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Pregnant Mommy Swallows

Oh, honey… you are too good to me. All of these months being cooped up here with me, helping your pregnant mother around the house. And now as I’m trying to give you a day off, to say thank you, my back aches flare up! Please, sweetheart, don’t worry about me, I– Ohhh, God your hands feel so good… Keep rubbing right th–ohh yes…I feel so guilty… you should be out with your friends, not stuck inside helping me… Lay down? No, no, I couldn’t ask you to… Oh alright. But only if you let me say thank you after, in any way that I see fit. Promise?? Here, let me pull up my dress a bit, should make it easier… mmm… What is that pressing into me… it’s hard. Is that your phone? My goodness where did you learn to move your hands like that…ohhh, yes.

That’s it – lay down, your turn. It’s the least I can do. Relax, baby… you’re so tense. Can I… just sit on top of you, my belly is just so big…There. You’re moaning, I didn’t know I was so good at thi– Oh my… is that your…No it’s nothing, honey… I don’t want to stop. You deserve this… And more. I just want to make you feel good baby… to show you how much you mean to me. If there is ANYTHING you wanted from Mommy… anything at all. Tell me. Don’t be shy. You promised you’d let me say thank you… in my special way. For everything you’ve done for your mother. So let me show you… let me suck it, baby…

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Mommy Monster

SCENE opens on an elegant couple as they are driven home one afternoon from a speaking engagement. Senator Gregory, the husband, is on the phone with one of his constituents discussing the event, a ‘family comes first’ charity put on by one of their biggest donors.
As he speaks, Mrs. Gregory stares out the window. She hates having to accompany her husband to such conservative affairs. It is so irritating. But, they live a privileged life and, with her husband away so much, Mrs. Gregory has a lot of freedom to explore her own interests. The Senator ends his call and asks the driver how long it will take to get to the airport. ‘I’m expecting my son to be home when we return,’ he says proudly. Mrs. Gregory smirks. ‘Oh, I didn’t realize William was coming down. It’s a shame you’ll only see him for the weekend before you fly out again.’ Squeezing his wife’s knee, the Senator says not to worry. The boy’s going to stay all week, so she’ll have plenty of time to catch up with her step-son too. Her smile slowly fading, Mrs. Gregory looks back out the window.

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Mommy is Lonely

Scene One: Overhearing mom
I can’t believe my mom is just walking around in her bra and panties. She doesn’t know I’m home so I peak through the doorway just to watch her talk on the phone. I overhear her chatting with her sister, talking about her sister having sex with her son. She even talks about fantasizing about fucking me. I’m frozen in place as she talks about me and what she’s going to do to me. Later I hear my mom in her bedroom, moaning and touching herself. I peak through the door to realize she’s talking about me! Rubbing herself and cumming to the thought of me. The next day she’s waiting for me to come home from school. Sydney looks up some Taboo porn and masturbates, not letting herself cum, edging endlessly. Preparing to take the plunge and fuck her son…

Scene Two: We All Have Needs
“When he comes home I’m going to pounce on him” Sydney says to herself, opening up her blue robe and touching her tight body. She is mentally and physically ready to make this happen. After a long day of school I lay down on my bed listening to some music and just letting the world pass me by. Mom walks in with her untied robe and sits down next to me. After her conversation yesterday I don’t know what to do as her hands glide down my body. “I have a confession, you’ve been turning me on” She whispers to me. “I want you to take your dad’s place” She reaches down and grabs my penis. I try to get her to stop but she tells me it’s going to be ok, that she will treat me so good. Her mouth is all over me, teasing me with her tongue as she takes off her robe. I touch her perky tits and her tone body and it feels so fucking wrong. Pulling me inside her she takes my virginity, riding on top of me and using my penis. Her tits bouncing in my face she screams. “Cum inside me, fill my filthy pussy please!” It sends me over the edge and I shake, orgasming inside her. “What a good boy” She whispers in lust.

