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Mommy Owns Your Cock

Mommy knows you’re having a rough time after breaking up with your girlfriend. But don’t worry; she’s always going to be there to take care of you. After all, she owns your cock, and no other woman will ever make you cum like she will.

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Nympho Mommy Want sex all time

When Mom has big, bouncy, beautiful Tits…the World can be a “distracting” place for a young boy!!! Rylan’s Family Album includes full, bouncy versions of : “Homework” “Horny Berries” “Fuck Your Mother Not Your Sister” & “Practice Having Sex With Mom”.

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Mommy Son Sampler

Really enjoy how she talks to the camera, really good eye contact and she’s a really really hot MILF lady… makes for a great video.
Can not decide which Taboo video to Purchase? Well here you go! This is a 5 scene Mommy Son Taboo Sampler video. % scenes, 5 cum shots. Watch Mommy Blow and Suck Over and Over

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Tasting Mommy

Son learns Mom is having an affair with the neighbor Cory Chase. Son sees them walking into Cory’s house, kissing and touching. He walks around to the back window and records Mom and Cory in various positions of sex, licking nipples and pussies…ect…
He plans to use this recording to later blackmail his slutty Mom for sex and more…
Later on, Son comes out to the living room to talk with Mom. She’s sick of his lazy ass, just like his father, and it’s time that he moves out. He’s out of school and doing nothing but partying and sleeping all day. Son says I have video of you and the neighbor, etc. Son says he’s not leaving unless she wants to explain to dad why she was sucking on the neighbors tits. Nikki gets enraged. Son says she belongs to him now and will do what he says or her cushy little suburban housewife life goes bye-bye. Son says now that you’re mine, take out your tits. Take off your dress, come give me a handjob. Better be quick before Dad finds out. Which she does. Mom complains the entire time while she strokes his cock.
Next day – Mom tries to sweet talk him into erasing the tape. Says she knows what he wants and she will do it if he erases it. She slowly takes off her top and starts to blow him. Halfway through she says erase the tape and I will swallow everything. Son erases a video from the phone. She finishes him off. Afterwards he says that was fantastic but since he made a dozen copies of the video, tomorrow he wants her to come to his room in a skirt and no panties since he’s always wondered what she tastes like.
Scene Four: Tasting Mommy
Mom shows up dressed how he wants. Says she can’t keep doing this. She doesn’t want to hurt his father and she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship with him (her son). She says please just erase them and they will talk about continuing this for a few more weeks. Son says that’s an option but it will only work if she gives him the best blowjob of his life. She does reluctantly and he again erases a few more videos then assures her there are no more copies. She starts saying what a dumb little he is and his ass is gone from the house tomorrow. He shows her a new video of her blowing him while saying he knew she was trying to manipulate him and says dad gets it tomorrow unless she is in his room naked when he wakes up. He says that her ass belongs to him and he’s going to enjoy every bit of it tomorrow.

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Cum For Mommy – Mother`s romance

My sweet son! Sit down and talk to mom before you go to bed. I have an important sex ed conversion to have with you, honey. There’s no need to feel shy. You know you can always trust your mommy. Now, I’m going to ask you a personal question: have you ever masturbated before? No? Are you sure? Do you know how to masturbate? You can tell your mother the truth.

It’s very important that you learn how to satisfy yourself; otherwise, you might give in to one of those tempting girls at school. You know you have to remain a virgin until you’re married. It’s the right thing to do. But in order to avoid sin, you must touch and play with yourself until you explode – and you’ll have to do it every single night from now on.

Don’t worry. Mom will show you how to make your dickie have an orgasm. I can see from the bulge in your pants that you’re already swollen with lust. Take out your penis, son. Mom will give you a hand first, and then I’ll have you take over, under my guidance.

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Mommy Son Dance

Mom and Son are in the living room slow dancing. They start to kiss and then start to really make out; arms wrapped around each other, etc.. The Son lays on the couch, they continue to kiss while they undress each other. He eats her out until she cums; He then fucks her missionary position, doggie and her rides her son till she cums again. Son unloads into his Mom’s mouth and she swallows all that lands on her tongue…

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Mommy Continues To Learn Her Place

A) Mom is naked on her knees in the living room giving the Son, also naked a blowjob.
B) Mom, naked is bent over the bathroom sink, the naked Son is fucking her from behind, holding her hair in his hands. She is yelling “I love my son’s cock! I love fucking my son!”. The Son keeps telling her to say more and louder. Have him say at least once. “God damn that pussy is good.”
C) They are in bed, fuckign doggy style. Her knees are raised and pointing straight up. Her eyes are closed she is saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, Oh god please keep fucking me.”
D) She is laying on the couch naked, the Son (also naked) is fucking her while keeping her mouth shut with his hand

