I’m in charge. Now go to sleep. And I better not hear you making any more noise, or I’ll do more than just yell at you….

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Son’s Birthday Secret

Son, what are you doing hiding in here? It’s your birthday. Why aren’t you having fun with your friends? Is something wrong? Maybe you should try talking to her again. Is there something else?.. Honey, I’m your mother, you can tell me anything…

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Son bought lingerie Victoria Secret for Mother

So Mothers Day I received a gift from my son as usual. This year was different, he gave me lingerie. I was shocked at first and wondered why My son would give me sexy clothing. Then it struck me, He had a crush on his step mom! He has never had a girl friend and always stayed home with me on the weekends. He never hung out with his friends, only me. I felt sorry for him So I asked him if he would Like to see what the outfits looked like on me, he was very excited to see. After I put the first outfit on and saw the look on his face, I got very turned on. I tried on the second one and that was it. I felt sexy for the first time in years. I told him to come closer, I grabbed his cock and pulled it out of his shorts. I sucked and jerked his cock. Listen to how filthy both of us talk to each other. I ask him how his mommies lips feel on his cock and replies “yea mommie suck my cock”. We continue the dirty talk until he shoots a massive load of cum all over my tongue. Then watch me play with the cum and swallow it. What a day that was!

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Secret Sex With My Step Sister

Alex D. has hurt his arm, and though he looks at pictures and videos of his stepsister Blair Williams he can’t seem to make masturbation comfortable. As he’s trying to jerk it, the object of his affection walks in. The compromise that he will delete the pictures if Blair helps him get off. Crawling onto the bed, Blair starts sucking and stroking her stepbrother’s dick. When Alex’s mom comes in, she hides under the covers and keeps her blowjob up in secret.
When sucking her stepbrother off doesn’t work, Blair peels off her miniskirt and panties and spoons with Alex. He slides into her and then does all the work moving her hips while he grabs her tits. After another close call with Alex’s mom, Alex gets on his knees to fuck Blair while rising above her. When his mom comes back yet again, he leans forward to cover her with his body while they keep going at it.
Turning onto her hands and knees, Blair tries to suppress her moans as Alex pushes into her from behind. Her stepbrother’s cock is just what this horny hottie needs to get off. Moments later, Alex pulls out to cover Blair’s bubble butt in a fountain of jizz

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Family Therapy – The Secret Photoshoot

Wake up… C’mon I need to ask you a question… Well, we’re cool right? I mean.. I need a favor. Could you take some pictures for me? I’m just not very good at it… Please, you’re my brother, and I know you can keep a secret… Because this guy I like wants some… Look, it’ll be easy. Trust me, it’s not weird, you’re just helping your sister….

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Daughter Tells Daddy a Secret

Daddy, can we talk for a minute? Good, I needed to ask you something alone… And I know Mommy won’t be home for a little while. Daddy, there’s something I can’t stop thinking about…

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FamilyTherapy – Our Secret Affair

A Father and daughter can only show their true love for each other in secret….

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The Secret Affair

Grace was a horny MILF who never got any sex from her husband, Frank. In bed one morning, she begged him more passionately than ever to make love to her. Frank’s only response was to murmur and turn over in his sleep. Grace sighed, and tried to soothe her needs by masturbating. Taking off her robe, she lay back naked, and began fondling her big tits and finger-fucking her wet and hungry pussy. Although Grace enjoyed herself, she still felt unfulfilled. More extremes measures were needed. For a while now, she had been having an affair with her own nephew. His name was Kyle, and he was an expert at pleasuring his aunt with his young, virile cock. Sneaking out from her husband’s presence, Grace phoned Kyle and asked him to come over right away to fuck her. Frank would still be in the house, but she felt certain she could get away with playing around under his nose. As soon as Kyle arrived, he and his aunt slipped into the kitchen, stripped off, and started making out. They kissed long and hard while running their hands greedily over each other’s bodies. Then Grace dropped to her knees and sucked her nephew’s cock until it was slick, stiff, and ready for taking her pussy. What followed was exactly the kind of epic, body-shaking fuck that the MILF had been hoping for. First, Kyle bent her over the kitchen counter and took her from behind. Next, Grace sat on his lap and rode him reverse-cowgirl style. Finally, Kyle laid her down on a table and gave her an intense missionary-position pumping. Throughout, she gasped and groaned at the top of her lungs. It was a wonder that Frank had not heard her from upstairs. However, someone else had: her son, Aaron. The young man had not missed a thing. Approaching the noisy kitchen to investigate, he had peeped in and gotten a clear view of his busty blonde mother gleefully taking his cousin’s cock.

