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Birth Mother

Sonny has found his birth mother after a long search and set out to meet her for the first time. Rachel gave him up for adoption because she was too young and her family refused to help her. A day did not go by without thinking of her son. She made sure the agency left him her information in case he ever wanted to find her. It was a shock when Rachel answered the door. A handsome young man dressed up in a starched white dress shirt stood before her. His eyes were green like Rachel’s. He smiled and asked her her name. He told her he was her son. Rachel covered her face and gasped. He stepped in the door way to console her. Rachel thought he would be angry with her but he asked for a hug. She was thrilled he had found her and grabbed him tight. He was big and strong and so handsome. He called her by her first name and she told to call her mom. She hugged him again and then – after a moment’s hesitation – gave him a kiss on the cheek. She invited him to sit while she fetched some cold drinks. Sonny could not help notice how sexy she was. He felt attracted to her sexually. Rachel never married or had any other offspring. She was devastated at what happened. She could not reach the glasses so Sonny offered to help. He reached around her pushing her into the counter. She felt his groin on her lower back. Rachel turned around to try to slip out of the awkward position she was in. Sonny stopped her and looked at her beautiful green eyes. He kissed her on the lips and pulled her in tight. Rachel did not know how to react and she let it happen. Sonny pulled back to apologize. Both of them felt strange. They talked about how they felt about each other. Sonny confessed it was hard to look at her as his mom. Rachel agreed that it was difficult to see him as her son. Sonny put his glass down and kissed her again. Rachel locked lips with her long lost son. They made their way to the table where he laid her down. Sonny lifted her skirt and slid her panties off. Rachel arched her back and waited for his hot tongue. She had not had sex in years. She did not feel worthy. Sonny made his mother cum hard. He fingered her in just the right way causing her to squirt all over his hand. Rachel sat up, her hair tasseled. She dropped to her knees ready for his cock. She looked him in the eyes as she opened her mouth and guided his cock in her mouth. He moaned out her name. They took it into the bedroom. Rachel sat on his face in a 69 position. He made her cum over and over. She wanted him to make love to her and he wanted that as well. The heat between them was incredible. He made love to his mother until he pulled out and shot the largest load he had ever done. Rachel begged for it as she sat up and opened her mouth to catch all of it. Both of them were breathless, Rachel asked him to stay with her so they could start a new life. Sonny hugged her tight and told her they would never be apart again.

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In Love With My Mother

Rachel was a free and opened minded woman. She and her son John moved away to a remote place to get away from the harsh city life. Rachel was a model and made plenty of money so they could enjoy free time together and lots of it. As the years went by and John grew to a mature man he began to notice a strong sexual desire for Rachel. She noticed his looks and saw him jerking off to pictures of her a few times. Rachel felt bad that he had no release, there were not any girls his age within miles. She planned a way to solve this. Rachel went away on a shoot in the city, when she returned she knew John was at work. She purposely left a few sexy nudes of herself in her overnight bag for him to find. Rachel left a note asking him to unpack her bag. John pulled out a few articles of sexy clothing and got a hard on. He saw 2 photos folded up and opened them up. It was Rachel posed nude. She had never looked so beautiful to him. This was it, he knew how he felt, he was in love with her. Rachel waited outside until she knew he discovered the pictures and was jerking off. She snuck in and walked in on him. Rachel saw the pictures in his hand and his cock in the other. She smiled lovingly at him and told him she knew what he wanted and needed. John was embarrassed at first but her eyes mesmerized him and he just admitted it. Rachel slowly took off her tight white tank top exposing her huge inviting bosoms. She pushed him gently on his back and began kissing his mouth. He returned his affection and he slid his tongue in between her parted lips. John reached down under her skirt and Rachel told him he could do anything he wanted with her. He slid under her panties and in between her pussy lips, it was soaking wet! Rachel moaned and kissed him harder. Her body was quivering as this was forbidden and it felt so right. Rachel came quick and now it was John’s turn. She sat up and took his erect cock into her hot mouth making sweet loving sounds each time she took him in. He rolled his eyes back and watched her. She asked him to cum for her. John mounted his mother’s chest and slid his cock into her mouth and then between her tits, finally cumming hard in her open waiting mouth. Rachel looked him in the eyes as he filled her up. She let his cum drip out for him to see. They sat up and he kissed her on the forehead. The truth will set you free!!!