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Mommy’s Confession

The Son is eating breakfast while the Mother (Andi James) walks around the kitchen cooking and bringing food to the table. The Son is fully dressed for work and Andi is in a bathrobe, not even slippers. The Son finishes eating, turns around his chair and spreads his legs. he says, “How about a quick blowjob before I go to work Mom?” She stops, looks offended, and says, “That’s how you talk to me? I don’t think so?” The Son laughs and says, “Mom, we have an arrangement here. I take care of you and fuck you anyway I like, whenever I like.” She stares at him offended. He laughs and says, “You know you like it, but I’ll make you a deal. Get down on your knees and suck my dick or I’ll never fuck you again.” She glares at him. He says coldly, “Last chance.” She starts to move towards him but he tells her to strip; she lets her robe drop, he has her play with her tits and pussy, he then has her tell him how much she likes fucking and then how much she wants to suck his cock. After this he has her crawl to him and give him head, while she is doing this; he massage and runs his fingers through her hair, but doesn’t push her head up and down, she does that. When he cums; he tells her, “Swallow it, swallow it, swallow my fucking cum. After he cums he stands up and sticks his dick back in his pants and leaves.

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First Kiss Mommy

Mother and Son, Melanie and Ricky, enter their house; at night, dressed very nicely, in a very festive mood, very slightly wasted. Melanie says, “That was great! I haven’t had such a good time in forever!” Ricky says, “Hey some things are worth celebrating.” They hug warmly for a moment, the mother tries to pull back and then tries to semi-push him off. She stares into his eyes for a moment, slightly startled and searching with her eyes. She locks eyes on him, takes his face in her hands and they kiss on the lips, she pulls back with a shocked look on her face. They stare at each other, move slowly and gently into each other’s arms and begin kissing, slowly and romantically at first and then passionately. He slams her against the wall, she spreads her legs and grabs his ass and begins pulling him into her while starts to dry hump her.
They make out for a little while, making out really hard with arms wrapped around each other. She reaches down, unzips his pants and pulls out his pecker and he pulls off her panties. They have sex against the wall, EVERY time Ricky thrusts up into her she cries, “Oh God!” He bends Mom over the couch and fucks her till they cum and they both collapse onto the couch, breathing very heavily.

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Mommy Locked in the Basement

Sophia calls for junior to follow her down into the basement. She starts looking around the shelves, and asks him to prop the door open, just as he turns around letting it slam shut behind him! She frantically reaches for the door as he tries to apologize, he heard her to late. As she yanks the handle she tells him to call your dad and have him leave work early to get us out! He tells her that he left his phone in his room. Sophia is pissed! She is supposed to be getting ready to go for a date with DAD! They haven’t had a minute to themselves! Upset, junior explains he’s was supposed to be playing video games with his Friends online, now they are going to start with out him! Sophia yells at him that he needs to quit paying those damn video games and go get a girlfriend. Taken back, he tries to explain that he doesn’t want or need a girlfriend. He has her, she’s such a great mom what more could he want? Sophia is touched to hear her son say that. She gives him a kiss on the lips and apologizes for yelling at him. She’s just so upset, she has been looking forward to this date with their date, she needs that alone time. He says sorry again and asks if maybe they can try and get the door open. Sophia grabs and yanks the handle, trying to get the door open. As she yanks her heavy breasts giggle and wiggle as junior offers to help her. She orders him to grab her around the waist and pull her.

As he slides his hands across her plump belly and presses up into her even bigger ass. He pulls and yanks with her trying to get the door open. It won’t budge and she yells for him to try harder! He pulls on her hard but he starts to get distracted by how much of his mom there is. He feels her breasts bouncing on top of his arms, and the weight of her big ass pressed up against him. She just feels so warm and soft that he starts pressing into her more, enjoying the way she feels in his arms. Sophia wails miserably and says its not working. She was so looking forward to tonight. Junior in attempt to cheer her up calls his dad stupid, he should never leave her alone all the time, she’s beautiful. Sophia smiles, her son can be so sweet! One day he will make a girl so happy. She leans over to give him a quick kiss and asks him to try something else to get this door open. He grabs her lower this time and promises to really put his weight into. They pull and yank but junior starts to get that funny feeling again. He knows its bad to think about his mom in that way but being so close to her, smelling her perfume. Feeling her ass rock back fourth against his crotch is making him start to stiffen in excitement. He starts to really pull on her, and secretly start to hump her behind. She is so consumed with getting the door open at first she doesn’t notice him, but then she feels his hands creep up to her chest and hold her breasts. She lets it happen, its no big deal he’s just trying to help his mom get the door open right? He pulls her harder and tighter against him making everything on her jiggle and wiggle. They pull and pull and when she feels him try to reach inside her dress she knows she has to stop him, but his hands feel so good against her, its been so long since she has been held like this, she almost thinks about it. Sophia knows she has to stop her son, but she can feel his warm hands cupping her breasts and a wave of arousal washes over her. Her pussy throbs with want but she knows fucking her son would be so wrong. But she feels his dick pressing into he with a need that matches her own. She loves her son and always wants to make him happy, maybe its ok if she just sees it, touches it Little…. But when she see’s it, she is overcome with desire…Its looks just like his dads but bigger! Her mouth waters and before she knows it shes wrapping her big lips around it and swallowing it down.

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