Despite being enraged with jealousy, Aaron decided to act for the time being as if nothing had happened. A short while later, Frank got up and found his wife lying on the couch. Grace was pretending to be ill. She wanted to take the day off so that she could enjoy more time with Kyle. Suspecting nothing, Frank gave her a sympathetic kiss then headed off to work. Aaron left soon after – telling his mom he had to be at school. He was less convinced. As soon as Grace was alone, she hurried up to her room. Kyle suddenly joined her. He had been hiding until the coast was clear for him and his aunt to resume their fun. Once again they took off their clothes and began making out. This time they had the comfort of Grace’s bed. Having enjoyed a lustful kiss with Grace, Kyle sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy. Grace returned the favor by stroking his cock. She then took her time sucking and licking it – just as expertly as she had done before. A frantic, mattress-pounding, missionary style fuck ensued. The horny aunt made plenty of noise as she whipped her hips up to meet the deep thrusts of her nephew’s big cock. The couple were so into each that they did not hear Aaron walk in to the room. He had never really left the house at all. His intention all along had been to catch his mom and his cousin red-handed. When Grace and Kyle finally saw Aaron standing near them, they leapt out of the bed, startled. After dismissing the pair’s feeble excuses, Aaron presented an ultimatum: Grace had to fuck him the same way as she had done Kyle. If she refused, Aaron would tell his father every detail of he what he had seen. Kyle was dumbstruck. Grace was horrified. It seemed the height of depravity for a son to fuck his mother. Yet, Aaron was very serious and determined for it to happen. Realizing she had no choice but to play along, Grace got back on the bed. Soon, her son had stripped off and climbed on top of her. As Aaron shoved his condom-less cock into her pussy and began pumping away, she grimaced and reached out to hold Kyle’s hand for comfort. The forbidden missionary fuck went on for some time, and the mom’s distress eventually softened under the pleasurable effect of her son’s skilful love-making. Near the end of it, Grace begged him not to cum inside her. However, Aaron was too far gone to obey. He went on to shoot his entire, huge load, in to the utmost depths of his mother‘s juicy pussy. Grace promptly screamed, leapt off the bed, and ran to the toilet to try to drain the cum out of herself. It was a futile task since Aaron had filled her with so much. Being at her fertile point, Grace feared the worst. Aaron merely smiled about the whole thing. If he had knocked his mother up, he would have more control over her than ever. Meanwhile, Kyle decided to get out the house as quickly as possible. His head was spinning from the craziness of what had happened. A week later, he came back on a visit with his mother, Rachel. Rachel, was more reserved than her sister-in-law, Grace. Of late she had resisted pressure from her husband, Joe, to get pregnant again. When she and Kyle met up with Grace and Aaron, the conversation flowed, and all seemed well. The latter betrayed no sign of the strange changes that taken place in their relationship. Come night time, it was agreed among that four of them that Rachel and Kyle should stay in the guest rooms rather than travel home so late. As Rachel prepared to turn in, she realized she had a run in her stockings. She had an interview the following day, and she did not have a change of clothes for it. Kindly, Grace lent her a whole set of her own lingerie. Some time later, Kyle sneaked into bed with his aunt. Despite the risks, involved, neither of them had been able to keep their hands of each other. A week without their usual fucking had made them reckless. Yet, no sooner had they started embracing than Aaron came upon them again. Annoyed that the pair were continuing their affair, he decided to go Rachel and reveal their secret to her. Rachel was deeply embarrassed when he came in to her room. She had just been trying out Grace’s sexy lingerie. Plenty of her delicious, shapely figure was on display. Quickly covering herself, she asked Aaron what he wanted. The young man sat next to her on the bed, eyeing her with interest. He told her that there was something huge about to happen. Grace and Kyle came into the room. They realized that they needed to come clean and inform her of their actions. Now, the four of them together, the whole truth came out in a heart to heart conversation. Rachel was angry at what Grace had been doing with Kyle, but what really shook her was Aaron’s revelation that he and his mother had also fucked. In disbelief, Rachel uttered the name of the depraved act that been committed. Grace felt the sting of guilt. Aaron, however, smiled his cunning smile. His next move was to bring about something even more extreme. Calmly, he threatened to tell both Frank and Joe everything of what had gone on – unless Grace, Rachel and Kyle agreed to participate in an orgy under his direction. At first there were responses of horror, defiance, rage and disgust. Then came surrender. As dreadful as such an orgy seemed, Frank’s and Joe’s certain punishment of Grace and Kyle would be even worse. The disaster had to be avoided. And so, the orgy began… First, Grace and Kyle and Rachel and Aaron lay as couples, kissing and making out. Then Rachel was forced to suck Aaron’s cock while Grace more willingly sucked on Kyle’s. After this, Aaron made the women switch places. Now they were having to suck off their own sons. Despite their pained expressions, they worked their mouths with admirable sensuality. Later, Grace and Kyle fucked in the missionary and spoon positions. Nearby, at the same time, Rachel and Aaron fucked in the missionary and doggy positions. Just as he had done with his mother before, Aaron unleashed his load deep in Rachel’s pussy. Rachel cried out in distress, but there was nothing she could do about it. Next came the most depraved phase of all. Both Grace and Aaron were in the doggy-positions now. Each mother was then mounted from behind by her own son. They moaned and sobbed as they felt their pussy’s filled with forbidden cock. A long and intense fucking followed for them. Aaron got wicked enjoyment out of plowing his mother deep and hard. Kyle was once again in a world of surrealness. Nevertheless, he fucked his own lingerie-clad mother with a skill that thrilled her against her will. Finally, Kyle pulled out of her and blasted a huge load all of her face. The women then had to jack off Aaron together. When he let rip his cum, Rachel took some of it on her chin. Grace got the rest in her mouth. Afterwards, the women looked dejectedly at each other. Their ordeal had left them feeling used and filthy and depraved. Several months later, Rachel’s family met up with Grace’s family. Frank and Joe wore big grins on their faces. Rachel and Grace sat with them – their bellies heavily pregnant. The expectant fathers never suspected a thing. They believed it was all down to their own virility. Looking on innocently, Aaron did not dare tell them otherwise.

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