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Corey Chase is a horny stepmom who just wants to get fucked. Her stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, is a curious teen who has always been attracted to Ms. Chase. Khloe has her boyfriend Van Wylde over to study for their college mid-terms, but Khloe just wants to suck and fuck some cock! Van Wylde’s hesitant to give into his slutty girlfriend–especially with her stepmom being home! Looking for a study break, Khloe leaves her boyfriend to the textbooks. When Khloe gets caught watching Corey masturbate in the shower, she runs back to her boyfriend, Van Wylde. Only, Ms. Chase wants Khloe all to herself—but will she learn to share? Or has Van lost his chance at not just plowing one dripping wet pussy, but two?

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Squirting Step-Daughter Punish Fucked

Angel Allwood is a hot busty MILF wth it all: A mansion and a younger boyfriend on the side. It all comes crashing down when her cute little piece of ass step-daughter comes to visit. Angel’s Dominant boyfriend grows tired of playing butler and takes both step-mother and step-daughter on a squirt filled bondage and sex training. From Angel’s brutal take down with rough anal, pussy clamps, a serious belting, and orgasm denial to Zoey’s seduction with the zapper and cattle prod, hot squirting sex, and belt bondage, Seth keeps both these hot blond bitches under tight control. Bringing both blond sluts to heel in the master bedroom, Seth trains his new sex slaves, teaching Zoey to ask her Mommy for each squirting orgasm, training Angel to slurp up his cock after it comes out of her step-daughter’s ass. Using all four hot wet holes for his pleasure, Seth torments his new toys with zippers, candle wax, floggers, and orgasm denial until he is good and ready to serve them a meal of hot cum.
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Logan Lace is so happy her son Jimmy Mac got her pregnant. Just thinking about her son fucking her gets her turned on and she rubs her belly and her pussy. When he comes home on school break she shows him her big belly and tells him he impregnated her. She also tells him how horny she is and he is more than happy to eat her wet pussy. Logan returns the favor by sucking her sons cock until he’s nice and hard. Then he gets on her knees so he can fuck her. Jimmy fucks his pregnant mother then fills her up again with his cum. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Jimmy or Logan? Email us today.)
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Stepsister fucked for a cigarette

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I fucked my Mom at a swingers masquerade party

I’m 25 and a J-man electrician and still living at home. I’m saving bank to move out of mom’s basement. I’m 6’2″, roughly 225 lbs, a decent body if I say so myself. I work out every day. Up at 5, make a fruit smoothie, pump some iron in the basement, have a protein shake on the way to work. As for the cock, a good hard 6.5″ with a very nice girth and a big load when it goes off. I’m the oldest of three, me-25, brother-23 at university, and sister-20 at college

Sarah (not real name), the girlfriend, same age as me, been going out with me for about two years. 5’8″ no idea her weight but I’d say a nice firm body like that, 115/120 lbs. Firm, tight ass, long legs. Beautiful C cup titties that hang just so over a nice six pack. Fuck did I luck out finding her. Looks killer in her tight leggings and sports bra when she does her yoga.

Mom, Caroline (not real name). 46. A nice looking older ladies body. She’s a bit shorter than the gf, so 5’6″ ish, again no idea her weight. But she has a slight older lady tummy, not a bad looking butt and her tits fill a bra nicely. Never really had the hots for her like some of my other friends hot moms. She works as a teacher’s aide working with handicap kids. Has a tattoo, a hummingbird feeding at a flower on her lower left abdomen just at the panty line. I know this because I had seen it a lot as a kid growing up when we would go to the pool to swim as a family less dad as he was usually busy at work. I would go with mom, brother and sister to change in the ladies change room up until I was about 8-9. I have seen her naked a bunch of times. Saw her tits lots and lots of other ladies tits and bushes in the change room. But back then they were different to me not the exciting sexual things they are to me now. She had a very hairy bush back then too and that tat we would see often as she dropped the towel to pull up her panties. We just accepted she had it, I’m sure she told us once all about it, but I can’t remember. Once I started to be old enough to take my brother into the change room, I pretty much stopped seeing her fully naked. She occasionally walked(s) around the house in an old t-shirt and panties in the morning making her breakfast and sipping her coffee watching the morning show till she’s had her shower. Sometimes her panties are lacy, sometimes they’re granny panties, and sometimes they’re sexy cheeky butt showing thong types. Mmm, and I do sneak peeks at her nipples and ass on those mornings

