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The Other Moms Do It

Horny Matt sees his hot stepmom doing dishes in her robe and lingerie. He grabs her sexy ass and wants to fuck Alana. She offers to give him a hot blowjob instead. Alana sucks and licks his meaty cock before getting showered with a messy facial.

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Cumming On Mom’s Tits

Alura comes into the room and her son Rion is sitting on the couch looking at his phone upset. Alura takes the phone from him, looking through, realizing he is hooking up with multiple girls- and they all have huge tits. Then, she comes across a picture of herself on his phone! Realizing this is pretty normal, and she’s never talked to him about sex, she leans in to hug him, but soon notices her holding him close to her tits is turning him on.

Alura catches Rion masturbating in his room, and to the same picture of her! She comes up to him and asks if he wants her to take care of it the same way as last time. Only this time, she has some different things she wants to try with him.

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Whose Mom’s Favorite Son

Payton is in a Quandry! She has lied to her younger son and fucked him and and then fucked his older brother and now they want to know who is her favorite? Is there a way to suck, lick, fuck and be pounded out of this very touchy situation? If there is , this mom is the one to do it. She is a white lady with 2 black puerto rican sons and she likes every inch of both of their young cocks. Trying to keep them both happy is what she aims to do. Her hot wet white juicy pussy is ready for all these boys can give her and she is ready to lick , suck and fuck her way out of any upsets she has caused them. This one starts with younger son finding out of betrayal with her giving his older brother a fantastic blow job and and fucking after he had heard of her other adventure with the young Ayden. So Antoine wants his own time with mom and films it -which Ayden finds and he gets his just revenge , giving his mom the reaming she deserves!

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Mom’s Needs

Part One:
Rion’s Mom comes home from a night out a little.. stumbly. She starts to dance for him, telling him how she has needs and likes to have fun, and now she wants to have fun with her son.

Part Two:
Rion is eating breakfast and asks his mom if she remembers what happened the night before. She plays it off like she can’t remember a thing, but he insists on talking about it. He starts to get a little flirty with her, saying he remembers. Before they know it, they’re making out and having a continuation of their night before.

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Mom’s House, Mom’s Pleasure

You’re obsessed with your mom’s ass. You can’t stop spying on her & you want so badly to touch that big, round booty. You sneak into her bedroom in the morning before she’s awake, and she stirs, inadvertently giving you different views of her ass. Her alarm goes off & she’s confused about why you’re in her room but sends you to go get yourself some breakfast.
Mom is getting ready in the bathroom, and again you sneak in to spy on her while she’s naked in front of the mirrors. She catches you & is irritated, threatening to start closing her door to have her privacy. She tells you to go get ready for school.
You walk into the living room while mommy is doing her morning yoga, and you are just crazy with lust now. The way her ass moves in those grey see-thru yoga pants is enough to make anyone crazy. She catches you staring & decides it’s time to address this problematic pattern. You confess that you’re obsessed with her ass. She finally agrees to let you touch it, but as you start tugging down her yoga pants, she scolds you. She’s your mother, and it’s not ok. But then she relents, realizing that you’ve already seen her naked twice that morning.
You can’t help yourself, and you begin to poke your fingers into mommy’s pussy. She scolds you, but you persist, and she admits that it feels really good. You finger her hard, and she cums. She’s reluctant & ashamed, but she asks if you want to put your penis inside her. Of course you do! She allows you to slip your big young cock inside her wet pussy & instructs you to stare very hard at her ass. She wants you to get out all this frustration right so you don’t stare at the asses of unsuspecting women. It’s her duty to make sure you understand how this works anyway. After you fuck her doggystyle & in “prone-bone”, she tells you to lie down on the ground so she can give you an even better view.
She’s right: this is a better view. The way she moves her ass up & down on your cock is spectacular. You can’t believe this is happening to you, and you had no idea your mother was such a sexual MILF. She sways her hips back & forth as she strips off her shirt & bra. The view of her naked back & ass, all of her curves, is breathtaking. She reminds you to pull out when you’re ready to cum, and you squirt your load all over her ass, all the way up her back & into her hair. You keep cumming & cumming. You’ve been spying on your mother for so long, but you never thought this day would come. She makes you swear that you won’t tell anyone. This has to stay mom & son’s naughty little secret.

