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Incest Threesome Brother fuck two hots Sisters

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Incest Threesome

Sometimes it takes a mature woman to show these young men and girls the way! Even more Jodi West as you have always wanted her. Packed full with your favorite scenes!

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Adriana Chechik and Kissa Sins in Incest Video

We need to hide screens but you can believe us when we say this is amazing Incest video that you should definitely download!

I’m just an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams; it’s my dream to control the minds of two gorgeous babes. Imagine being a real life superhero with the power to train women to do whatever you’d like them to do, whatever sex position, and begging for you, desperate for you to kiss them, to pump them full of your cum. Don’t scoff at me, it’s something I could teach you, if you wanted to learn. It’s got to be every boy’s fantasy!
I’m at my girlfriend’s house right now, Adriana, and she’s serving me a drink while her sister, Kissa, rubs my feel and is practically burning a hole through my jeans starting at my crotch. The two girls can go in and out ofever since that epic day where I trained them to come in and out with a snap of my fingers. They get along really well now, but that wasn’t always the case.
Kissa used to shamelessly flirt with me and it drove Adriana mad. They were always fighting about it. The Chechik sisters are the hottest sisters in my town, and I’ve got to be honest with you, it makes me feel pimp to have these two babes lusting after me. Kissa used to say to me, “you’re such a good friend,” meanwhile her breasts are pressed up against my chest tightly with her “friendly” hug, just like clockwork, Adriana would corner her in the bedroom and they’d be yelling and sometimes wrestling each other! It’s the hottest thing, and I’d crouch down and watch through the keyhole, until I saw Kissa hold the pillow over Adriana’s head a little too tight. Adriana’s hands and legs were flailing around, I was scared for her! I came in and broke it up.
I told them about my mind control therapy and how it could make the girls see each other’s points of view. “Imagine loving each other as sisters again?” They totally bought it, hook, line, and sinker. I had a lump in my throat the size of a plum, so worried that the process wouldn’t take, but it did, oh yes.. watch and see the story unfold. You’ve got to see it, to believe it.

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Little Girl’s Gift – Incest Family

I’ve been waiting for you Daddy… I thought about you all day. You know I love taking you in my little mouth, it always makes me so happy to taste you… But I thought we could do something special today Daddy… I want to give you my little pussy… Yes Daddy I’m ready. I know you’re very big, but I’ve been practicing. Please put it inside me Daddy….Starring Hailey Little
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First Camshow Live Incest

This was a completely random impromptu thing that was supposed to be a simple handjob and turned into us doing a CrazyTicket show and fucking for the first time lol Somewhere in the middle we got some cameras set up and were able to record the good stuff. It starts off with Brother teasing me with his fingers and his tongue. And then he fucks me good in 3 different positions before cumming all over my pussy! Normally it’s weird for me to edit my own videos, but this one had me hot and bothered and wanting him to fuck me all over again! Jett and I really enjoyed working with each other and have plans to work together again in the future.
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Funny Farm Incest Threesome

Michelle and her Family have a certain way of doing things down on the Farm! Her two young Sons, Jimmy & Johnny have chores they need to do every week to keep the Farm going….and rather than pay the boys an “allowance”….which is just not in the Family Budget…..Michelle gives the boys “special rewards” for doing their chores. Today, Jimmy & Johnny are working outside on the Farm…..Johnny is mowing the grass….and Jimmy is doing the trimming. Mom brings both boys a nice, cold glass of water…..and then offers to give them “reward” for their hard work. Mom bends down and starts to Suck both her Son’s cocks. The boys stand and enjoy the cock sucking from Mom. Johnny reminds Mom that he also painted the fence that morning….which should entitle him to “extra reward”. Mom removes a cock from her mouth long enough to tell Johnny that she agrees with him. Mom tells Jimmy to go ahead and cum in Mom’s mouth….after which she will take Johnny to the wood shed for extra reward. Jimmy obediently ejaculates in his Mother’s mouth….then Mom takes Johnny by the hand to the wood shed…removes her shorts….and lets young Johnny have a good poke at her!!! Johnny pounds away at his Mother until he unloads all over her!!! Life down on the Farm…
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Brother/Sister Afterparty Amateur Incest

A sister comes home late from her night out very eager to tell her brother all about it….

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Jodi West Best Incest Scenes

Scene 1 – Jodi West and Johnny Castle
Scene 2 – Jodi West Gives in to Her Desires and Fucks her Stepson
Scene 3 – Jodi West Gives a Handjob in the Rain
Scene 4 – Cherie DeVille Saves Jodi West
Scene 5 – Step Son Helps MILF StepMom Jodi Mourn
Scene 6 – Jodi Blows Her Stepson Before His Big Date
Scene 7 – Blonde MILF Jodi West Sucks and Fucks a Younger Studs Cock

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Incest story

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Pages: 72

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Rough Mom/Son Incest Fuck

Mom told me that I should get a job if I am going to keep living with her. Well, I did that, and now she wants me to do chores. That woman is always on my nuts, she ought to thank me for living with her, she’d never have anyone to talk to if it wasn’t for me. She works, comes home, takes a long hot bath, reads a book or watches her stories, and goes to bed. I’m her excitement. She needs me. Hell, if I’m going to be totally honest with you, I need her.
I get out of bed, take a piss, my head is banging from drinking too much. I’m looking forward to coming downstairs and seeing my beautiful mother with her apron on and my breakfast on the table. I’ll be goddamned if that woman was sitting on her lazy ass reading a book. I didn’t complain or anything, I simply asked, “Can I have a breakfast sandwich, some red potatoes, coffee, and a couple of aspirins.” She wanted to talk to me about her ideas for our new living arrangement. I was looking at my mom furrow her brow and wondering if she does that when she sucks a dick, I used to have a girlfriend who furrowed her brow like that when she gagged deep. Mom snapped me out of my day dream and told me that I misbehave because she was too soft on me as a little one. She told me, “your aunties told me to spank you, but I never believed in violence.” I exhaled deeply, quietly, I know my mother, she just needs to run her mouth a little, while I nod after every other sentence, then she’ll get in the kitchen. Lord, I am so hungry.
The next thing I know she is asking me to bend over. That I will take my spanking in advance. I sh.it you not, that is what she said, “bend over, you’re going to take one in advance.” I grabbed the phone to call the police. This is domestic violence, I don’t care that I’m a guy, law enforcement doesn’t take this fuckery lightly. She hooked me with her right .
The force of the blow was so intense I fell over the coffee table. She almost broke my jaw AND my cell phone. I looked up at her and blocked her next hit. She’s totally lost it! She grabbed me by my hair and slammed my face into the table. I was disoriented, I looked at her with blurry eyes and stammered, “I.. would never hit a woman,” then she drew back her with the strength of a mother gorilla and I let my instinct take over.

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