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My Mother and Aunt fuck Me

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Try Tantric Yoga With Mother

Mom asks her son for help trying a new type of yoga that requires two people…

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Paybacks a Mother

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Mother & Son Play While Father’s Away

Archie comes home from college for the first time, just as his father is leaving for a weekend business trip…

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Duration: 00:20:05
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Mother & Son Make Father a Cuckold

Your beautiful wife and son introduce you to your new life…

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Mother In law has one juicy pussy

Stephanie and I are staying at her parents place for the weekend, and its been great especially her mother who is just amazing she is always so attentive and always getting out of her way to please you as best she can. I wish Stephanie was more like her mother thats for sure. Her mother always dresses in such nice sexy clothing and is always so sweet and feminine, she always spoils me and has always looked at me as if I was her own son.
Something truly amazing happend this morning when I decided to wake up early and have a nice early start, I walked down stairs and into the kitchen to make myself and the others some coffee but was surprised to find Stephies mom doing the washing so early. Its incredible that even first thing in the morning this woman can look so god damn gorgeous and sensual in her silky robe and nightie, I wish she was my wife and not her lazy daughter…
I offer her my help and she agrees to let me help her separate the clothes in piles but when I do I find a whole bunch of satin panties that belong to her and find myself grasping them in my hand feeling them and imagining them pressed up against my mother in laws wet milfy pussy, my imagination goes wild and before I can think even more, she tells me surprised and embarrassed that I had found her underwear like this and that I didnt have to help her any longer, but I wanted to and more now than ever. I wanted to find out what more she had in the washing pile. She smiles at me and lets me get on with my doing and I tell her that I would love that her daughter would share the same taste in lingerie as her mother and stop wearing those ugly cotton hello kitty panties she wears all the time, I want her to wear real womans lingerie and not little girl panties. she laughs and teases me by saying that she feels sorry for me and that I should try and buy my wife the things I like but I let out that I would prefer to have her mother wear sexy lingerie for me…

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Mother & Son Medical Exam

Alex makes an appointment at his Mother’s medical clinic for his physical to play football. Doctor Williams is supposed to be doing it but is out sick today. Luckily his Mother has no problem giving her son the very thorough exam he needs…

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Duration: 00:31:41
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Son Fucks beautiful Mother with big natural tits

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Mother Catches Spying Son

A hot mom finds her horny son spying on her once again and gives into her natural desires….

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Son Wants Mother to Deflower Him

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