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Mom’s Two Valentines – Family Affair – Cheating

Well thank you for the chocolate… I think I want to eat something else first… We don’t have much time, your Father will be home soon. And don’t you have a date with your girlfriend? We’ll have to make this quick, I’ve been waiting to taste you all day son…

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Duration: 00:21:28
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Teaming my Step Moms Pussy and Ass!

John Long is trying to teach Juan how to play basketball. Juan is just not getting it. So Juan’s step-mom, Makayla Cox, had to come to his rescue. She picked him up so that he could dunk. This is when she realized that her step son was packing a big cock. As he was hanging from the basketball rim, she pulled down his pants and shoved his dick down her throat. From there, she told his friend to not go anywhere, because they were both gonna give her the good fucking that she deserves. She took one dick in her pussy and another in her mouth. They fucked her in multiple positions and in the ass before both blasting two giant loads all over her face.

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Mom’s Fantasy

Part One:
Your Mom comes in your room while you’re laying in bed. She wanted to check up on you. As she slowly climbs onto your bed, she asks if you were sleeping. Answering the question for you, she says she knows you weren’t. Her body language tells you she didn’t come in here just to tell you she knows you’re masturbating. She starts to slide the skinny straps from her shirt off of her shoulder, teasingly undressing herself in front of you. It becomes very clear to you that your mom wants to be with as close with her son as she an tonight.

Part Two:
As you are about to leave to catch the bus for school, your mom notices you have a “raging hard on”. Realizing you can’t leave the house like that, your mom takes care of you again, like she did the night before.

File size: 1.36GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:30:47
File type: WMV

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Son Cums Twice In Mom’s Mouth

Why are you so sad, son? What’s wrong? You can tell Mom. Come on, you know I’m always here for you. What’s on your mind? I can tell something is really getting you down.
Your girlfriend broke up with you?! That’s terrible. I’m so sorry, honey. But listen – that girl didn’t know what she was losing. You’re so smart and handsome. You’re a real catch. She’s a fool. Come here. Let M0mmy comfort you. Let me distract you. I know a way I can make you feel much better.
Mmm, doesn’t my touch feel good? There’s no need to be embarrassed. I’m glad that you’re getting hard. I love you so much, son. I’m going to show you just how much I love you with my lips, my long wet tongue, and my warm open throat.

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Drunk Moms Relaxed Again

Dante’s Mom has been out Partying all night…and she arrives home….Relaxed as a Skunk!!! She is falling all over herself….telling her Son what a great time she had at the Club. Aware that his Mom is very very Relaxed….Dante tells his Mom to go to bed….but unfortunately….his Mom is HORNY….and she isn’t capable of very good decision making….so she starts to get “flirty” with her Son!!! Dante keeps pushing his Mom’s hands away each time she reaches for his private parts….but his Relaxed Mom is Horny & Persistent!!! Dante’s Mom manages to unbuckle his pants and get his cock out….while she is still Relaxing from her bottle….getting more Relaxed as she goes!! Dante’s Relaxed Mom starts to suck his cock against his will….and does she ever suck it!!! Dante’s Nightmare is about to get even worse, however…as his Relaxed Mom climbs on top of his cock, and starts to Fuck him!! Dante’s Mom rides him like a wild Woman….screaming at her Son to Fuck her brains out!!! Poor Dante has no choice….he Fucks his Mom hard…….Pounding her in several positions until he unloads inside his Mother. Once she has been Fucked….Dante’s Mom goes to sleep…..clutching her bottle in her arms. The Dante starts to collect his clothes….still Shocked & Terrified by what has just happened….as he mutters to himself….”My Mom is nuts…..but WOW is she ever a good Fuck”.

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