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Cream Pie for Kelsie, then her Mother

Anthony is a cocky young man. He has been waiting to screw his stepsister Kelsie for a while. He is sure he could please her more than her boyfriend. Now he has decided to prove it to her. Kelsie’s in the bathroom putting on her makeup for a date. All she is wearing is a towel. Anthony walks in and tells her he needs to use the john. Kelsie protests, but Anthony pays her no mind. When he is done, he comes over and starts teasing her. Kelsie tells him to get out. She says it is not right for her brother to be in the bathroom with her. Anthony tells it is okay since he is only her stepbrother. He starts pawing her playfully. She wriggles and squirms under his hands. Let’s have sex, he says suddenly. Kelsie says no way. Anthony persists and wears down his stepsister’s resistance. He leads her to the bed in the next room and pushes her down on the mattress. Kelsie struggles feebly as Anthony pulls off her towel and begins sucking on her nipples. It does not take long for her to join in the spirit of things. After Anthony has licked her pussy a little, Kelsie agrees to suck his cock; on the condition, that he does not tell anyone. Anthony assures his stepsister it will be a family secret. That was good enough for Kelsie. For a long time she works him over with her mouth. She sucks him in several positions and cannot help admitting to Anthony that his cock is bigger and better than her boyfriend’s. Anthony loves to know when he has one-upped a guy. He thanks Kelsie by eating pussy again and fucking her hard missionary-style with her legs pinned back to her shoulders. He pounds her doggy-style for good measure, then returns to missionary and shoots a hot load of cum in Kelsie’s pussy. It leaks out all over her crotch, giving her a big cream pie. Although it is a great fuck for both of them, Kelsie soon regrets it. She dresses and goes to find her mother. The two of them are close and can talk about anything. Rachel is in the kitchen washing dishes when her daughter walks in. Kelsie immediately tells her how Anthony pestered her into having sex. Rachel listens in disbelief. Kelsie says she does not know what to do. She cannot think straight. Her boyfriend is picking her up soon and she thinks Anthony might try to have sex with her again some time. Rachel assures her daughter she would not let that happen. After telling Kelsie to forget everything and enjoy her date, Rachel heads to Anthony’s room to talk with him. She finds her stepson on his bed in his boxers. She asks him flat-out if he had sex with Kelsie. Anthony’s guilty reaction says it all. Rachel is displeased, but she is not mad. She tells him that Kelsie is young and vulnerable and that he must not have sex with her again. Anthony says he cannot make any promises. Absently, he starts rubbing his cock through his boxers. Rachel notices and loses some of her assurance. Anthony asks her who he is supposed to have sex with if not Kelsie. Rachel offers various suggestions and Anthony shoots them all down. He pulls his cock out his boxers and starts stroking it. He looks at Rachel and grins. His stepmom looks great in her short denim skirt and low cut vest. Now, you want to suck my cock? It’s bigger than dad’s, he says. Rachel gawks at her stepson. Suddenly she gets the picture; if she wants Anthony to lay off Kelsie, she will have to take her place in the sex department. Rachel can hardly believe herself when she accepts the conditions. Anthony is all smiles as she kneels at his side and starts giving him a blowjob. As she sucks up and down his cock, Rachel grows a little more eager each time. Anthony pulls down her vest, baring her big breasts. He sucks on her nipples and makes her groan. Rachel lays down on the bed and Anthony straddles her chest, fucking his cock between her breasts and into her mouth. Oh, yes, Rachel groans. Your father does not do this for me. Soon she is gladly sucking him down to the root. When Anthony wants to fuck her pussy, Rachel grants him it provided he promises to keep his word that he will leave Kelsie alone. Anthony agrees and promptly thrusts into her. He goes deep, pushing Rachel’s thighs far back. You are definitely bigger than your dad, she chants through her moans. Anthony smiles: he has upped his dad too! He pumps Rachel expertly, slamming her hard against the mattress so that her breasts bounce and shake. Rachel loses herself in her pleasure. She begs Anthony to come inside mommie. He duly obliges, growling as he fills his stepmom with everything he has got. When Anthony’s done, Rachel sits up, breathless. Together they watch his cum seep out of her pussy. Rachel dresses and reminds Anthony that he cannot have Kelsie anymore. Anthony grins and shakes his head. Now that I have had you both, I can fuck either of you whenever I want, he says. Cocky bastard!