Dad, no real name as he only has a small part here. See mom and dad are divorced. Dad got caught with his cock in the proverbial secretaries’ cookie jar just over a year ago. He left the house, or mom had his shit packed and moved out once the stuff hit the fan. Guess that’s why he was always busy at work!

Greg, mom’s new boyfriend. Over 50, I think. Grey hair. A widower, lost his wife in a car accident or something. I’ve met him twice, so can’t early describe him. Mom says they met at the dog park one afternoon when their dogs got tangled up. They just started talking dogs, then they noticed each other more often at the park. He asked her out one night. One morning after a few dates with Greg she was all happy and cheery and just full of life!. “Good morning Steve, hope you had a good sleep last night” with a twinkle in her eye. I’m guessing she got some last night. One day a few weeks later I booked off early from work and headed home. Greg’s truck and mom’s car were parked outside, odd for this time of day! As I opened the door, the obvious noises of loud love making was going on. All right mom! Gotta see this. So I very quietly snuck upstairs to sneak a peek to see what was making mom moan so loud. Near the top of the stairs I could see her bedroom door wide open, moms back to me, she was on top, sitting straight up, grinding her clit back and forth on Greg rolling her head around moaning “Yes, yes, yes”. His hands were all over her tits. He slaps her one tit hard and she lets out a deep growl and then she falls forward with a moan and I can his cock ramming in and out of her pussy. He grabs her ass and pulls it open and she moans loader as he strokes her anus and slides a finger in her butt. Mmm what a great view of her ass and that cock up that pussy. Silently say to myself All RIGHT MOM!!! And give a small hand pump. Back down the stairs and out the door to let them finish up without me peeping. Now I will admit that kind of turned me on seeing someone fuck like that. In fact I got turned on that I went to see the gf to rip one off myself.

I’ve never really had the hots for my mom but fuck, that was nice seeing her pussy take that cock. I do check out milf, older/younger porn. I do like seeing the age differences. An old cock in a tight young pussy or the other way around, young cock in an old hairy pussy. And of course I enjoy vintage 80’s porn, Kay Parker is such a hot lady of the 80’s, lesbian, teen, etc.

Now my gf and I have a great sexual relationship. She is very much an exhibitionist and loves to show off her bod. As the guy who fucks that, I just smile and let her, as I know she’s mine. She’s popped up on stage for a wet t-shirt contest, gone topless at the beach, has almost walked nude through the house but I reminded her of mom probably not appreciating that like I do. We’ve fucked on the balcony of her apartment, gotten road head complete with the truckers giving horn blasts as they go by. Had a FMF and MFM with friends, so when she said we’re going to a swingers masquerade party, I wasn’t fazed. Although I was curious as to how she found out about it. She said we needed to submit a photo of the costumes we are going to be wearing in advance to see if we are acceptable.

The photo we submitted was us dressed up, if you can say that. Her, a very small purple thong that barely covered her pussy complete with a small gold chain hanging from nipple to nipple Me in a matching small purple grape smuggler thong. And black Lone Ranger masks.

Well the night of the party arrived and off we went to the hotel. Had a couple of small drinks as we got ready. It was a floor party, the kind where they book the whole floor for the action. We got a room on a separate floor from the party for a little piece and quiet. Finished showering and slipped into our party outfits although it was a little difficult to get my already firm cock into the grape smugglers. Covered up with the hotel bath robes and up to the party we go. Checked in and verified who we were. Dropped the robes in the first room, grabbed a drink and make a round of a room or two.

