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Daddy watch how Son fuck Mommy

Mom has had it!!! Fresh out of the shower….Mom tells Dad…”That little bugger did it again…..he keeps Jerking-off to me every time I take a shower!!! I can’t take it anymore!!”. Dad explains that young Conor’s behaviour is normal for boys his age…that he is full of raging hormones….and any naked female is going to have an effect on him. “But I’m his MOM!!!” Mom cries out. Dad assures her that this “awkward” phase Conor is going through will pass. Since Mom is at the end of her rope…Dad has an idea. “Maybe if we just let him have a go at you….he will get it out of his system…”. Mom is appalled by the suggestion…but since she is also very desperate for a solution….she agrees to give it a try. Mom and Dad call Conor in, and confront him about Jerking-Off to his Mom. Conor is very embarrassed, but before he can opt out of the experiment…..Mom gets his pants down and starts to carress his penis. Mom is shocked at the enormous size of her Son’s cock….and she soon warms up to the situation!! With Dad watching, and coaching…Conor Pumps away at his Mother!! Mom even takes some Spit-Roasting from Hubby and Son , as she sucks Dad’s cock, while Conor Pounds her from behind. Conor finishes by Tit Fucking his Cougar Mother until he cums on her huge Tits. Mom had so much fun, that she tells Conor to ask for Mom’s help next time, instead of Jerking-Off behind her back!

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Secret Stepsibling Shave And Fuck

Gracie May Green was up to her usual saturday morning routine of watering the plants in her see through pajamas. Her stepbrother was also up to his usual saturday morning routine of toying with his cock and watching her. Gracie then made her way into the bathroom to wash off, and stepbro followed. Today would be the day that he steals a pair of her panties for his spank stash. He slowly crept in and grabbed them. He got so caught up in sniffing them and jerking off that he ended up getting his cover blown.
Good thing Gracie needed help, or else he would have been fucked. Gracie asked him to assist her in shaving her pussy. It was hard for her to reach the back area without hurting herself. Stepbrother was super gentle. Gracie could see he wanted to lick it too, so she let him. Before long these devious step siblings were fucking all over the bathroom. Stepbrothers cum was blown all over Gracies face and left there to seal her lips and keep this ordeal forever a secret.

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Violated Repeatedly – Sis fuck Sleeping Brother

Lucy is talking to her girlfriend on the phone….sharing her “situation” Her situation is this……Lucy has recently broken up with her boyfriend….and she is not ready to start dating again….but she is…..in her words…..”cock crazy”!!! Lucy complains that she NEEDS cock badly….and doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly Lucy has an idea!!! She remembers that her Brother Russell is known to be a VERY sound sleeper. Nothing can wake him up once he is asleep. Lucy decides that, Brother or not……she needs cock so badly….that she could Violate her Brother…without him ever having to know!!! For the next three nights, Lucy does just that!!! On the first night…..Lucy tip toes into Russ’s bedroom in the middle of the night….slowly peels his blanket back….and Jerks him Off until he spurts for her. Lucy giggles, and sneaks away. On the second night….Lucy gets a little braver. She, again sneaks into his room….peels back the blanket….and sucks on his cock!! Lucy keeps sucking until he has a big old “wet dream” right inside her mouth!! With cum dripping down her chin….Lucy creeps off to bed. On the third night….Lucy gets even more aggressive with her sleepy Brother….and this time, she gets completely naked….and climbs on top of her Brother and Fucks him while he sleeps!! Lucy rides on his cock….getting all of her sexual frustration out of her system…until he unloads inside her….signifying the ride is over. lol Three nights….three Violations of her own Brother’s cock….without him knowing a thing!!!

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Fuck Me in the Ass, Daddy!

My nosy daughter should have known better, and being nosy is not something I approve of or take lightly. Today she will learn a lesson she should have learned long ago about snooping around in other peoples business. She will had her tight little asshole pierced and deeply penetrated while I have her rub her pussy. She is going to cum hard today!

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Daddy fuck Daughter in ass in POV

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Brother fuck small Sister

With Mom now working full time, and hardly ever home….Baby Sister Jenni has had to pick up the slack around the house. Jenni is busy sowing in the spare bedroom when her big Brother Russ comes in, and wants her to sew a button on his jeans. After some squabbling back and forth, Jenni agrees to fix her Brother’s pants. Russ takes the jeans off, and waits patiently as his little Sister tends to them. As he watches her….in his underwear…..Russ can’t help himself….and he gets a big boner!! Baby Sister Jenni is shocked by the big bulge in her Brother’s shorts….and claims she can’t work with “that thing”….behind her…..so being the domestic little girl that she is….Jenni offers to, in her words….”make it go away”. Jenni puts the stiff cock inside her mouth and starts to suck it. After a few minutes, Jenni realizes that she is doing all the work…and she insists that Russ “return the favour”…..and she strips out of her clothes, and lies back, as her big Brother eats her tiny, little Pussy. Russ begs his Baby Sister to let him stick it inside her….and she agrees!! Jenni’s Cunt is very tiny….but she takes her big Brother’s cock all the way in…and takes a Pounding from him. Jenni cums as she gets plowed…and then Russ unloads a massive sperm shower all over his Baby Sister. “The things I have to do for my Brother…….” she says.