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Big ass mother and horny little son!

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Crazy Family – Mother forcing her children to fuck!


Poor John is about to experience the most embarrassing moment of his life….the loss of his Virginity!!! John’s Mom is concerned that her 18 year old Son will continue to have problems over-coming his shyness with girls…if he doesn’t lose his Virginity immediately. John doesn’t like the idea of having such a conversation with his Mother….but things get even worse for John, when his Mom offers to Deflower him!! Mom strips off her clothes, and tells John that she is going to have sex with him, to show him how to do it. John is almost in tears as he is forced to get undressed……and prepares to have sexual intercourse with his own Mother. Just as they are about to start….his Sister Katie arrives home….and is shocked to see her Mother and her Brother naked in the Living Room. Mom explains to Katie what is going on…and then Mom has an idea. “Katie….you are younger….closer to John’s age…..I think you should be the one to Deflower your Brother….and as a thank you… I will buy you a new iPad if you do it”. Katie, who has been wanting a new iPad, quickly peels off her clothes…and the two females walk John through the process. First, John is told to lick his Sister’s Pussy….to get it nice and slippery….then his Sister sucks his cock to induce a nice, big erection….and then it happens…..Katie lowers her big, beautiful ass onto her Brother’s cock….and you should see John’s face at the moment he loses his cherry!!! Katie proceeds to bounce up and down on her Brother, as Mom watches intently. Mom tells Katie to show John the different positions….Cowgirl….Doggie-Style……Missionary….and then as John is approaching orgasm, Mom instructs him to withdraw his penis from inside his Sister’s Vagina, and ejaculate onto her Breasts. John does exactly that!!! A Massive, Virgin Cumblast all over Katie’s Big Tits!! Mom tells John how proud she is of his performance….and then Mom and Katie are off to Best Buy!!!


John is having a full on fight/argument with his Mother, when he drops the “F-Bomb”!!! John’s Mother does NOT tolerate foul language….and she is determined to punish John severely. Since washing John’s mouth out with soap does not seem to teach him a lesson….Mom has a new idea. Mom tells her Daughter Katie to take off her shorts. Mom forces John to LICK HIS SISTER’S ASSHOLE!! Katie laughs as she sticks her big, sexy Ass out for her Brother to eat. Mom shoves John’s head right up Katie’s Bum and Forces him to get deep up his Sister’s Ass. Katie is taunting her Brother as he does it…but unfortunately….Katie calls him a “Fucking” Loser. Uh-Oh!!!! As soon as Katie drops the “F-Bomb”….Mom gets mad at her! Now Katie must be punished too. Mom decides that Katie’s punishment shall be……getting POUNDED by her Brother!!! John is ordered to Fuck his Sister really hard…..and then use his Sister as a cum dumpster!!! Katie is revolted and disgusted completely after being Pumped by her Brother and soaked in cum. John has the taste of his Sister’s Asshole on his tongue. They both promise to never swear again!!!