In the fourth room, there were three guys standing watching the action on the bed and three ladies kneeling in front of these men not watching the action as they were all busy bobbing their heads on the cocks of these guys. Sarah waved at one guy and he waved back and said “Hi, nice to see you here”. On the bed a was couple going at it. A big black guy with a lovely black lady sucking on his monster. We, Sarah says to me, wants a piece of that and goes to the bed. Asks the lady if she can join her. She looks up and say please join me and points the monster head at Sarah. I stand there too, watching my gf start to play with a big black cock and occasionally swap kisses with the other lady. Quite something to see, two ladies worshipping a cock. I start to rub my gf and the other lady. The lady asks if I’m hers, Sarah nods her head with and mumbles a rough “mphphmm phmmm” as her mouth was currently occupied. Then we are asked if she might have me. By all means Sarah says and onto the bed I’m pulled.

Now this lovely black lady is on her knees between my legs and starts to worship my cock. Oh my, that feels great. After a bit she moves up my body and we kiss. Deeply, tongues going back and forth, my hands all over her body. Up a little higher and her tits are in my mouth. Mmmm, fingers in her pussy. Up higher she climbs, and that pussy on my face. Oh what a beautiful black skinned pussy it is. And a very pink clit to suck. Oh my, fucking wet and so delicious. Mmmm, as I’m focusing on that pussy another set of hands grabs my cock and strokes it, cups my balls and starts kissing it. Oh that feels good. Pussy on my face, someone starting to worship my cock.

The delicious black pussy grinds faster and faster and then stops and unleashes a huge squirt all over me, mmmmm. Love it. She catches her breath and then climbs off my face and as she does I look to my side and see the big guy eating Sarah’s pussy and another guy in her mouth. I look down and see another lady is worshipping me but all I see is the top of her head going up and down taking me deep, the black lady grabs my face and kisses me like there is no tomorrow, licking herself off my face. The bed shakes a little and I see the big guy between Sarah’s legs starting to pound her, the other guy is still her mouth. And someone is climbing on me but can’t see with all the kissing going on. Mmm, so wet, so warm. Oh fuck, kissing this lady, I can’t see a thing but that cunt feels so nice.

The black lady moves off, then lady riding my cock falls forward and her tits are right there in my face. “Suck them” she growls as she really grinds on me. Mmm, I take her tits in my hands, sucking those gorgeous nipples. I can hear her growling, moaning. Grinding on my cock. Mmmm. Faster, faster, ” Slap my ass”. Slap, slap. “Yeesss” she moans. Fuck that feels good, God I think I might cum if she keeps up that pace.

She sits up and gets my cock deeper in her pussy. I can feel her heat all the way down my shaft and I can finally see who’s on me. Definitely an older lady as I see her front, her whole front. Tattoo and all! Hummingbird feeding on a flower!!! Holy fuck, I KNOW THAT TATTOO!!! I know that tattoo, oh god I know that tattoo….. Holy fuck, I’m fucking my mom! Is that my mom, no, that’s not mom,, oh fuck. Her cunt feels so so good. Oh god, I’m gonna cum. And then there it is, I unload a big wad into my mom’s pussy.

Power Girl Creampied and Fucked Hard

Phew, you would not believe the day I had. I spent all afternoon fighting Metallo. Talk about a tough customer. I used every asset at my disposal – including the two on my chest – and he didn’t so much as crack a smile. I think he’s really lost touch with his humanity. I kicked his metallurgic ass back to the stone age anyway, but it kind of hurt my feelings. I need a pick me up. See, that’s where you come in.

I know how to get you in the mood. My mouth and tongue never fail to get you throbbing. Let me show you how much I want you, how much I need you.All day long, I’ve been waiting to come over and see you. Or more to the point – feel you. I want you to fuck me hard. Please? Don’t worry about being rough. You know I’m damn near indestructible. That goes for my pussy, too! I dare you to go as hard and as deep as you like.

Mmmmph, you feel so good. You have no idea how badly I needed your cock. That’s it. Fuck me harder! I want every inch of you inside me. Yes! More! Can you feel me cumming all around your rock hard dick? Don’t stop now. Keep going. I want you to pound me until you explode inside me. Fuck me harder, now!

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