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Fuck Me Before Your Father Comes Home

Stepmom called me up to her bathroom so I could give her my opinion on a new dress she bought. My dad was going to be home tonight and she wanted to look nice for him. I could not stop focusing on my stepmothers hot body. She knew this, and knew once dad was back she could not fuck me for a while. We moved things to her bed for one final fuck before father arrived. She sucked me good and I drilled her just right. Stepmom sucked down my cum as usual and dad would never be wise to our intimate family affairs.

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Carly and Her Father try it Out

It’s a rainy day…and Carly and Her Daddy are home alone. Dad is surfing for something to watch on TV…and Carly is surfing on her iPad. Carly comes across an “interesting” website….and shows it to her Dad. According to the site….in “some” cultures….it is customary for the Parent to have sex with the eldest offspring! Carly shows the site to Dad…and they are both shocked at the graphic pictures!!! Since it’s raining, and there is nothing on TV anyway….the two decide to try it out!! According to the website…this behaviour is called “Basic Instinct”. Carly strips off her pants…and Dad gives her young cunt a good licking! Carly returns the favour by sucking on Daddy’s big, fat cock…and then Daddy really gives it to her!! Carly is fucked….and HARD!! Dad uses her as a rag doll….and pumps her until he cums. Basic Instinct is a powerful thing!!

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My Father In Law Came – Before Husband Walked

Dearest Janie,

Things have gotten even more intense around here. The other morning I was doing some dishes when my father in law slipped up behind me. He started touching me in all the right places and even though my husband was in the shower I couldn’t stop myself.I knelt down and sucked his cock then he bent me over the sink pounding my pussy furiously.
I came really hard then we moved to the table where he fucked me til he came deep inside me. We heard my husband coming so he took off real fast. When my husband walked in I was still on the table with my legs spread so I convinced him it was a special breakfast. Little did he know it was his daddys protein he devoured.

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Father fuck little Daughter in the pool

Today I wanted to tell you the story of when my daddy fucked my ass… At first I didn’t like it, but eventually he taught me to be a good girl and take it whenever he wanted 😉

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Father punished Daughter in ass for spying

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Daughter love Father fat dick

Daddy fucks me and I fuck him POV many different ways. Lots of daddy dirty talk and moaning. Watch me get a hot load on my face.

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Father Give Lesson To His Daughter

Loli gets caught online making fun of perverts. Daddy shows her a thing or two.

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Daughter Seduced Father while Mom is away

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Taking Care Of Father

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Father And Daughter – Fuck Buddies

Danica is home from her Date with her boyfriend….and she is very disappointed. She wanted to have sex….he didn’t….and she is frustrated and horny. Danica’s Dad is still up when she gets home, and when Danica tells him her story…..Dad’s first reaction is, of course, to cover his ears…..but, then Dad makes a confession to her. As it turns out…..Danica’s Mom went to bed early….and Danica’s Dad is frustrated and horny too!! What happens next shocks Danica completely!!! Dad suggests that since they are in the same boat….and neither one wants to go to bed frustrated…..that they become “Fuck Buddies” for the night!!! Danica’s jaw drops…..but her Dad walks her through it….explaining that the idea makes perfect sense….and eventually….Danica agrees…..and both Dad & Daughter remove their clothes. Danica Sucks on her Dad’s cock….Dad gives her a really good licking, that makes her purr….and then they proceed to Fuck like two crazy people!!! Danica’s Dad pulls out of her, and absolutely covers her in his cum….making Danica smile…..she is content now….she can go to bed.

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