Scene Three: While talking to daddy
Sydney is sure her husband is cheating on her. He’s away for work again and they chat on the phone to keep up appearances of a marriage. I come home from school and all I could think about was fucking my mom. Every class her tits and pussy where on my mind. I reach down as she chats on the phone and grab her perky tits. She looks at me with disapproval and whispers “No”. But she said I could have her whenever I want and I fucking want her right now. I pull down the top of her dress and roughly grope her. A hand around her neck I let her know what I want. A she listens to dad talk she sucks my raging hard cock. I bend her over and slide down her tight blue panties, exposing her and leaving her vulnerable to me. I push my way inside her and fuck her against the dinning room table. Mom tries to control her moans of pleasure as I use her hot body like a fuck doll. Soon she can’t hold it anymore and starts screaming on the phone. “Fill my mouth full of your filthy cum” She screams. I do exactly what she wants and she swallows it all down hungry for my young cum.

Scene Four: Aunt Cory
Sydney invites her sister over to tell her some amazing news. She’s been fucking her son and it’s amazing. The girls dish about the young men in their lives, giving them what they’ve never had before. Cory just has to see her sister and her new toy! I’m getting my homework out of my backpack when my mom and aunt walk into the room. They both have smiles on their faces and I know that something’s up. “Can we have another round?” My mom asks me. I’m not conformable with my aunt being there but when she reaches around and grabs my mom’s tits I feel myself get hot and hard. She strips my mom naked and lays her on the bed. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I feel like a I don’t have a choice as they pull my head down into my mom’s pussy and have me lick her. Aunt Cory rubbing and touching my mom as she sucks me off. Her hand down her panties watching me as I fuck and my mom moans in pleasure. “Fuck yes!” Mom screams as I fuck her faster and faster, her hand touching her sisters wet pussy. Mom’s so desperate to have my cum in her mouth again and I give her every last drop inside me. “So much cum!” My aunt moans slurping it off my mom’s neck. I’ve never been more turned on.

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Mommy Son Creampie

My son has been very sexually active from an early age. A year or so ago we started talking openly about his sexual partners. The talk really turns me on, I get so turned on I have to make him fuck me. He always has one last creampie for his mommy even if he has fucked 3 girls that day. I put in my butt plug then I sucked his cock just the way he likes it. next I climbed onto his cock and rode it until he pumped my tight pussy FULL of his cream.

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Mommy Loves Movie Day

Maya and Chads mom always looks forward to movie day. Its the one time of the week that she gets to spend time with the kids. Little does she know the kids could care less about it. At least mom tries to make it fun, with blockbuster scary movies and popcorn. Maya also likes to make it fun too, by teasing her stepbros hard dick. The only thing scarier than the movie was what these kids were able to get away with without their mom noticing. Chad was able to get a HJ, a BJ, and even fuck the shit out of Maya in two different areas of the living room. This shit was ridiculous. Mom eventually gets tired and leaves the kids be. We have seen how wild these kids get when mom is right next to them, we cant even imagine the scary shit that will happen when she walks away…

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It’s Nothing Mommy Haven’t Seen Before

My girlfriend and I have been trying out new things since she’s gone away for school.. So I thought I’d make a little video to send to her while she’s away. But right when I was about to blow my load, my mom walked in!! I tried to hide myself as fast as possible, but she was completely fixated on my rock hard dick! I was beyond embarrassed, I couldn’t believe my mom just walked in on me filming myself jerk off!
I swear this isn’t what it looks like!!
Are you filming something? What are you up to hunny?
It’s just something I was doing for my girlfriend…
Oh that’s so sweet! I didn’t know you two were still together
Sweet?!?! This wasn’t sweet, this was super embarrassing!! What a compromising position to be in with your pants down hand going up and down your hard dick, seconds away from blowing your load…. then your mother walks in!!

We are, just long distance can be kind of frustruating sometimes…
Mom starts tugging on my sheets, I try to hold back but she was too quick… and she exposes my stiffy.
Come on, let me take a look! It’s nothing I haven’t seen before!

No this is wrong, we can’t let this happen again!
I’ll tell your father about your little video if you don’t show me…
Are you serious!? You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?
Just let me have my fun, and this can stay between us
Ok, like a family secret?
Yes exactly!
Watch mom take total control over my dick. I must have left a good impression from the last time we messed around – I could tell she had been craving me ever since! She didn’t waste anytime as she wrapped her soft lips around the head of my cock and starts bobbing her head, taking my engorged meat all the way back down her motherly throat!
Feeling moms warm pussy slide up and down on my shaft was almost too much to handle, but I did my best to hold back my load for as long as I could so I could continue to see those massive MILF titties jiggle! Finally it was time so I laid her on on her back, spread open her beautiful hairy pussy and shoved my rock hard cock deep into my mom’s mature pussy using her vagina lips as my own personal fuck doll until I exploded my aching balls all over her!

