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Falling for Mommy

Back Story – Andi is in dept up to her lovely natural DDD breasts and owes many creditors. Her Son Luke has acquired her debts but she must pay him back with sex and blowjobs anytime he wants. She hates this arrangement and is willing to do anything to break her contract, including seducing her grandson Nicky to do something terrible…

Scene One: Grandma Has a Secret
The summer rainy season came early this year. Andi was trying to tan but the weather turned nasty. She walks in the house only wearing a robe and a need to rub some lotion on her body. Andi hears Nicky walking in his room and calls him over. She sweetly asks her Grandson to rub lotion all over her body and drops her robe a bit. Nicky begins to massage and rub in the lotion. Andi looks back and begins the the seduction…Just as Nicky goes too low for a family member to lotion, Andi tries to tell him a secret but Dad walks in and pulls Nonna away. Nicky is left with a look of shock and follows behind to see where everyone went.
He works up the nerve to look thru the crack of the open door and sees his Father fucking his Nonna. Andi is taking the dick from behind and looks over to see Nicky staring back. Dad finishes and walks into the Bathroom…Nicky cannot believe what he has just seen…Andi is left crying on the bed and all Nicky can do is walk away with his mouth open in disbelief…

Scene Two: Morning after
Stressed and confused Nicky’s in his room trying to figure out what the fuck he just saw. His grandmother comes in to check on him and talk to him about it. There’s only one way she knows how to fix things. Andi opens up her robe to her curious grandson and lets him see her body. Seeing his dick push against his sheets she reaches down and touches his strong legs and big cock. Just then his dad calls for her to make breakfast and she leaves him even more confused than before. “I’ve been waiting for you to come home” Andi says, on her grandson’s bed with her body exposed and her legs open she touches herself. Calling him over she pulls down his pants and makes him do as he’s told. He’s not sure what to think as she strokes and sucks him until he’s hard. Guiding him on top of her she moans as his young cock makes her feel sexy again.

Scene Three: Dad is out
That weekend the family goes out to the park. When they get back home Andi prepares a very special lemonade for her son and lets him get the rest he needs. Now that Luke is sleeping peacefully on the couch she brings her grandson into the living room. After being blackmailed by her son for so long it’s empowering for her to take control again. A ultimate act of revenge to fuck her grandson in front of him. Sucking his big cock and taking control of his inexperience to use him. She fucks him everywhere on the couch until they’re both soaked in sweat and lust. Making him shoot his big load of cum all over her tits and making her feel like a sexy slut for the first time in years.

Scene Four: Secrets revealed
Morning coffee in hand dad heads out to work unknowingly leaving his son and mother to make out in the kitchen. They waste no time striping each other giving into their pent up lust. Moaning and touching Nicky licks his grandmother’s pussy and makes her shudder with pleasure. “Oh fuck” She moans from deep inside her body as he bends her over the counter and rams his dick inside her. Now with a little more confidence he fucks her better than ever before. “I want you to fucking cum in your Nonna’s cunt!” She screams and tightens down on him milking him inside her. “I love fucking you” She whispers to him catching her breath. Now that she has him under her control she reveals her plan, use him to end her son and break her blackmail….

Scene Five: Double crossed
A few days later and Nicky has his dad tied up in the living room. He calls his grandmother in so she can finish the job. Just in case he gets cold feet Andi has dressed in her favorite lingerie. She hopes that the thought of fucking her will strengthen her grandson’s resolve. Andi take the in her hands and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. Luke’s hands come out from behind his back and he takes the away from her. She’s been double crossed! Now at the mercy of her cruel son and her devious grandson she’s groped and thrown to the ground. “I trusted you” She yells at her grandson as he takes out his dick and thrusts it into her mouth. They double team her, fucking her mouth and pussy until she’s a quivering mess of humiliation and shame. Will this nightmare of control and use ever end for her? Thoroughly fucked and violated they cum on her face and make her ashamed. “How could you do this to me?” She asks as cum drips down her chin.

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Grandma Gives Lessons and Mom Helps

Mom and Grandma are concerned for Mike who they don’t believe is doing the deed yet with girls. Payton keeps finding new unused condom wrappers in in her sons jeans. She consults her mother, the boy’s grandma and well what a surprise solution this nasty grandma has! She explains how she had to nudge Paytons brother along as well. So the two women take in upon themselves to school Mike about sex!

