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Granddaughter natural tits and Grandpa

Daddy’s girl feels so dirty being used on Halloween she asks to get the vibrator out, damn she looks so fine as she cum’s and cum’s in those stockings ‘Dirty Daddy’ just has to have her again.

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Grandpa Sees Grandkids Being Naughty

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18yr old little girl fucking her grandpa!

Dear Journal,
So we went on a family vacation with Grandpa last week and I had an AAAmazing time. It all started when I was hanging in Grandpas room trying to avoid my cousins. While gramps was in the shower I came across the hotel porn channel and figured I’d sneak in a quick orgasm. One led to 2 and before I knew it Grandpa walked in on me. I was a bit embarrassed already then gramps threatened to tell dad and something in me snapped.
I grabbed Grandpas cock through his towel and before he could protest I started sucking it. Once Grandpas big cock was in my tiny mouth he was putty in my hands.
I rode him on the couch to get off but I needed more so we moved to the bedroom.
Grandpa really knows what hes doing in bed and has tons of stamina for being 74. I don’t know how many positions we fucked in but I came in every one. Grandpa bent me over on the bed at he end and sure enough he came deep in me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I wasn’t on the pill. Besides how fertile can his old sperm be? On the plus side I’m Grandpas favorite now and he’s loaded.

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Grandpa cumming inside his granddaughters

Cousins Bailey Paige and Hope Harper end up having to share a room at grandpas one weekend.
Curious girls will be curious girls and soon they decide to cross the taboo line.
They touch each other’s young, tender bodies, and fill each other’s mouths with their wet tongues.
Things get really hot and then grandpa stumbles in.
He’s shocked to catch the young girls in each other’s arms but it’s what happens next that will shock you!
Before you know it they’re all more than kissin cousins!

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I Propositioned Grandpa

Dear Diary,
After finding out what Grandpas been doing with my sisters I figured out just how to get my business going and compete with dad. I went to grandpas for the weekend and joined him right after he made 100k in the stock market. Seeing how good his mood was I put my plan in action.
Grandpa was resistant at first but my skilled hands soon made him putty. I sucked Grandpas cock to show how serious I was and inevitably we wound up fucking. Turns out that even at his age Gramps can still cum so getting my money should be easier if I wind up preggo.

Dear Diary,
After grandpa creampied me I wanted to be sure he was hooked so I went to his room and started sucking his cock. I rode his big cock for a bit getting him really hot. Grandpa started fucking me and moved me into a few hot positions before blowing his load all over my face and mouth. Suckering gramps was waay too easy, much easier than Daddy.
Xo Camille

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Grandpa Fucked My Sisters Ass

Dear Diary,
You’re never going to believe this. I found my sister Annas diary the other day and started reading it. After finding out about what shes doing with the family I found out shes fucking Grandpa just like I am. Aparently she wanted the new car pretty bad because she let him fuck her ass too. According to her diary she really liked it too. I may have to visit Grandpa soon and get my car paid for too.
Xo Audrey

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Fuck My Ass Grandpa

Dear Diary,
Since I started fucking Grandpa I’ve been imagining his cock in my tight little ass. The other night he was still hard after he came in me (gotta love Viagra) so I asked him to fuck my ass. He lid his big cock in slowly letting my asshole stretch. Once I was ready though Grandpa really fucked my ass good. I even came a few times before Grandpa pulled me to the side of the bed and came in my waiting mouth. I sucked him clean then we curled up on the bed for the night.

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Give It To Me Grandpa

Dear Diary,
After the first time with Grandpa I decided to sweeten the pot and seal the deal even further. I went into his room later that night and we started messing around again. Grandpa made me cum with my hitachi a few times then he went down on me.
He’s so experienced with his tongue that I was ready for his cock quickly. I rode him for awhile then Grandpa took control. He fucked me soo good I lost track of how many times I came. Grandpa must have been pretty excied too since he forgot to pull out when he came. I hope I won’t get pregnant before I get to Europe.

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Grandpa fucking his slutty teen granddaughter

Meet The Jizzwalls: Mark is a retired SEO consultant who spends lots of quality time with his daughters. Russell is the only son and has developed a very special bond with his sister Kate. Kate is an aspiring model who is very close with the men in the family. Hope has Daddy wrapped around her finger and other parts of her anatomy. Gramps still chases younger women like he’s 18. With his vast wealth it’s no wonder all his granddaughters fall for his charms. When young Hope uses her “talents” to encourage Daddy to take the family on a vacation you know he can’t refuse! This naughty girl knows just how to get what she wants from her father and promises she won’t let him cum until she gets her way! Of course she wins, and this sets in motion a series of unbelievable taboo sex acts that will leave you shocked but rock hard! Sister Kate takes turns with Daddy and her brother, but that’s not enough for her – she needs Grandpa’s big dick in her ass too! And while it’s a great way to go, Grandpa can’t handle the thrill and collapses in bed. It’s up to Hope to comfort the whole family in her special way, but Daddy looks to relieve his sorrow in the babysitter’s ass! This is one family vacation no one will ever forget!

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Anna Wants Her Grandpa Inside Her

Dear Diary,

Mom & Dad let me spend a little time at Grandpa’s house over the weekend. While I was there I kind of decided that I wanted a nice new car just like Uncle Phil’s hot rod! I figured I would maybe try to hit Grandpa up for the money for it since he has all that retirement money and nothing to spend it on. Well, one thing lead to another and somehow me asking Grandpa for the money for my new car lead to him and I having sex right there in his living room! Everything happened so fast but it felt so good I couldn’t complain until Grandpa came … INSIDE OF ME! Looks like I made at least the down payment!

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