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Helping Mom Make a Little Brother

The Secret Request
Baby, calm down. I’m not mad you’re jerking off with my panties. It’s actually a very good thing… Mommy wants to tell you a secret… You know how your Father and I have been trying to make you a little brother? Well so far it hasn’t been going so great… But I think I know a way you can help….

Daddy Doesn’t Need to Know
You’ve been doing so good baby… And you listen to Mommy so well… I’m sure I’ll be pregnant in no time. But you have to keep helping Mommy to make sure it works… And of course your Father still doesn’t need to know, and he also doesn’t need to know how much bigger your dick is than his… It’s much more fun to have secrets don’t you think son?…

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Younger Son’s first Pussy is Mom

Melanie and her younger boy travel to Mexico for some fun and to continue his education in how to please a woman. Having already sucked him off she wants to show him how to fuck. After she gets him rock hard with a lovely blowjob he enters her hot wet pussy and pounds that hole hard and fast, he brings her to a shattering orgasm and finally unloads his cum in that hungry hole and pulls back to see what a good job he did as his jizz runs out of his Mom.

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Kitty the dirty German Mom

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Your Mom Swallows Your Cum

You walk into the living room and see your mom standing there. She asks you what’s wrong and you confide in her that your girlfriend will not swallow when she gives you a blow job. Your mom is upset at this and tells you she prefers to swallow. She likes the taste of cum and since she cares so much for you she decides to help you out. She calls you over and has you drop your pants to pull your cock out. She tells you that mommy is very impressed with your big cock before putting in her mouth. In your POV she slobs all over your throbbing hard cock and even takes some time to lick and suck on your big boy balls. This is followed with her pulling her tits put for you to look at. After some intense sucking and some hot dirty talk it isn’t too long before your mom gets a mouthful of your hot cum. She swallows with pure delight and even opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out to show you there is not one drop left behind. What a caring mom you have. She is so happy she could help out.

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Upset Mom in Satin Nightie Has Son Help

A sexy MILF is standing in her newly redesigned kitchen, but she is obviously upset. She turns to see her son and explains her frustration. Though everything in the kitchen is new, the designers messed everything up and the job is going to take far longer than anticipated. Mom is frustrated and needs to let off some steam. This is when she gets a taboo idea to do just that. She tells her son to get naked and come over to her. As he makes his way to her she sees there will be no objection to her taboo idea as he is hard as a rock. She squats down and starts to immediately give her son a POV blow job. She loves the way his cock tastes and gives some taboo dirty talk to that effect as she lifts off his cock. She then tells her son she wants to get fucked and bends over, grabbing the counter. Her son follows suit by flipping up her sating nightie and sticking his thick cock in her from behind. The taboo doggystyle fucking goes on for some time as he pounds away at his mom’s pussy. He even does plenty of titty squeezing of her big tits. Finally, the frustrated MILF gets exactly what she needs and cums hard on her own son’s cock. At about the same time he shoots his load deep inside her pussy. She loves that she can count on him to make her feel better and he even hands her paper towels to wipe up the creampie he just gave her. She tells him to go clean up and that she will attempt to make dinner for them, even though the kitchen is not the way she wants it.
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Mom Slips You a Mickey

How are you feeling this morning? Not great, huh? Well, it’s a good thing that we got you started on these vitamins. You clearly need them right now! Here. … You still in there? Hello? There it is. You’re feeling more complacent now, aren’t you? You’ll do pretty much whatever your Mom wants, even if I’m opening your pants and taking out your cock. You’re so sensitive! Or maybe a boy’s mother just really knows how to please him. Oh, you just came everywhere! Good. Now pay attention: I’m going to explain to you exactly what your life is going to be like. I’m going to keep dosing you, making you not only my sex slave, but my domestic servant, too. You’re going to be Mommie’s little helper. That means doing whatever I say whenever I say it, with a smile and a hard on!

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First Time with Mom

Son comes into the kitchen. Mom in her robe drinking coffee. She says, “All hot and sweaty from your morning run? Good, I want you that way.” She lets her robe drop to the floor, and says,
“Don’t worry about your father, he won’t be up for another hour.” She lays on the floor and says, “Fuck me, fuck your Mother with your hot young cock.” The son gets on top of her and she
actually smiles and says, “That’s it, fuck me. Fuck me with your hot sweaty body, I want my son’s cock in me. Make me dirty, fuck your mother and make her all sweaty and dirty.” When she cums, she cries out and he gets off.
Mom is washing dishes wearing only a bathrobe. The Son comes up from behind her and begins rubbing his groin into her butt. She says, “That feels good baby, but if you are going to fuck me you
better go ahead your Father will be home soon.” He shoves her the dinner table and lifts up the hem of the bathrobe and tosses over the small of her back. He unzips his pants and starts to fuck.
Very hard and very fast thrusts. Mommy says, “That’s it, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, fuck Mommy good, that’s how Mommy wants it.” After Son comes, she without turning around says, “Now that’s how I want to be fucked, just fuck me.” Son comes into Mom’s Room. Mom is on the bed, she says, “We’re not the only ones you know. There are plenty of women that would love to fuck their son’s hot bodies and their hard dicks and you know you like fucking me don’t you? You love fucking your Mother don’t you? I bet lots of guys want to but there’s lots of women and guys who are too scared to try it. Now get on top of me and fuck me.” Son does until he creampies her and she tells him to get out.

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My Mom The Porn Star

When you are a Grade 12 student….and your Mom is a Porn Star….life is strange!!! This 18 year old boy, Conor has an “unusual” relationship with his Mommie!!! Mom can’t seem to get enough cock at work….so she ravishes her Son’s giant cock every chance she gets!!! Mom just loves to be Pounded by her own Son’s Huge cock!! Included here are full versions of all 4 Episodes of “My Mom The Porn Star”!!!!

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Horny Mom just wants to get fucked!

Corey Chase is a horny stepmom who just wants to get fucked. Her stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, is a curious teen who has always been attracted to Ms. Chase. Khloe has her boyfriend Van Wylde over to study for their college mid-terms, but Khloe just wants to suck and fuck some cock! Van Wylde’s hesitant to give into his slutty girlfriend–especially with her stepmom being home! Looking for a study break, Khloe leaves her boyfriend to the textbooks. When Khloe gets caught watching Corey masturbate in the shower, she runs back to her boyfriend, Van Wylde. Only, Ms. Chase wants Khloe all to herself—but will she learn to share? Or has Van lost his chance at not just plowing one dripping wet pussy, but two?

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Mom Goodnight Kiss

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