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Mom’s Fantasy

Part One
Alura and her son, Rion, are staying in a hotel room together while Alura visits him at college. The only problem is the room only has one bed. When Rion falls asleep, Alura decides she wants more than just a son’s love for his mother.. but much much more.

Part Two
Rion can’t get the night he had with his mom off of his mind. He comes home from school to visit her and immediately tries to kiss her. While she tries to push him away, she says the hotel room was a one time thing, but Rion NEEDS his mom. And he’s going to have her.

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I Love My Moms Big Tits

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Mom’s Strange Dream

Okay baby, I’m heading out. Don’t wait up for me… Well, that’s for me to worry about honey. I’m a grown woman, I can take care of myself, and I’m allowed to go out and have a little fun too… Now get some sleep baby, we have a big day tomorrow….

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Mom’s 21st Birthday Surprise Quicky

It’s my 21st birthday and I’ve gone on a camping trip with my family. The rest of the family is doing there own thing, so mom and I decide to go on a hike. She said she has something special for me. The only thing is that we have to be quick and quiet about it. What’s this, she is going down on me for a blowjob right in the outdoors. Dam this feels good. Getting some good head from mom out in public. Oh yea, she is going to let me put it in her. Fuck, we have to hurry up. I have the perfect idea… I’m gonna give mommy a facial in return as a way of thanking her for this great birthdaysurprise.

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Fucking your moms best friend

Krissy Lynn is your moms friend and u have always wanted to fuck her! u are hiding in her house just watching her sexiness as she talks on the phone to ur mom, she catches u and asked u to come into the room and turn the light on, she makes u sit on the lounge and she tells u that she has been catching u checking her out and shes going to give u a gooood look at what u want.. dancing sensually and stripping for you, shes wearing an amazing little g string and its just incredible when she slides her shorts off and shakes her big round phat ass for u.. then she decides she going to give u what u want and make ur dreams come true. she pulls ur pants down and sucks u off giving u an amazing hand job and blow job and just loving it before she pulls a chair up and rides u cow girl and reverse cowgirl, completely taking advantage of your young cock. nasty milf.. she lays on the ground and tells u to show her what u have and you drive that sweet pussy hard like u own and spread her legs wide and grab her round the throat as she begs u to cum inside her and u can’t take it, u explode ur load deep inside her and then make her suck ur cock dry!

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Mom’s Post Workout Massage

I missed you at the gym baby, you really should have come… Oh, I had a little… It’s fine, I did a ton of cardio… Is it okay if I lay with you for a little while? I’m just so sore… Baby, could you give me a massage? Your Father does it for me all the time but he’s not here right now. It’s not that hard baby, I’ll tell you what to do….

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I Love My Moms Big Tits

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Mom’s the Only MILF for Me

Part One:

My mom is carrying my laptop and confronts me about the shocking discovery she found on it while trying to check her email. She cannot believe how much MILF porn I have been looking at. She wants to know if that is how I see her- as a sexy, mature woman who knows exactly what she is doing. She strips down to her sexy, black lingerie and asks me if this is what I want- a slutty older woman with big tits and a firm ass. She warns me that if I’m thinking about dating an older woman, then I better think again! She notices how large my erection is and demands that I take it out and stroke it like I do when I watch those filthy films. After watching me stroke my cock, she is surprisingly turned on. She insists that she help me as she gets excited but warns me that she better never catch me watching that smut again. She gets my cock wet with her mouth- she knows what they do in those smutty videos, she’s not that naive. She knows that I love MILFs with large tits, so she takes her beautiful, big breasts out for me and slides my cock in between them. She makes me promise that I will never watch those videos again. She wants me to experience how an adult has a real orgasm, so she turns around and slides my rock hard cock in her hot pussy from behind. She wouldn’t be the best mom if she didn’t do the best that she could for me. My mom tells me that real men have to take charge sometimes so I take her while she’s on her back, fucking her as she moans and her big tits bounce up and down. When I can’t hold back anymore, I blow my huge load all over my mom’s tits and chest. She is so very proud of me.

Part Two:

My hot mom is outside laying by the pool when she catches me watching her. She thinks that we need to talk about what’s been going on between us- it’s just not right. We’re family and that’s what family members are supposed to do. She understands that I have my needs, but we can’t fuck anymore. She wants to just “help” me so that I don’t watch that smutty MILF porn anymore. It has been a few days and she knows how badly that I need to cum again in order to get back to clear my mind and get back to my studies. Besides, a handjob is harmless, right? As she strokes my hard cock, she can’t resist but be an even better mother and lets me fuck her face. It’s not that she doesn’t want to fuck, it’s that it’s so wrong. But since we’ve already done it before, what’s one more time in mommy’s pussy before we call it quits? My dad hasn’t really been around lately and my mom really needs it too. I fuck her wet, ready pussy from behind and she loves it. She sucks my cock some more, deep throating it until I cum so hard in her mouth. She wants to savor it and lick it all up for me- she doesn’t want to miss a single drop of my precious cum.

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Drunk Moms Don’t Care

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The Only Man in Mom’s Life

Cherie has a male friend over when her son furiously storms in and throws him out. He is the man of the house and no other guy can be there, let alone be part of her life. He pins her against the wall and pulls her dress down, exposing her big sexy tits that are only his. Cherie complies with her aggressive son and tells him that he is the only man of the house and she belongs to him. Cherie’s son completely dominates her and she does whatever he tells her to do and lets him do whatever he wants to her. He makes her take out his dick, suck it and choke on it. Then he fucks her up against the wall while choking her, before cumming inside of her and watching his cum drip out of his mommy’s pussy. He says, “Thanks for the talk, mom. Sorry for yelling at you earlier. I just thought I was the only one.”
Cherie is taking off her sexy high heels when her son confronts her about where she was. She nervously tells him that she was at work but he knows better because she’s wearing perfume and her nice shoes. She obviously didn’t learn her lesson because she isn’t allowed to go out and see other men. He says, “You know what happens when you fucking disobey me? You get fucking punished!” Cherie appeases him and tells her little boy to suck on mommy’s titties, and says, “Mommy makes mistakes, mommy can be so dumb sometimes.” All her angry son knows is that mommy better fucking take care of him. After he fucks her hard and cums all over her face, he asks if she is going to go make him a sandwich.

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