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Mother’s Good Morning Kiss

Baby, wake up. No, it’s not time for school, it’s Saturday… I just thought maybe we could spend some time together.. You’re Father’s gone on his business trip and it’s just us again… Mommy can’t stop thinking about what we did last time and how good it felt… Would you like to do that again baby?…

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Mom Goodnight Kiss

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Goth Mommy’s Goodnight Kiss

Baby, not tonight… We have an early day tomorrow. Mommy needs to get her beauty sleep… Your’e not going to leave Mommy alone are you? Alright son, Mommy will give you your goodnight kiss, but then it’s right to bed…

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New Year’s Kiss With Mom

You bailed on a hotel suite in the city with some friends and your girlfriend for New Year’s to help your mother out with her annual New Year’s Bash. A bunch of loud, tipsy middle aged men and women talking about skiing and time shares – no thank you. Especially when it comes to your mom’s divorcee friends, who can get a little handsy after the champagne starts flowing. When it comes time for the countdown, you hide out in the bathroom, convinced one of these women is gonna try to get a kiss at midnite. You’re waiting, leaning against the wall when your mother bursts into the bathroom. She’s definitely had a lot this evening – she’s slurring her words, stumbling as she chats with you, telling you how much she appreciates you missing out on your night with your girlfriend…
She seems a little flirty – no big deal, she gets that way when she’s really gone, even if you are her son – but she surprises even you when she leans forward and asks if you’ll give her a kiss on the countdown. You say yes, trying not to make a big deal out of it – it’s just your mom, you kiss her all the time! But the kiss she gives you…well, it isn’t just a peck. She moans into your mouth. It makes your cock stir in your pants. And she knows it. Her voicy is breathy and there’s a flush across her cheeks. She’s horny. You can tell. Your own mother. And you’re entertaining the idea. You’ve had a little champagne, she’s likely to not remember a thing in the morning…so you go with it, when she starts to rub your chest, moving her hand down to your crotch. You go with it, when she gets on her knees, pulling your cock out and deepthroating like a pornstar. You’re too far gone now, you watch as your mother backs up onto your dick, riding your cock before pulling off and stroking your throbbing cock off onto her face.

Happy New Year, son.

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Little Daughter Gets a GoodNight Kiss like NONE she has EVER gotten

Most often Claire’s Daddy will come into her room and kiss her goodnight, tuck her into bed, however, since Claire’s mom ran off with her high school boyfriend and left Claire and her Daddy to fend for themselves, Daddy has been feeling very lonely and has been unable to fend off his devious, taboo thoughts and desires to take his young clarie the way he use to take her Mother…… As he enters young Claire’s room, she is working on her crafts for her school project…..Daddy sits beside her and tells her he loves her….as Claires asks what’s wrong, Daddy saddens even deeper until Claire insists he tells her what is wrong….. Daddy explains he is just LONEly since having mommy leave them and that he just needs a woman to help him get over the loss of Claire’s mom in such a MEAN way…. Claire agrees to lay with her daddy although she feels it is a little awkward for such a strange request from her Daddy… As they lay there, Claire begins to notice a bulge in her back and then her daddy begins to grind against her…..she protests, asks him what he is doing and then its ON…Daddy realizes that there is NO TURNING BACK…..what follows will BLOW your mind….and Daddy BLOWS in tiny claire’s mouth too….just like he did with her Mommy : ) DONT miss this HOT TABOO Scene : )

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