John’s Mother has completely had it with his chronic masturbation!! His grades are slipping at school…his chores are not being done….he masturbates all day every day!! When Mom walks in and catches him yet again….it’s time for drastic measures. Mom puts John’s cock in a Chastity Device, and tells him he must remain in Chastity for three days while she goes out of town. John is ashamed….and angry….3 whole days without masturbating…..how will he survive???? To make matters worse….much worse….Mom leaves the key to the Chastity Device with his Baby Sister, Katie!!! Every day after Mom leaves…John tries in vain to ejaculate…but the Device will not permit his cock to get hard. Every day…his Sister Katie Teases him by dangling the key in front of him….and wearing short shorts, and bending over in front of him. On the third day…while his Sister is Teasing and Taunting him yet again…John breaks down…and cries and begs his Sister to release him.Katie begins to feel sorry for her Brother…and after all….she did make things worse by Cock-Teasing him….so Katie makes a deal with her horny Brother. “OK…I’ll open the lock and let you out…but you have to promise that you’ll Jerk-Off quickly…and then I’ll lock it back up….and Mom can’t know that I let you out”. John readily agrees….but as soon as Katie lets him out….instead of masturbating…he attacks her!! Poor Katie is mauled by her Cock-Teased Brother as he Violently shoves her down on the bed…and before she knows what is happening…..her Brother’s rock hard cock is inside her Pussy…and Pumping her hard. As John Pounds away at his Little Sister…Mom walks in and sees the Siblings engaged in sexual intercourse. Katie screams for Mom to help her…but when Mom finds out that Katie had Cock-Teased her Brother…and had let him out of the Chastity Devise….Mom tells Katie that because she was such a Cock-Tease…that she must lie there and suffer….and let him finish!!! With Mom watching, John Fucks the Stuffing out of his Baby Sister until he cums. Katie is in tears after being Brutally by her Brother…but her Mom tells her that she got what she deserved!

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Mother take her son dick deep inside her!

Rachel fell into a bad depression after her husband passed away. In her grief she seemed to forget that he had been a bastard who treated her very badly. For weeks she did nothing but lay in her bed and drink until her son loving Dylan helped her get back on her feet. Then came a period where Rachel went out almost every night, drinking hard, flirting with men at clubs. On one occasion she stumbled home and found Dylan waiting up for her. When he appeared to disapprove of her behaviour, she playfully taunted him by assuming provocative poses that showed off her swelling bustline, deep cleavage and shapely butt. She then planted a more-than-mother kiss on his lips before going to bed. Little did she know how much passion her antics sparked in Dylan. He had always wanted to be a better man to his mother than his father had been. Now he wanted to be her lover as well. While she lay asleep on her bed, he entered her room to see how she was doing. Rachel’s dress had hiked all the way up to her thighs, and her aroused son could not resist touching them – all the way up to her butt. He then covered her with a blanket, kissed her cheek, and left. The next day Rachel encountered Dylan in the kitchen. She seemed bright and happy, but when she poured a drink and tried to take a pill, Dylan stopped her. He was clearly concerned that such habits were not helping his mother. As Rachel was hysterically protesting his intervention, he took her into her arms, hugged her tight, and told her he loved her. The next thing she knew, they were kissing passionately. Even as Rachel hesitated with guilt, he son lifted her on to the counter, running his hands up her thighs and over her breasts. The sensation felt so good that a taboo desire for her son suddenly took over. It had been a long time she’d been truly loved by a man. Now Dylan was giving her what she needed. Her recent grief seemed to evaporate in the pleasure of the moment. Later, in her room, the forbidden fun began in earnest. Stripped down to her lingerie, Rachel lay kissing and fondling with her son in the marital bed. After the young man had played with her naked breasts and suckled the nipples, he dropped lower and licked her pussy. In her arousal, Rachel moved to straddle his face. Panting, she ground herself down on his mouth, trying to get his tongue as deep into her as possible. She then returned the favor by giving his big hard cock a deep and loving sucking. Finally, the pair fucked up a storm in the doggy and missionary positions. Possessed with ecstasy, Rachel begged her son to cum inside of her. He did, heavily. Afterwards, she held him in her arms. In just a few hours he had brought her back to life, made a new woman of her. She looked to the future now. With him as her special man, she might even start family. It was certainly possible now that he had shot so much potent cum into her fertile,
unprotected pussy.

