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Sister Rides and Blows Brother

After catching my sweet Brother flirting with some random guy, she tries to come on to me! Her own father! Clearly she did not have a clear mind at the time. I get her back in the house before her mother realizes she had disappeared in the first place. Then by complete mistake, I see my fully naked Brother in the shower. I watched for longer than a father should, but I couldn’t control myself. She’s grown so much and my attraction for her has become more intense. Watch as I finally get in bed with my little girl and have her grind on me until I shoot my load right down her throat!

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Mommy Rides Your Cock to Get Son Seed

You are waiting on the bed with a raging hard on and your mommy comes in and tells you how good you are for helping her. She wants another baby, but daddy can’t get her pregnant anymore. Luckily she has you and she plans on using you to get your seed so she can have that baby. She starts to ride your cock reminding you that it is a secret, what the two of you are doing. She is amazed and proud at how big your cock is and tells you how good it feels. Then she tells you how big and swollen with milk her tits will be and how big her belly be when you knock her up. She also tells you that she will want you to fuck her every day until you have fucked a baby into her. Finally after some hot riding you cum deep in mommy and she thinks it did the trick. She lets you go but first shows you, up close, the nice thick creampie you made. She lets your cum drip out but then rubs it on her pussy telling you that she won’t waste a drop. Did you get mommy pregnant? If not, you’ll have to try again.

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Catching your slutty Step sister in the shower

You accidentally walk in on your sister while she is masturbating in the shower, all lathered up with soap, she catches you… You are walking away but she wants you to come back and she yells for you to come back.. Deep down you have always wanted to fuck her so you walk back in hoping that she will let you pound that pussy… That is exactly what she wants, she tells you that she has had her eye on you for a long time and that now you have seen her naked, you may as will stick you cock in her tight pussy.. she bends over and spreads her pussy lips and gives you a good look.. you tell that this you will nail her one one condition.. That she doesn’t tell anyone and that she crawls out into the bedroom to see what you have for her.. She crawls out into the bedroom and on the bed, you then clamp both of her nipples with nipple clamps – nice and tight. You make her hang her head off the side of the bed and shove your cock down her throat…. switching from fucking her pretty little face to letting her suck your cock and balls.. You spin her around and put your cock in her and fuck her had all over the bed, from behind, on top of her, She moans wildly, she never knew her brother was such a dirty pervert. She rides your cock hard until you tell her to get on her knees and you blow a massive load all over her face and tits!

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Naughty Cutie Rides Stepdad

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Real Homemade Family Photos

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Sister Ties Up Little Brother and Force Rides His Cock

Your older sister Addie, has been super horny lately, So she sneaks into your room while you are sleeping. She is doesn’t really care what you think because she just wants to get off. She even wears her Sexiest Bra and Crotchless panties. She sees that you already have ankle cuffs attached to your bed, she thinks you must have been using on your girlfriend. She attaches the cuffs to your ankles and pulls down the blanket, she sees that you are already kind of hard, she thinks you must have been having a wet dream.
She begins to really make you hard by playing with you dick and rubbing her tits on your dick. Tasting your cock and says to you, “your cock tastes good, about how good I thought it would taste.” You wake up and you are wondering what is going on, why is my own sister is hovering over me. Really hard now, she talks about how she knows you are attracted to her, and she even wore her special panties for . “Look at that Im already all wet,” she says.
She brings up the fact that she knows you already think shes a little slut and fucks all the guys at school and you probably want her too. She starts rubbing her wet pussy all over your hard throbbing cock. Then she grabs it and sticks it in her tight little pussy, She can barely even get it it. She starts to ride you nice and slowly not caring if you’re enjoying it, she is here just to get herself off. She starts bouncing up and down on your cock, using your cock as her own personal toy just to get her off. She says, “Its been along time since I had some good dick, and of course your my little brother so why wouldn’t it be good.” She asks you “how does it feel have your dick inside your sister.” Your older brothers get home and she tells you to be quiet, but she doesn’t really care because you her favorite brother any way and she hasn’t fucked any of them yet. She then takes off her crotchless panties and gives them to you so you can have them for later. She Licks her hand and starts to rub her own pussy. But she wants to taste herself so she starts to suck your dick again, She then asks you, while sucking and jerking your dick, “Do you know how long Ive been wanting to do this, Well Pretty much your whole life.” Then she hops back up on your dick again and really ride it this time, Telling you, “Its Perfect”! She then leans forward and starts humping and grinding her clit and pussy, showing you her fucking skills, but then tells you. “I don’t even care if you cum because its all about me and getting myself off!”
She sits back up and starts riding you and has to cover her own mouth, because she is about to have an orgasm she stops and pauses for a minute as the orgasm takes over her body. She gets up off you and then slobs on your dick and tells you, “Now it’s time for orgasm #2.” Then she turns around into reverse cowgirl, grabs your hard dick and sticks it into her tight and super wet pussy. All you can see is her perfect ass and pussy bouncing and riding your dick slapping against your body. She crawls off and almost because she is so tired and lays down of a minute. And is about to leave but then she realizes you haven’t came yet.
She knows you are now getting the hang of it and wants you to get off now too. She crawls back up on top of you and rides you again, telling you how good your cock feels inside of her. She now really wants to make you cum. So gets up and starts to stroke your cock, she grabs some lube that you had right next to your bed. And starts going to town on your extremely hard cock. She says to you, “I bet you like your sisters hands around your cock.” She wants to know that she made you cum, she wants to see it all squirt out. She asks you, ” if you want to cum all over your sisters face and then calls you a dirty boy!” She asks, “what if mom and dad walked in right now?” She now really wants to see your load now, She thinks it will be just like dads! You start to squirm as she is stroking your cock and you bust your huge load all over her hand. She says, “ooow look how white it is, its soo hot and soo milky white”. She keeps stroking your dick after you cum, and she notices it hurts, so she keeps doing it and wants to jerk you off even more with your own cum. Then makes you eat some of the cum on her hand as she laughs at you! As she gets up to walk away she says to you, “Have fun getting out of those cuffs, HAHAHA!”

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Hot chubby daughter with large soft hooters rides her own father

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Pierced Nipples Blonde Rides Her Man – Fine pussy and ass she has, love the pierces too

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