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Toying Around With My Step Mom

Kayla is exhausted with everything. She’s just gotten married, and moved in with Jordi’s Dad. Finally, she has an opportunity to take some time for herself. She starts by stretching out on the couch and getting some serious solo time with her favorite vibrator. It just so happens that Jordi has finished his university classes early today, and bursts in at the worst possible time. Kayla decides that she’s not going to let him burst her bubble without bursting a load all over her face. She’s happily trade this solo sojourn for a full-on fuck fest!
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Big Tits Mom

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My Mom Is A Slut

Mom is going out tonight again dressed like a slut! I’m so sick of it. Her dress is so short, you can see her ass. The top part is see through and you can see her tits! So when she says bye to me, I just say whatever. She comes over and starts talking to me, asking what’s wrong. When I tell her the way she dresses makes me uncomfortable, she realizes there’s one specific part of me that’s is uncomfortable, and she points it out. She starts rubbing my leg, talking to me about urges and points out that I have an erection! The weird part is, she’s practically drooling over it when she realizes it’s there. Then she says maybe she doesn’t need to go out. I guess she found what she needed right here.
My Mom is being so loud, I can hear her from the other room moaning and talking to someone, but no one is talking back. When I decide to see what’s going on, I realize her door is open a little bit and I see her on her bed… talking to a camera! Taking her clothes off! Touching herself! And the things she’s saying, she’s talking to the camera as if it’s… me. Then she starts shoving this glass dildo in and out of her pussy. I can’t even take it anymore, watching her is making me rock hard and I need her again! When I come in, she tells me I’m a bad boy, and she’s been watching me watch her for a long time.
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The Working Mom

Sweetie, don’t bother Mommy right now. Can’t you see I’m getting ready for work? Baby, just do it yourself like Mommy showed you… Son, I’ll be late… Alright sweetie, but it has to be quick. Just don’t expect this everyday… But you know Mommy does love to make her big boy happy….

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Son Fucks Tipsy Mom and Gets Her Pregnant

I’m so sloshed after the company party, I can’t even get out of my own party dress. Luckily, my son is there to lend a helping hand. He’s such a sweet boy. We’ve always had a very close relationship. I’m so wasted, I don’t think anything of it when he removes my bra and panties, too. Hell, I’m his mother. It shouldn’t be shocking to see me naked, right. But something tells me he sees me as more than that. The smile on his face and bulge in his pants say it all. He wants me. At first I demure. Aren’t I too old? I can’t be so beautiful as to give you a hard-on with a single glance, can I? Really? His hands feel so good on me. I don’t care that he’s my son. I want to be touched. “I love you, Mom,” he says sweetly in my ear as he thrusts his hard cock into my wet pussy. I love you, too son. And tonight, I’m smashed enough to let you do whatever you want to me. You can even finish inside me. I probably won’t even remember in the morning.
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Happy anniversary Mom

It’s Stacy’s Anniversary, and she is dressed in style She is waiting for her Husband John to come home and pick her up, when she gets a disappointing phone call. It’s John calling to cancel their plans, because he has to work late. Stacy is devastated!! She tells John that she was going to give him a blowjob in the car, on the way to the restaurant….and finish the night by Fucking his brains out, and letting him cum all over her face. Instead….Stacy sarcastically tells him that she will put on her sweat pants, and order a pizza. After she hangs up…Stacy decides to act upon the anger she has for her Husband…so she calls in her Step-Son, Drew….and asks if he will “fill in” for his Dad. Drew wants no part of his Step-Mother’s crazy offer….until she rubs his penis through his jeans….and shows him some cleavage….then he gets on board quickly!! Stacy sucks her Step-Son’s cock….which she notices is bigger than her Husband’s…then Stacy asks Drew to “Lick My Cunt…make me cum…it’s My Anniversary”. Drew obeys his Step-Mom and gives her a good licking…followed by a good, hard Fucking!! Stacy tells Drew that she wants him to cum all over her face to celebrate her Anniversary….so Drew gives her what she wants….face and hair covered in sticky cum!!
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Your cum is only for your Mom

Did you planing to sneak out you told your mother doesn’t know! Son..you know the rules….you can have a dates..you can date when ever and who ever you want! But you warm cum always ..always belongs to your mom! So now..be a good boy and let mommy play with your cock! Mommy knows how much you love my feet and that’s how I’m going to make your shoot your sperm. What are you doing! Did you trying to push me away?! Don’t play with me that’s the rule! So you have only two choice! Or you give your mom what’s belongs to her sperm all over her feet.or you’ll be in big trouble young man! See..that’s my good boy! Just enjoy mommy’s foot job my sweetheart!

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Mom Pulled to the Bed and Forced to Fuck

“Please don’t, you don’t have to do this!” Cory shouts at her son as she’s dragged onto her bed. He’s had enough of her and it’s time to show her who’s boss. He rips open her shirt and grabs her huge tits. Taking her by the throat he forces his big cock into her crying mouth. It feels so good shutting her up for once in her bitchy life.
Cory holds tight onto the sheets as her son slides his cock inside of her. She can’t stop this from happening. The big cock fills and stretches her pussy. She’s used like a fuck doll that can only lay there and take it. Then something worse happens, he slides his wet cock from her pussy to her ass. God it burns! He fucks her dry ass and force feeds the dirty cock to her mouth. For all the she’s bitched at him over the years, she’s getting some back. “Don’t do this to your mother” She pleads one last time as he pins her down and cum all over her perfect face. The worst part.. deep down inside, she came on his cock like a whore.

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Never Shower Alone Mom

Her son is away and for the first time Cory feels like she can move through the house freely. She’s trying to forget what happened to her, how she was used, how she came from the fucking. She goes to take a shower when her other son bursts into the bathroom. “What are you doing?” She shouts as her towel is ripped from her body. A cold dread fills her, this can’t happen again!
He forces her to the floor and shoves his dick into her mouth. God both of her son’s have massive cocks, and both of them want to fuck her mouth. She has no choice but to suck him and she prays he gets off before anything more can happen. But he’s not going to let her get away that easy. He pins her against the bathroom door and fucks her tight warm pussy. She moans against her will and pleads with him. Her hair is pulled back and she is drilled until she feels her orgasm coming. God what a slut she is as she cums on her son’s violating cock. He presses her face into the wall and cums deep inside her and shoots his load all over her spankable ass. She feels like a shower will never get her clean again!

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Forgetting Mom’s B’day When Mom is a Milf

It’s not polite to forget your Mom’s birthday especially when your Mom is Reagan Foxx. Reagan was already feeling frustrated by the lack of attention from her no good husband that there was no way she was going to allow her son to be ungrateful and forget her birthday. So Reagan decided to show her son what happens when she is not feeling appreciated. Doing what Reagan does best she takes you on a sexy taboo ride that you won’t soon forget. Making her son listen and do what she requests until he himself gets a massive hard on and gives his the pounding she had been asking for. Check it out….It’s HOT
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