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Two Mommy better then One

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I Don`t know what is Better – Mommy or Aunt?

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Mommy catches you watching porn…

You’re sharing a hotel with your mother and while she’s getting ready for her meeting, you’re browsing porn on your phone.
She sneaks up on you and suggests you get out and explore the city today. She grabs your phone and quickly realizes her son has lost his innocence. You suddenly realize just how attractive your mom is and can’t help but rub your dick. You wonder what will happen if you just pretend to not know any better. Mother has been lonely since dad left her and you’ve been wanting so badly to lose your virginity… It’s not like you haven’t already been inside her before. She’s been hitting the bottle again, so this could be your chance to get close to mommy again. Just whip it out…C’mon, show your mother your dick. Maybe you’ll get a chance to slip it inside of her and drain your aching balls of cum… This video has a discount due to two brief periods of static.

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Mommy has Hard Double penetration

Scene One: Mom is in my bed
Everyone knows that mom has a sleepwalking problem. They’ve all been told to just let her go back to bed and not to wake her or else she will have night terrors. One early morning Cory’s son wakes up to her voice. “I’m so horny” he hears and he feels her hand on him, pulling at his underwear. With her eyes half closed she puts his cock into her mouth.
She must think I’m dad, he says to himself as his mom takes control. Getting on top of him and putting him inside of her he can’t believe what’s happening. She doesn’t seem to understand she’s fucking her son. He lets out a mommy accidentally as she fucks him and in her half asleep state it makes her gush. She fucks him every way on the bed until he shoots his dirty hot load all over her stomach.

Scene Two: Brushing my teeth
He can’t wrap his mind around what happened. His mom sleepwalking into his room and fucking him for what seems like hours. Milking the cum out of him with her tight warm pussy. He looks in the mirror as he brushes his teeth in a stunned state.
Just then he feels his mom’s warm lips around him again. He looks down and there she is, sleepwalking and sucking his cock. “What the fuck!” He gasps as she holds him tight and doesn’t let go. Stroking and sucking him into her mouth completely unaware of what she’s doing. He can’t escape until she swallows his cum like a good wife.

Scene Three: Mom has Sexomnia
That day the son goes to talk to his dad. He doesn’t know how to say it but his mom’s sleepwalking is out of control. Dad explains that mom’s sleepwalking is different than others, she has Sexomnia. “So if you see her masturbating or walking around the house naked just don’t wake her” He tells his son. Leave her alone and let her do her thing or she could get stuck like that forever. Cory walks in the kitchen completely unaware of what she’s been doing.
That afternoon Cory is napping on the living room couch when her hand slides down her tight shorts. As she masturbates her foot rests on her son’s crotch and he can’t get away. In a daze she crawls across the couch and sucks on the big cock in front of her. Fucking her son and taking his big load all over her face. She curls back up on the couch and he sits there wondering how long he will have to endure his mother’s sleep lust.

Scene Four: Mom loves two cocks
Cory’s been so tired lately. She doesn’t understand why she needs to sleep all the time. It’s almost as if she hasn’t really been sleeping at all. She takes another nap while she waits for the laundry to finish up.
Just then her son walks in to check on her. He needs her now as much as she needs him. Stroking his dick to the sight of her. She reaches over and pulls him into her inviting mouth. They fuck, him not caring anymore that it’s his mom. Only loving how she makes him feel.
As he plows into her his dad walks into the room. He looks at him with fear and shame until he realizes that dad’s not mad at him. He whips out his dick and shoves it into her mouth as she’s fucked. “I love when you call me mommy” Cory says half asleep, worshiping two hard dicks taking her from both ends. Moaning and cumming she has the threesome of a lifetime. Jerking two big loads all over her face and swallowing the cum. “Double the cum and double the fun” She giggles. It’s the best mother’s day present ever.

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