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Family Therapy – Learns to Loosen Up

Mrs. Nice is forced to make a difficult decision when she comes home early from work and finds her best friend in bed with her son….

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Little Brother Learns to Have Fun

The beach was so much fun. We played volleyball, and these really hot guys bought us drinks… Sorry, it was just really fun. Oh yeah I’m sure your depression nap was awesome too… Well maybe if you came out with me and my friends once in a while, you’d have a girlfriend by now. I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be very hard for me to teach you how to have a good time… Okay fine, I promise I’ll leave you alone if you give me a massage for a minute….

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Weird Little Brother Learns to Loosen Up

No, I need to use the bathroom, you can get out. What’s wrong with you? Just relax I’ll be done in a minute… You’re so gay, did you do anything tonight? Yeah, I didn’t think so… Why do you
have to be such a loser all the time? I’m not being mean, I’m just saying you could hang out with me sometime and I could show you how to have some fun… Why are you staring at my boobs? Why
don’t you touch them? Stop acting like you don’t want to… You’re just lucky you have such a cool big sister that wants to help you….

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Sister learns to trust her older brother

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Flirty sister learns a lesson

I have a huge crush on my brother and tonight since Mom and Dad are gone I decide to tease and seduce my brother until he gives in. Im dressed in my sexiest silk pajamas ready to play. Jack comes home and I pretend to give a about his class, asking him questions but making sure to bend over giving him good looks at my ass and tits. ‘Would you like some breasts for dinner?’ Soon enough I have him stumbling over words. He keeps trying to resist so I remind him that he has promised to teach me how to play golf and bring in a gold club. Jack is somewhat relieved thinking I’ve given up on whatever I was trying to do… Not! I back my ass and rub on his crotch. “is this position ok” ? ‘Um, yeah but its getting very hard for my Brother to resist now that he has a noticeable boner. This continues and now my brother is getting frustrated and starts grabbing at me.. ‘Hey, what are you doing Jack!? ‘What do you think Im doing?” I protest that we are brother and sister and he needs to stop. He laughs and pushes me against the table..”I know exactly what i am doing. You have been teasing me for a while now you will learn your lesson”

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Daughter Learns the Hard Way

Scene 1: Claiming Raylin
Daughter is in the kitchen at the sink. Wearing an over-sized bathrobe, nothing underneath, no shoes. Dad comes in dressed for work. Another day has gone by after graduation and Daughter has not applied for school or looked for a job. She is comfortable walking around nude around the house. Dad has grown tired of his lazy daughter and decides to claim her maturity. He grabs her tits and kisses her on the mouth. Daughter is startled as he spins her around and bends her over the dinner table. He pulls down his pants and begins to teach daughter a lesson she will never forget. He yanks off her robe as she tries to crawl away. He covers her mouth, finishes inside of her…

Scene 2: Waiting
Daughter mixes herself a drink but when her back is turned her Dad slips something in it. She drinks it but soon complain of feeling sleepy and goes to her bedroom. After a few minutes Dad follows her and discovers daughter still fully dressed. He undresses her and touches her limp body. He begins to masturbate and rubs his cock on her lips. Just then she wakes up. He sucks her tits and rubs his dick all over her face. He talks dirty during this, “Take it, take my dick in your cunt. You like my dick Raylin? You fucking whore. You like it in your tight pussy?”

Scene 3: Tool Shed
Daughter is on the couch in a skirt and tight top and Dad is on top of her. Daughter is very uncomfortable asking why Dad is doing this. Dad says, “Take it, take it. You fuck every other guy in town. Why can’t I get some of that pussy?” He rips your blouse open exposing your breasts and lifts up your skirt and rips off your panties, he unzips his jeans and fucks daughter until he comes into her mouth.

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Renee Learns to be Daddy’s Special Girl

Renee – Movie Night with Daddy – Renee wants to give daddy a kiss goodnight before she gets ready for bed, but she interrupts him watching “movies’ on his computer. “Those girls look like their may age daddy!” Renee exclaims. Daddy explains the girls are old enough to do what they are doing, and Renee asks if he likes what the girls are doing. Daddy explains that he likes it and the girls are having a lot of fun too, and starts showing her how to do what the girls are doing. “Is this ok daddy?” Renee asks nervously. She is excited but she really wants to make her daddy happy
Renee – Daddy Don’t Leave! – Renee’s daddy is leaving. He explains that her mom just doesn’t do the things he needs, but Renee refuses to let him go, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her daddy to stay. Things even her mom won’t do
Renee – Natural Curiosity – Things have happened that have made Renee so curious and she sneaks in to watch her daddy in the shower, watching him makes her want to touch herself. Dad sees her, and first he is shocked, but he calls her in and explains her curiosity is totally natural.

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Jade Learns Self Defense From Her Daddy

Jade’s daddy wants to make sure she can handle herself and is teaching her how to fight and protect herself. A couple of accidental touches when he show’s her how to “hit where it counts” and then a few more compromising positions begins to create tension. Jade wants to ow what to do if an attacker gets on top of her, daddy explains she needs to use her hips to wiggle free while biting and clawing but when Jade gets too intense, digging her nails into daddy’s back, biting his neck and grinding her hips her dad pushes away, embarrassed by his impossible to hide hard-on. Jade’s tights are soaked at the crotch and her dad tries to say it doesn’t mean anything, that they should take a break, but with smoldering eyes Jade peels off her tights and jumps on her dad, kissing, biting, clawing biting, tearing off his shorts. Over and over her dad tries to get her to stop, but she is wild and pulls his cock into her. They fuck with wild intensity showing how long this has been building .

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