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Daddy’s Slut Princess

Leila was in her favorite coffee house trying to hold back the tears. Dad surprises her with two of the yummiest treats known to man! He used to bring her here when she was younger and they would always get their famous macaroons! It was a happy place for Leila. But today was not a happy occasion. Her boyfriend had just dumped her and she never saw it coming. They were about to move in together and everything seemed great. She cried as her Father tried to comfort her. He hated seeing his little girl in such pain. And just as Leila started to compose herself, she realizes that she would still have to see him at work and began to breakdown again. Her Dad told her that wouldn’t be an issue, that he said he was going to quit so she didn’t have to see him at all! She smiles for a second and then asks her Dad how would he knew that.

Dad explains that he talked to him a few days ago and found out then. Leila starts to question why he is always trying to be friends with her boyfriends. Then becomes increasingly suspicious about his motivation with her boyfriends. She remembers all the heartbreaks. All of them very sudden and without warning. She accuses her Daddy of sabotaging all of her relationships! Every time they start getting too close or she may move out then they are gone! Her Dad tells her to lower her voice. He says he only wants the best for her and none of those guys were good enough her his baby girl! “Why Dad? Are you jealous? You didn’t want any other men touching me because you want me?” she yells in the middle of the cafe! “None of those guys are you? You want fuck your little girl is that it?” she yells even louder. Her Father is totally embarrassed and tries to calm her down. Instead she gets up and removes her panties right in front of the whole place and puts them on the table. She sits back down and grabs her Daddy’s hand and places under the table on her pussy. “There. Is that want you want Daddy? You want to finger fuck your baby girls pussy?” she said. Reluctantly her Dad starts to plunge his big fingers inside of his Daughter. “I bet you want my lips around your Daddy cock don’t you?” she asks. She gets on her knee under the table and begins to such her Daddy’s dick. He was afraid someone would see. They would know that his own Daughter was sucking his cock in public! But it felt so good there was nothing he could do. She kept looking up at him reminding his that his slut princess was sucking Daddy’s dick. “Fuck me right her right now!” she begged. They could only fuck so long before they are kicked out so Daddy tells her that have to go home. As soon as they get home the continue to fuck with wild abandonment! By the end she tells her Daddy to cum inside her slutty pussy and make her his. Make her his one and only Slut Princess!

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Father punish his little Princess Daughter

Loli can’t lay down for the night, So she walks in to her daddy’s room waking him up. She convinces him to teach her how to suck a nice hard cock, Because she has a party to go to and wants to please all the boys. Daddy teaches her Just as long as she keeps it a secret and especially not have mom find out.

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Spoiled Princess and Anal Step-Mommy Earn Their Keep

Curvy Mommy Penny Barber is busy cleaning the house for long lost Uncle Ramon’s arrival and scolding her hot little piece-of-ass step-daughter for being a brat. Both ladies think that uncle Ramon is simply visiting to straighten out a small mistake in the will, not knowing that his brother did actually leave him everything, including them. He immediately starts by retracting the family Porsche from spoiled little princess Moka and makes her earn back the right to even touch the car. An over the knee spanking and flogging help her get the picture Soon she has a cute little shocked expression as she gets on her knees, handcuffed, to suck dick and get fucked with tight nipple clamps, gently kissing the bumper of the car that used to be hers. After putting Moka back in line he heads right upstairs to let the secretly submissive housewife Penny Barber know that Daddy is back in charge. Throwing her over the sink, he beats her ass red with a wooden spoon and instructs her in how she can keep paying the rent with her bouncy tits, wet mouth, and hot jiggly ass.
Clamps on those big luscious tits, and a sold face fucking on the kitchen floor get’s Penny’s pussy wet, and soon she is begging to cum against the kitchen counter with her apron above her hips. Ramon shoves his thick cock in her ass sending her over the edge into screaming orgasms that she endures further humiliation and beatings to get. Moka discovers them there, and embarrassed yells at her Step-Mommy, only to be reprimanded by both Ramon and Penny. Moka is placed in a tough standing suspension and made to suck and fuck as Penny places strip after strip on her coed ass for calling her a whore. Drooling and begging and screaming apologies Moka does her best to remain composed, but eventually has to cum and does so with her feet lifted in a full suspension. After promising to be a good girl she is let down and allowed to take her Mommy’s fist and lick up her Uncle’s cock fresh out of Penny’s hungry ass.