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You’re Busted Now Fuck Me!

What do you do when you catch your brother masturbating to the nude pics you took on your phone?
My boyfriend was out of town so I took sexy pics with my phone to tease him with. When I came back from lunch with my friend, I found my brother Johnny on my bed jerking his cock to MY PICS! “What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted. He just looked at me dumbfounded with his big dick in his hand. I had no idea my brother’s cock was that big and I just could help myself… I just had to know how much I could get in my mouth.
Sure I have a boyfriend and yes I know what I’m thinking is wrong but let’s face it… I’m a slut. So of course sucking Johnny wasn’t enough, I had to have him inside me. He puts the head of his dick between my pussy lips and OMG its soooo thick but feels so good… FUCK HE’S GOT A BIG COCK! Johnny isn’t as inexperienced as I thought and fucks pretty well.
He does doggy really good and smacks my ass red as he pounds my tight little pussy. We had to hurry before our parents came home so I rolled over and Johnny shot load after load all from my pussy to my boobs. I told him the next time he wants to see me nude, let’s fuck 🙂

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Son Don`t Sniff better fuck Mother

Mrs. Meadows arrives home to a very disturbing site!!! Her 18 Year Old Son, Mark is going through her underwear drawer….sniffing her Panties!! Mrs. Meadows watches him for a few moments, to make sure her eyes aren’t playing games with her….then she Busts him!! Mark tries to deny it…saying he was only looking for something of his…but when his Mom tells him that she has been watching him….he knows he is caught red-handed. Mrs. Meadows is so disgusted by her Son’s behaviour, she decides to teach him a lesson….using Humiliation. “You’ve heard of scared straight…..this is going to be Humiliated straight!!” she tells him. Mrs. Meadows starts by sitting on her Son’s face and making him smell her dirty Panties…which she says that she has been wearing for three days! Mark struggles for air underneath his Mother’s Ass. Next, Mrs. Meadows tells Mark that she is going to Humiliate him by Fucking him! Before he can protest….Mom has his pants off…and his cock hard!! Mrs. Meadows climbs on top of her Son and begins to administer Forced Intercourse to the scared young boy. As Humiliated as he is….Mark’s cock is rock hard as his Stunningly Beautiful, Naked Mother rides him. As a final act of Humiliation, Mrs. Meadows Sucks Off her Son…making him ejaculate inside a condom in her mouth….then dumps the cum all over his face!! “Clean yourself up Mark….get ready for Dinner…..and STOP SNIFFING MY FUCKING PANTIES!!!!”.

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So sensual and lovely fuck

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Forced to Fuck My Sister

This Mom has HAD IT with her Son, and her Daughter. The two Siblings simply refuse to do as they are told….Mom has tried everything with these two…..so now Mom is going to try a “different” kind of Punishment!! Mom is going to Humiliate the two Siblings in ways that they will NEVER forget!! Mom starts out by Forcing their two faces together and Forcing them to Kiss!! Not just a “peck”….Mom keeps shoving their faces together until they engage in an open-mouth, full passionate Kiss using tongues!!

Charlee and Dicky are disgusted and grossed out by what their Mom has just made them do….and are hoping that their Punishment is complete….but it is FAR from complete!! After she has made her Son & Daughter Kiss passionately….Mom orders both to remove their pants….and then she Forces her Son Dicky to Lick her Daughter, Charlee’s Pussy!!! Dicky looks like he is going to be sick, as his Mom Forces him to eat out his own Sister’s Cunt…but Mom yells at him to keep doing it. Charlee is grossed out as her Brother goes down on her….but can’t help but slightly moan with pleasure at the same time! When Charlee’s Pussy has been eaten out sufficiently….Mom turns the tables and orders Charlee to Suck her Brother’s cock!! Both protest…but Mom makes sure that they both suffer this Taboo Cock-Sucking. When her Son Dicky has achieved a large erection inside his Sister’s mouth….Mom orders the two to FUCK!!! The Shock on their faces is priceless….but Mom is NOT joking…she Forces the two Siblings to engage in sexual intercourse. Dicky is Forced to Pound away at his Sister….with the threat from Mom, that the ordeal will not end until he ejaculates all over his Sister!! Charlee & Dicky Fuck and Fuck and Fuck…..until Dicky covers his Sister’s stomach and Tits with an ENORMOUS Cumshot!!! Mom, however, is not finished yet!!! Mom orders Dicky to eat his own cum off his Sister’s body!!! Dicky reluctantly licks up all of his mess….and then….to Charlee’s horror….Mom orders Dicky to spit the sperm into his Sister’s mouth!!!! Maybe these two will think twice before ignoring their chores next time!!!

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