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Mother & Son Medical Exam

Alex makes an appointment at his Mother’s medical clinic for his physical to play football. Doctor Williams is supposed to be doing it but is out sick today. Luckily his Mother has no problem giving her son the very thorough exam he needs…

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Mom’s Medical Exam

I love my Mom so much, but I hardly ever see her anymore. Since she started working at the hospital she’s hardly ever home. When she got back from work the other day I decided to have a talk with her. I told my Mom I wanted to be a doctor just like her, so we could spend more time together. Mom said I could do that, but I have to go to school for a really long time. And Mom told me she’s a nurse, not a doctor. I told my Mom I wanted to be a Doctor now, so we could be together. Mom said its going to take awhile before I’m a real doctor, but she could start teaching me some things now — as long as we kept it a secret. My Mom said we would start with anatomy. She explained what her breasts are, the parts of her vagina, and even how my penis works! I guess my Mom could tell that Dad didn’t really explain sex very well to me, so she said I needed to learn about that too. Sex felt kinda strange at first, then it felt really good. Before I knew it, I shot all this white gooy stuff inside my Mom’s vagina. Mom said that it was normal, its how girls get pregnant. Mom said I learned a lot for my first lesson, but that there’s plenty more she has to teach me. My Mom is so awesome, I can’t wait to be a real Doctor!!!

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This is some fucked-up medical treatment

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