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Report To Your Father

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Sneaky Father Problems

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German Incest – Mommy and Father love Daughter

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Boring Vacation With Father

Alex’s step dad was sent to Vegas for a work conference. She begged and begged to go with him. He told her that she would be bored, and that it was just a work trip, but she insisted. Now Alex is sitting in the hotel room with no money and nothing to do.
Alex misses her boyfriend so much that she calls him to have phone sex. She puts the boyfriend on speaker phone and sets the phone on the floor. Alex tells him to jerk his cock for her. She describes to him what she is wearing. Alex moans and rubs her pussy pulling down her cute panties. Taking off her top, she describes to her boyfriend how she plays with her tits.
Her step dad walks in and sees his daughter on the phone. She calls him over and puts one hand over his mouth and one hand on his crotch. She moans on the phone that his dick is so big. Going to her knees she pulls down her step dad’s pants and jerks his cock. She teases and licks his balls before taking his cock into her mouth. She describes every detail of what she is doing and moans while loudly sucking cock. She rubs her pussy and jerks her step dad’s cum into her mouth. Swallowing it all down she tells her boyfriend how good he tastes.

Scene Two: Tipsy Daughter

He rushes out of the room the next morning bothered about what happened between him and his step daughter. Left alone in the room again Alex raids the mini bar. Chocolates and alcohol make a great combination and she is surprised at getting hammered so quickly on the tiny drinks.
He comes back to the hotel room to take her out to lunch and have a talk. Alex drunkenly tells him that she is sorry but she is so bored and so horny. It’s no fun without any money in Vegas. Alex tells him how much she loves his big cock and places his hands on her breasts. She kisses him, and tells him how much she wants him to fuck her. Clothes fly off as Alex strips herself and her step dad. Getting on the bed she sucks his cock. â€ooh fuck me daddyâ€? she screams guiding his cock inside her. She cums hard and keeps fucking him until he explodes inside of her.
Spent the step dad lays on the bed and closes his eyes. Alex goes into his pants and takes his credit card.

Scene Three: Look What I Bought

Alex has been out shopping with her step dad’s credit card. She takes out her purchases, sexy lingerie with nylons. Striping naked she puts on the items and lays seductively in bed waiting for him to get back to the hotel.
He can hardly believe his eyes when he walks in. His stepdaughter is the sexiest thing he has ever seen. She asks him seductively if he likes what she bought today. She sits him on the edge of the bed and gives him a Vegas lap dance. Shoving his face into her pussy she moans â€olick my pussy daddyâ€?
She strips her step dad naked and sucks on his hard cock. Pushing him to the bed, Alex pulls her panties to the side and rides on top of him. He touches her tight young body while she rides him like a sex starved daughter. She closes her eyes tight and has a quivering orgasm on his cock. Thank you for buying this for me.

Scene Four: Hotel Bill

After a great vacation Alex and her step dad are ready to check out. When he calls down to the hotel lobby he finds out that she has been buying, room service, liquor from the fridge, and movies on demand to the hotel room. Thousands of dollars have been charged alone in the last few days. Alex tells him that she is sorry but that she was really bored.
He is so mad that he flips her over and spanks her. Pulling down her pants and panties he tells her that she is going to earn every penny of that money back and gives her a few more spanks. He pulls off her shirt and bra and fucks her mouth.
He throws her to the bed and when she pleads with him that she is sorry he takes her panties from the ground and gags her. He fucks her furiously holding her down on on the bed.
Pulling the panties out of her mouth he tells her to open wide and shoots his load onto her waiting face. She is going to fuck him every day until that bill is paid, and she loves every minute of it.

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Kate England – Pearl Father and Daughter

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Duration: 00:22:33
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Better my Father big dick than dildo

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Faking Out Your Father

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German Teen Daughter seduced her Father

Finally I could even satisfy my cock lust again’ve waited a long time until my Mommy again was gone … and I got me an extra bit attracted what my Daddy good like so that his cock quickly get up and he can fuck me horny. And it was exactly as planned … he wanted to relax on the couch of the work and then I came) he has pretty horny fucked me deep into my pussy and then  nicely sprayed me on the narrow hole … hopefully ran in which results not purely in the hole.

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Father fuck big tits Daughter at home

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Love of a Father

Scene One: Late Night Blackmail
Daughter is sneaking into the house and gets caught by dad, and he asks her why she is late coming home and why is she dressed like a stripper, she confesses that she works at the high end gentlemen club, dad is not pleased and says we will need to tell your mother as we can’t allow this, she says no daddy I will do whatever you need me too, he says well you better stop and clean up your room and get good grades in school, she says yes I will but dad says I will still need to tell your mother, she says no daddy, let me show you how good I am, I make 400 bucks an hour, dad says that’s stupid I can give you that much with no problem, she says let me show you, I’ll give you a lapdance/strip tease, daughter starts giving her dad the most sexiest and erotic lapdance, causing dads cock to rise and grinds her ass on her dad, sits on her dads lap cowgirl, grinding back and fourth, she has really nice feet and puts her feet on dads chest and strokes it up and down. She notices her dads got a boner and says daddy omg your dick is hard, she says how about I give you a blowjob from your daughter so you don’t tell mom, she slowly starts blowing her dad, until he blows in her mouth.

Scene Two: Dad is Addicted to his Daughter
Now Dad is addicted to his daughter, he starts to spy on her while she is in the shower or doing her workouts, trying to get another peek of his girls ass, while daughter is working out, Dad approaches her and says are you still working at the club? Daughter laughs and says no daddy he says that’s not what I saw, he says well you can work there for the summer then stop but to protect yourself let me teach you some self defense submission moves, he shows his daughter, grinding up against her ass some moves, she tells her daddy I can wrestle, so dad says show me, she suggest they get naked as she doesn’t want her workout clothes getting ruined, now both naked, bare feet, but dad quickly moves/rolls her over and now in the missionary position, daughter locks her feet tightly and says to her dad, try to escape, she wraps her legs and feet tightly locked around her dad, dad finally escapes and rolls his daughter onto her stomach, he grinds up her ass, putting his arms around her neck, spreading her legs, he holds her down in this position and says what will you do if someone had you down like this and their cock was going to go into your ass, she says show me daddy and I will try to escape, he slams his cock into her pussy, fucking her hard, she laughs and says come on dad fuck me harder or I’ll escape, he keeps fucking her until he grabs her by the hair and blasts all over her mouth and tongue.

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File type: WMV

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