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Daddy Fucks his Hairy Princess

Hello my darling taboo fans! Welcome and enjoy this hot story about my sex-toy step-daddy!
“So my daddy had this hot idea to film me confessing to my first sexual experience with him… for his masturbating pleasure, of course. He told me to dress up and sit on my couch like the pretty little fairy princess I am. I did just that, and started telling my sexy taboo tale as soon as the camera was filming! He got horny while filming me, I made sure of that, and started stroking his hard cock like there was no tomorrow! So i got more and more turned on… and at some point I couldn’t resist anymore and called him over from behind the camera to stick that big throbbing rod into my wet mouth.”
I really enjoyed filming this little bit of forbidden sexual behavior and I hope you cum many times watching it! If you do, why not try out some of my other taboo creations?

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Daddy’s little Princess

Dear Diary

After daddy and I had our wonderful weekend we decided it would be best if I got into my own apartment for school just like my step sister. Not to brag or anything but the apartment daddy got me was way nicer than Addies. Daddy stops by regularly so we can have fun and I think he’s coming by tomorrow…. I really hope so.
I was right, I came home from class and daddy was waiting on me. I wanted to show him just how grateful I was so I started massaging his cock through his pants. It wasn’t long before I stripped off my top and unzipped his pants so I could suck his cock. Since it had been a few days I couldn’t wait to get his hard cock in my pussy so I sat on his lap. God it felt soooo good. Daddy fucked me on the couch and even on the living room table and made me cum several times. Daddy was so turned on he came in me really hard too. Oh how I miss living at home.
The next weekend Mommy was gone and Addie had some weekend event so I knew Daddy would be home alone. Saturday morning I let myself in and snuck into his room to surprise him. He must have been glad to see me cuz his cock was hard before I even pulled down the covers. I took his hard cock in my mouth and got it nice and wet then climbed on top and started riding him. Daddy and I spent the day fucking and we both came lots.
After a great night of intense orgasms with Daddy I woke up pretty hungry. Daddy was in the kitchen drinking coffee so I demanded breakfast. Apparently Daddy didn’t like my tone cause he spun me around and spanked me with a spatula. Even though it felt good I knew I’d better appologize so I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. It grew fas and soon Daddy had me bent over the kitchen chair fucking me hard. He moved me to the table and really pounded my pussy…. OOOOO it was hot…Then he pushed me to my knees and had me suck his cock til he came in my mouth. That was just the breakfast I needed
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Petite Daddy Princess Blowjob

Renee Roulette is a teen who doesn’t want to do anything but stay in bed and check her phone… well there is actually another thing the cute brunette wants to do: suck her step father’s massive cock.

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Princess Leia – VIP Booth Taboo Creampie

Welcome to the VIP booth–you’re in good hands… I’m 18. I’m a pretty desirable girl here. You.. look familiar? Are you– Daddy! Haha! Don’t tell me you knew it was me… I didn’t recognize you. You look so different, of course. Why are you here? What about Mommy?
I mean, my mom doesn’t know you’re here, right? Good… You know, I’ve always wanted to do this. Stay here with me. Please don’t leave. I’ll treat you better than my mom or anyone else in this club could. I’m not supposed to touch, and you aren’t either, but.. this so hot! No one else here knows who you are. What if they found out? I’m getting so wet. Won’t you fuck me, right here, right now? Please, Daddy, I’ll pull my thong to the side and you can give me a big load in my tight pussy. I know you want to! I’ll never tell Mommy~

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Princess Leia – Daddy’s Confession (Heavily Impregnation)

Daddy, do you remember what you said to me last night? I didn’t think so.. you were pretty out of it. Well, you said… Daddy, you said… you want me to have a baby! But Daddy, I think we both know you don’t want me to have a baby with just anyone. The guys I’ve dated are clearly not up to your standards. So… I don’t know if you really want to do this, but I definitely do! You’re the one who confessed, after all.
Daddy, I know it’s such a wrong thing to do. It would be awful if someone found out! But, I mean, do they have to know? Please Daddy, this is what I’ve always wanted. You and I used to play house all the time when I was younger, and you were Daddy and I was Mommy… Let me show you. I want to play real House, Daddy! I want you to give me a baby. Won’t you make your little girl pregnant? Fill my womb? Watch my breasts and belly begin to swell? Make me pregnant!

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Daddy’s Hairy Asshole Princess

Daddy?.. Daddy, wake up. I have a favor to ask of you. So, prom is tonight and my boyfriend has been asking me for something lately… He wants to try anal. But I’ve never done it before! I was thinking, since we’ve been having sex for a while now, maybe you and I could stretch my asshole out a little?
Oh, Daddy, yes, please, would you help me? Thank you! I love you so much. I just know if you can teach me just how to take your big cock in my ass, my boyfriend can definitely fit! You’re much bigger than he is. Of course, I wonder how good he’ll be after I’ve experienced you. Oh Daddy, I love you! Please, though, do go slowly. It’s my first time! …Hey, that feels.. good!

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