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Get Ready For Grandma

I was just about to leave to go hang out with my boys and pick up some hot chicks, when my mom came home in a panic. WTF! She told me that I had to stay home and help her clean the house because grandma was coming over. Damn, there goes my plans! I went in the kitchen to get a drink and my mom came in wearing her tight yoga pants and a white tank top with no bra. Damn! My mom is so fine! She bent over the counter to show me what to do, although I was not paying attention, I could not stop staring at her big round ass. She barked a bunch of orders at me and then ran out of the kitchen. I followed after her, because I needed another look. Holy ! I found her cleaning the windows with her breast up against the window and her shirt was wet. Damn, she caught me. I found her again bent over and again wet in the shower. I was so hot and hard from seeing her that I could not focus on cleaning. She came into the kitchen and found me on a ladder and she confronted me about spying on her. She saw my hard on and grabbed it. I tried to brush her off but she pulled down my shorts and put it in her mouth. WTF! She starting sucking my cock and the next thing I know I am fucking her! We were so hot for each other that I gave her a facial and then we heard a knock at the door. Damn! Its grandma!

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Fucking grandma

Chris stops by to see his Grandma Sally D’angelo. He’s always had naughty crush on her and he jacks off frequently thinking about pounding her pussy, he goes into the guest room, and just seeing her he has to relieve himself in the bathroom, unfortunately for Chris he grabs a bottle of GLUE (thinking it was lube) and applied it to his cock and starts whacking away until the glue starts to set and by that time it’s too late, naked with a hand now stuck to his boner and his Grandma coming down the hallway, what else is there to do but hide in the bathroom , soon Sally demands he opens the door and surprise there is the grandson with his hand stuck on his hard cock and granny getting mighty horny…

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Forcing Grandma To Fuck Her Grandson

Home Invasion”Granny Loves Pie, Especially Her Grandson’s Cream Pie” Sally D’angelo and her Grandson are having a nice quiet visit (Sally’s husband & Grandfather) had just passed away recently , and the grandson is just making sure all is well and if there is anything she needs to have done etc , when all of the sudden there is a knock at the door and things turn ugly quickly , an armed intruder has shown up to loot Sally knowing she’s alone now, but there is no money or jewels to be found, so he decides to play an evil game for his entertainment, he’s decided to make the grandson FUCK granny , makes her do a strip, suck his young virgin cock, and then fuck the young guy until he explodes in her pussy, all while he torments, laughs and films them ….but the prank just might be,….. maybe they have always wanted to fuck each other? maybe they get so involved they forget there is an intruder? ” Granny loves pie ,especially her grandson’s cream pie”

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Filling grandma full of cock

Sally D’angelo’s Grandson comes by for the weekend, just before he gets out of bed he decides rub one out real quick. Unfortunately, he bends his dick and yells out loud enough for Grandma to hear it. She investigates (like a good attentive grandma should) and finds him in quite a predicament. Of course she offers her wisdom and experience on how to clear up the problem, one thing leads to another and grandson and grandma are in a HOT FUCK session. So hot that the grandson cums on Grandma twice, he said he’s always wanted to fuck her , so it looks like he will be visiting often.

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Oedipal Complex, Seeding Grandma