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Angie Noir – Mother & Son’s More Than Taboo

My SON Walks into my room and finds his Mother spread eagled, on the couch, with my pussy exposed and a vibrator in my Mom hole and a dirty, Escort magazine flipped open! I had just pulled my dripping shorts aside and started to rub my hard clit while watching the photos of the Escorts! BAD TIMING?!?! MUST SEE MOVIE!

I have a secret… I want to lick and fuck pussy BUT not just any pussy… it must be “dirty,” “sloppy,” “used” ESCORT pussy while my Son fucks me! It is wrong for a MOM to have such erotic thoughts but, every time I take out my hidden escort magazine and “read” the advertisements, I become dripping wet! Edward sees Mother’s exposed pussy and turns hard instantly… he loves the hole he came from… he swiftly walks over, kneels down and licks his Mother’s sweet juicy pussy! We are both deeply turned on… I ask “can I bring an escort home for both of us to use?” “Yes!” “Will you fuck her Edward? …Can I lick her pussy? …Can we share her pussy?… Can you fuck both of us?” “Yes! I will fuck my little whores!” I am delirious with TABOO thoughts! “Edward, Can I lick her pussy clean after you cum in it?” “YES! You can eat my cum from her pussy!!” “Ohhh that it is so fucking hot!”

I need his rigid cock in my pussy but, first he puts a condom on (But does it stay on?) then slides his long thick cock in and fucks me like crazy! Edward is being driven to the edge by my moaning and grunting as he POUNDS my pussy in so many positions and making me cum all the while we are talking very dirty thoughts about the escort. Edward needs to erupt and tells me that he wants to cum inside my whore loving, pussy hole! “Yes! Yes! Yes! Put your load in my PUSSY!!” The hot sperm feels sooo good! As Edward wipes his dick up and down my dripping pussy and ass, I am feeding myself his jizz until Edward insists that we shove his sperm deep into me! I get roughly finger fucked and cum very hard again!

OHH!! YOU ARE SUCH AS NASTY BOY!! Maybe Mother should be a slutty Escort?!?

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Mother And Son Are Happy Dad Left

Father has left the family after discovering Mother sucking his Son’s cock! Edward is very upset about Dad leaving but Mother has a newsflash for him! She wanted Father gone so she can “have” Edward without interruptions!

My Son, Edward is so very upset that his Father caught us together… naked… me sucking on his big cock! I explain to Edward that I am not upset… in fact, I am HAPPY that he has left us and now we can suck and fuck anytime and anywhere we want! Edward thinks about it for a moment and decides he can live with that!

“In fact, we can have sex now!” I decide to turn Edward’s frown upside down with a hardcore, Taboo blowjob and then spit his cum out of my mouth and rub it into my wet pussy hole! Ohhh! I love sucking his strong, big cock… deep into my throat… gagging, drooling, and spitting on his raging manhood! Edward gets so worked up and begins to dominate me… grabbing my neck, telling me I am his whore! I am his cum slut Mother! WOW my Son explodes a huge load of his seed into my mouth… overflowing and dripping out! He tells me not to waste it so I lay on my back and spread my pussy… and drool out his SPERM and rub it into my pussy hole! Edward goes crazy and helps me shove his cum inside Mother pussy hole! We both take turns finger fucking my gaping, sperm covered pussy then we agree to continue having FUN!

A final, passionate kissing ends our first day together – ALONE!!

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Mother Fucker – Boundaries

I just can’t believe I found my son in my room, masturbating with my iPad – to MY pictures! I guess it’s time to teach him about boundaries – the hard way!! In this scene: oral sex, fuck in various positions and a cumshot on her glasses.

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Son breading his mother

Lucky young  boy get one special present for his 16 birthday. His mother have bake him great cake and give him her worm pussy for present. Not only that he can fuck his mother pussy but she let him to cum inside her and fill his mother pussy with hot cum….so for next birthday she can get a brother/sister for present

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