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Blackmailing Cousin Mia

I found out this piece of trash of my cousin Mia has been cheating on my buddy. I figured, I’m going to tell him anyways…so I mind as well get a piece of that ass too! She gave me all sorts of attitude until she saw that I had proof…then I was balls deep in that little pussy. She definitely wasn’t happy…but my cousin was a good little girl and kept that little pussy in the air while I wore it out. I eventually blew a fat load from her ass to her shoulder. That should to teach the little whore a lesson!

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Taboo Diaries Mia Loves Her Uncle

Dear Diary

The other day I was working at the massage parlor and something really strange happened. I was giving a massage to a client when he rolled over and shocked me completely. The client turned out to be my uncle and he was there to bust the place. When he found out I gave happy endings for free he wound up getting a full massage instead.
I couldn’t stop thinking about him so when I found out Aunt Sue was leaving for the weekend I decided to make a house call. My Uncle was laying on the couch when I walked in and after making sure my aunt was gone I attacked his cock like a hungry tigress. I sucked and licked his cock and balls til I had to feel his hardness inside me.
I quickly stripped and straddled his cock plunging it into my tight pussy. My uncle squeezed my tiny nipples and sent an orgasmic wave through me. He spanked and teased me while we fucked and he made me cum several times which is why I love older men. When he bent me over doggie style and pounded my pussy it was awesome until he came deep inside me. I kind of freaked out a bit but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the weekend.
Dear Diary
Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better my Uncle slid into bed with me Saturday morning. He teased and fingered my pussy then out of the blue he slapped it and took complete control of me. He facefucked me so hard I cried as my pussy leaked wetness down my leg.
He made me beg for him to fuck me and that really turned me on. I begged til I got it right and me uncle spun me around quickly. He pulled my panties to the side and fucked me hard before grabbing a handful of my hair. We switched positions and he choked me while he fucked me even harder making me cum even harder. I had soo many orgasms I lost count but when my uncle blew his load all over my belly I had my best orgasm ever. I hope my aunt goes out of town more often.

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Father fucking his young prison bitch daughter

It’s been a few days since Dillion has been released from prison. She does not seem like daddy’s little girl anymore. She snaps at everything and always gets her own way. Dad sits down with her and tells her that it’s time she looked for a job. Dillon replies that she has a job.
Pulling off her dads shorts she jerks his cock. He tries to push her away but she grabs him by the neck and tells him that he is now her bitch and that she owns his cock. He is going to cum for her and there is nothing he can do about it.
She sucks his cock holding on to him tightly until he cums in her mouth. With a swallow she leaves the room. Her dad is terrified.

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Mia Isabella and her real life boyfriend

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Mia Isabella

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