Aaron had always felt a forbidden attraction to his grandmother, Jessica. She was a youthful, trim-figured, sweet-natured widow who could most often be seen wearing some pretty summer dress or other. Unfortunately for Aaron, school commitments had kept him from being with her as much as he would have liked. As a young man in the prime of horniness, he often suffered in his frustration. Thus, when he finally got a chance to pay her a visit, he determined to make the most of it. Jessica was delighted on opening the door to see her grandson. She gave him a big, loving hug of welcome, spent some time in catch-up-talk with him, then asked if he would not mind accompanying her up to her room – where she had been trying to find a pair of shoes before he called. Aaron was fine with that. Following his grandmother, he could not help studying her from behind. Her bare calves were sleek and toned; her dress-clad butt made a sexy wiggle. Ascending the stairs, she lifted her hem so that her legs could move more freely. For Aaron, looking up from below, this allowed a great view of her shapely thighs. In his grandmother’s bedroom, his eye-feast continued. Jessica got herself into all sorts of positions as she routed around for her shoes. Sometimes she stretched to check a high shelf; sometimes she got on her hands and knees to look under something. Aaron lost count of the hot flashes of flesh and panty that she accidentally gave him. That same evening, after supper, his grandmother excused herself and went upstairs to take a nap. Or so she said. In truth she was not tired at all. But she WAS feeling extremely horny and in need of some pussy relief. It was her own grandson that had gotten her worked up. She had always thought him a fine, handsome young man. Now her feelings for him were turning sexual. On her bed, she got her tits out and played with the a while. Then she parted her legs, tugged her panty crotch aside, and subjected her pussy to the longest and most intense of pleasing. Eagerly she rubbed the clit, massaged the mound, and fucked her fingers into her depths. Little did she know it, but Aaron had happened by her door while she was right in the middle of her fun. He had come hoping to get another glimpse of her, and had ended up hitting the jackpot. It made him rock hard to see his own grandmother in the throes of ecstasy – so lustful and wanton. Careful not to be heard, he pulled out his cock and started stroking off to the sight of her. Come night, in his room, he was getting himself off again. But, all of a sudden, without knocking, his grandmother entered to ask him something. She now wore a long night-gown. Aaron was deeply embarrassed. Having covered himself up, he tried to make an excuse for his actions. But none came to mind. Instead he told his grandmother the truth of how he was stroking himself because of her. To his surprise, his grandmother did not seem to mind. In fact, she looked amused and aroused. Moving up close to him, she confessed that she had done something similar because of Aaron. This defused all awkwardness between grandson and grandmother disappeared. From that moment on, they knew they had a mutual desire, and they were not afraid or ashamed to fulfill it. Incredible, taboo action followed. First Jessica took hold of her grandson’s cock and gave it a long, expertly sensual handjob. She had not touched such a big stiff piece of man meat for years – especially one so young and charged with virility. Briefly she broke off to lift the front of her nightgown, revealing her body in full-frontal, and inviting Aaron to rub and finger her hungry, exposed pussy. Then she went back to stroking him off until he was as hard could be. When Aaron asked if his grandmother if he could stick his cock in her, she happily agreed – on the proviso that what happened would be their little secret. A moment later, Jessica was poised over her grandson’s lap, easing herself up and down his stiff length, cowgirl-style. The young man groaned at the coming true of his fantasy. His grandmother threw back her head, arched her back, and gasped and sighed with passion. For the longest time she rode him – fucking herself wild. In the intensity of their pleasure, the pair muttered filthy, taboo things to each other. The grandmother begged repeatedly for her grandson to pound her with his big cock while he gripped her hips; the grandson replied – talking of how badly he wanted to flood his grandmother’s hot pussy with his cum. Presently Jessica took off her nightgown. While her now naked body bucked and writhed atop her grandson’s, Aaron got a good look at her pretty, bouncing tits, then reached up fondle them. The pair finished up with an intense fuck in the missionary position. Just as he had hoped, Aaron got to keep his cock in his grandmother as he came. Straining, thrusting, he blasted every last drop of her potent creamy see into her deepest depths. Afterwards, Jessica lay breathless – as happily fucked as she could remember. Several months down the line, Aaron paid another visit to his grandmother. This time there was a difference her appearance. Her once slender waist was now swollen from pregnancy. Both she and Aaron were thrilled at this turn of events. The grandmother had always wanted to have another baybee before her body-clock ran out. Thanks to her own grandson, that wish had come true.

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Not So Basic Yoga With Grandma

Rob believes in the inner harmony, but that requires a healthy, balanced body. Yoga and meditation is one good way to acheive that. Satisfying the sexual needs to remove the tension is another. But who said the two cannot be mixed together? Rob shows his method to grandma Katherin when he strips her out from her spandex attire.

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Grandma give her love

Sally D’Angelo has to help her step grandson out when he takes two erection pills for his date. But when the date cancels he’s left with a problem that grandma know just how to fix.
Poor Brad was supposed to have a date with a major hottie and in anticipation of all the fucking he was going to get to do he took two of his dad’s erectile pills. But four hours later with his date cancelling he has a real problem. He’s had a hardon for nearly four hours and remembering what the commercials say he’s thinking he needs help. Brad goes to see his father but can’t find him. He finds Grandma Sally sitting on the couch watching T.V. and he asks her where his dad is.
Grandma sally tells him that his dad and stepmom have gone shopping and won’t be back for a few hours. When she sees panic in his face she asks him what the problem is. He tells he what he did and that he’s really needing to do something abuts it. Being the loving and lustful grandma she is Sally has him come and sit down beside her and let her see how bad it is. Brad not knowing what else to do, other than perhaps go to the hospital pulls his pants down and shows Sally his raging hardon.
Sally, being the slutty swinger that she is, see a young cock that would be just perfect to make her afternoon so much more exciting. Since she loves her step-grandson so much she tells him that she can help him with his problem and does she ever. She starts by sucking him deep and hard then when she knows he’s gotten into having her help she takes his cock deep in per open pussy and has her young stud grandson fuck her with all his youthful energy. Finally, to alleviate the erection problem she sucks all the cum out of his cock and licking and swallowing every drop.

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