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Giving My Virgin Brother His First Fellatio

You approach your hot older sister, Raquel, who notices you’re back from school pretty early. You explain to your sister that you had a special class today. Today you had a sex education class, and you have some questions. Raquel asks what kind of questions you’d like to ask. She is shocked and appalled when you ask to see her boobs. She slowly strips off her shirt, to her bra.. and is even more grossed out when you ask her to take off her bra too! She’s your sister… she shouldn’t be showing off herself to you! What if Mom and Dad found out about this? You ask to see your sisters ass, and she takes off her pants to show you. You’ve almost seen all of the female anatomy, but your sister still has her panties on. Raquel shrieks as you ask to see her vagina too… But it’s all for education, so she takes them off. You explain to your sister they mentioned blowjobs in Sex Education, and you’ve never had one before! In fact, you’re a virgin! Your sister can’t believe that you’re such a late bloomer. Your sister seems embarrassed, but intrigued, when you ask her for your first blowjob experience. She gets on her knees, and demands that you don’t tell your little friends about this. She takes your cock into her mouth, and slowly starts sucking, and licking the tip. “You’re already going to cum?? Oh no! Is that mom and dad?!” Raquel stops and tells you that if you want to really have your first experience, meet her when Mom and Dad are asleep.. You meet your sister in her room later that night, she’s surprised you even took it seriously! Your sister begins to strip her clothes for you, “This is really, dirty..” Raquel starts to suck your cock, and stroke your shaft up and down. You can’t believe how amazing your sister’s mouth is. Now you’re afraid that no girl will ever be as good as her! She deep throats and sucks until you cum all over her face and hand. “You got it all over my face! What do you mean?! This isn’t happening again!” Your sister seems disgusted… But you are happy with yourself as your cum drips down her face. Finishing your first, and best, blowjob experience.
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Giving Daddy Good Blowjob

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Giving spice to sister dinner

Sister was making dinner when her brother came willing to stuff his cock in pussy

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Daughter giving her virginity to her Father for birthday

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Father giving his 19yr old daughter something to play with

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Giving Daddy Blowjob in Office

Odette misses her daddy so she goes in to his work to visit him. She feels like she hasnt seen him very much lately, especially since her moms new boyfriend has entered the picture. She doesnt like him nearly as much as her daddy. She notices hes been working really hard and asks if theres anything she can do to help him relax. She doesnt like seeing her daddy so stressed out and tired. She starts by rubbing his shoulders to ease the tension and relax him. She knows her mom used to rub his shoulders and his back, and then suck his dick. He is taken aback by this information. This is adult stuff and her mom shouldnt be talking to her about this. But shes old enough now and wants to show him how good she can make him feel. She starts to rub his chest and works her way down to his crotch as she sinks down to her knees. He stops protesting immediately.She removes his pants and puts his dick in her mouth. It starts to harden as she licks and sucks her daddys big cock. She starts really going and then takes her shirt and bra off so her daddy can see her cute little titties. She makes eye contact as she sucks his dick and uses her hand to help until he cums in her mouth and she swallows his load, licking the excess of the tip of his cock and her fingers. She loves the way her daddy tastes.

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Teen girl giving her young pussy to Daddy

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Mother giving her love to son

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Daddy giving creampie to beautiful teen daughter in office

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Giving Mom Anal Stockholm Syndrome

Leena was never satisfied with her status in life. So she engaged in an affair with a rich investment banker, seduced him to marry her after she divorced her first husband. With financial backing for her new man, she railroaded her previous husband during the divorce proceedings. Receiving a bulk of their possessions in addition to full custody of their son. Due to the stress of the divorce and his pre-existing health problems, the dad died shortly after. The son’s hatred for his mum’s and his step dad’s part in his dad’s made him obsessed and somewhat unstable when it came to his thoughts about his current parents. He bottled up his hate for both his current parents for a decade, putting up a front, biding his time, while he secretly dug up dirt on both of them; trying to devise a way to get back at them. He hired multiple PIs during the years to investigate his parents, especially targeting his stepdad to find if he was involved in white collar crime. The investigations didn’t pan out on his stepdad, but revealed two key things about himself and his mum. Firstly, his dad had a trust-fund set up in his name before his for a good amount of money, which could be claimed after the age of 18, thus he could claim it at any moment. The lawyers had contacted him before, but his mum being his guardian and proxy, got the news and kept it to herself all these years. Secondly, his mum had been in many affair with other men during the last couple years. Using these two circumstances he devised a way to finally get back at his mum, and indirectly, at his stepdad.

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