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My Stepsister Likes To Watch and Fuck

Summer Brooks is a naughty stepsister. One night, she heard some noise coming from her stepbrothers bedroom and she went to investigate. She found her brother fucking his girlfriend hard and making her moan. She knew she shouldnt watch but she couldnt help herself, so she hid in the doorway and started rubbing herself through her panties.Shes so turned on watching him fuck that she sneaks off and hides in the bathroom where she can play with herself in peace…
That comes to a head when her stepbrother walks in and catches her. She tells him that she was watching him fuck and it really turned her on. I saw you watching me he admits, wrapping his towel around his waist and sitting on the counter in front of her. Her eyes fix on his crotch, hoping to catch a glimpse of his cock. Can you go again? she asks. He shows her exactly how much more he can go, fucking his stepsisters mouth before taking her from behind. They make their way back to her bedroom and he fucks her hard, making sure his girlfriend sitting in the other room, doesnt catch them.

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My Sister Likes Her Pussy Threaded Rough

vIt`s a weird feeling when your legs start shaking right after you pussy gives you a pulsating orgasm that flows through your whole body. It leaves …

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Mommy likes a load on her

Tiffany’s top notch mommy performance 🙂 The facial in the end is best!
You are coming out of the shower and catch me spying on you. You decided its about time to talk to me about ‘the birds n the bees’. You see I am getting turned on by this conversation and decided to show me……. elements of blowjob, riding me, doggy style and then finishing with a facial

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My Family Gives Into Temptation

I have been away in the peace corps for awhile and I’m finally home to enjoy some quality time with my family. I get a good workout in with my little sister but she’s really touchy afterward. I decide to hit the showers but she follows me in? Oh MY fucking GOD, she wants to wash my back. It’s getting weird. She touches me all over and says that I’m hot and shouldn’t be shy. She touches my cock and I just can’t say no. I love feeling her tight, wet pussy with my fingers. She wants me to fuck her from behind in the shower?? I plunge into her deep twat with everything I have. We go to the bed and I pound her until she cums all over my cock. OH, NO! My MOM CAUGHT US FUCKING!!!??? What will we do now??

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My Dad Likes My Bush

Hey dad! What’s up?
Oh hey sweetie, I’m just reading. What are you doing?
That book is so old!! Come on, let’s go do something fun!
Like what? Do you want to go to the movies or something?
Umm.. I don’t know, I was thinking of something like what we did last night…
Sweetie, I keep telling you, we can’t do this…
But why not? I don’t see what the big deal is!
Because it’s just wrong, you exposed yourself to me last night and I told you that was enough.
Well I want you to know that I saw your browser history
You saw my what??
Your history on your laptop, I saw all those naughty websites you were on.. I know that you’re into girls with bushes.. and I want to show you mine!
You’re not supposed to be doing that!
Too late, I already saw.. Just take a quick peek! Look at my bush! It’s not that serious, I know mom has a bush too..
No I shouldn’t be doing this… How did it take you to grow that out?
Not long, a few weeks.. Do you like it dad?
I do… But your mother can never find out about this!
The past few days with my daughter have been strange.. First she tries to get in the shower with me, and the next day she’s pulling her pants down to show me her bush! I must have left my laptop open and she snooped around my browser history and found all of the porn I’ve watched.. I do admit to having a thing for a woman with a thick bush above her crotch. And when my daughter showed me hers, I couldn’t look away. She grew it out just for me to enjoy! I rub my throbbing cock through her pubic hair and give my daughter exactly what she wants and cum right on her womanly mane!

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Brunette Daughter likes fuck with Daddy

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My Sister Likes It Rough

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Duration: 00:34:05
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Boyfriend Likes My Brother’s Cock

You’re my boyfriend & I want to give you a handjob but you’re nervous. I explain that it’s really not a big deal… I do it to my brother all the time. Here, I’ll show you. I call my brother in, and he lets me stroke his cock in front of you. I demonstrate what a handjob looks like, and you’re confused about what’s going on but also aroused. At first I think that you’re turned on by the thought of me touching your cock, and you think that’s why you’re aroused too. But pretty soon it’s clear that you’re rock hard because of my brother’s enormous dick. He shows it off for you, and I ask if you want his cock. The look on your face says you do. I ask if you want to see his cock in action, then my brother & I have sex in front of you. You’re more & more turned on with each thrust of his beautiful, shiny cock.
It’s ok if you’re bi. That explains why you can’t always get hard for me. I’m not offended because I know I’m hot. Or maybe you’re completely gay? It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone at school. We can still be friends, and I’ll even pretend to be your girlfriend so no one at school will suspect you’re a faggot. Now open wide & take my brother’s cock. See how much of his cum you can catch in your mouth.

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Duration: 00:13:38
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Daddy Likes Watching

Dear Diary,
I’m just a normal young girl I suppose, even though my hormones seem to be excessive. Most of the time when I’m home alone I can’t help but please myself. About a week ago I got the feeling someone was watching me and it turned me on a lot more than normal. I played with my pussy harder than ever before and it was so intense. The next time I played with myself I got the same feeling and I’m pretty sure I caught Daddy peeping.Yesterday I was in my room masturbating again and I knew I was being watched so I really put on a show. I began to fantasize that it was Daddys cock making me cum and soon I was blissfully calling his name. Before I knew it Daddy was in my room making my every fantasy cum true. Everything was better than I had ever imagined until Daddy got to excited and lost it inside me. I hope I can get a morning after pill or something, I just can’t get pregnant at my age.
Xo Piper

Dear Diary
It’s getting so overwhelming lately, I’m even skipping school to spend time with Daddy. The other day after breakfast I couldn’t contain myself any longer and as soon as mom was gone I dropped to my knees. Daddy and I got so intense we were all over the kitchen, He even picked me up and held me for a hot 69. After Daddy made me cum a few times I dropped to my knees again and finished him off all over my tits. At least I can’t get pregnant that way.

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Duration: 00:38:15
File type: MP4

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Stepmom Likes It Rough

Levi Cash’s stepmom Diamond Foxxx has needs: she wants to get fucked rough and hard by her husband but unfortunately for her he is only interested in soft wimpy lovemaking. Luckily for Diamond, Levi is more than willing to give her the savage fucking she so desperately craves.

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