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Daughter Seduced Father while Mom is away

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Taking Care Of Father

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Father And Daughter – Fuck Buddies

Danica is home from her Date with her boyfriend….and she is very disappointed. She wanted to have sex….he didn’t….and she is frustrated and horny. Danica’s Dad is still up when she gets home, and when Danica tells him her story…..Dad’s first reaction is, of course, to cover his ears…..but, then Dad makes a confession to her. As it turns out…..Danica’s Mom went to bed early….and Danica’s Dad is frustrated and horny too!! What happens next shocks Danica completely!!! Dad suggests that since they are in the same boat….and neither one wants to go to bed frustrated…..that they become “Fuck Buddies” for the night!!! Danica’s jaw drops…..but her Dad walks her through it….explaining that the idea makes perfect sense….and eventually….Danica agrees…..and both Dad & Daughter remove their clothes. Danica Sucks on her Dad’s cock….Dad gives her a really good licking, that makes her purr….and then they proceed to Fuck like two crazy people!!! Danica’s Dad pulls out of her, and absolutely covers her in his cum….making Danica smile…..she is content now….she can go to bed.

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My Father make me Pregnant

Brielle’s girlfriend has just had a baby….and Brielle decides that she wants one too!!! Brielle, however, does not have a boyfriend….so she turns to a very unlikely source to try and fulfill her Pregnancy desire…..her Dad!!!! Dad, needless to say, is NOT impressed with the unusual and inappropriate request from his Daughter……so Brielle goes to work on her Daddy….trying to convince him. The first thing Brielle does is remove her robe to reveal her hot young body to her Dad….”C’mon Daddy…..look at this hot YOUNG body….you know you want to…..look how sexy my naked body is….”. Brielle’s Dad is certainly “distracted” by her young body…..but still refuses. Brielle proceeds to grab her Daddy’s cock and put it in her mouth….now he is VERY interested in his Daughter!!! Brielle’s Dad tells her that he does have interest in having sex with her….however….it MUST be done with a condom, because he refuses to get her Pregnant. Brielle agrees….and puts a condom on her Dad’s enormous cock. Dad & Brielle Fuck until he climaxes inside her. Brielle takes the full condom off her Dad’s cock…and to his horror…..Brielle shoves all the sperm up inside her vagina!!!!! What a Naughty, Naughty girl!!!!!

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Fuck My Cunt Before Your Father Gets Home

Hey mom! How was brunch?
It was fun, but I wanted to come back early..
Oh is dad home too?
No he’s going to be out for a little bit, I thought you and I can have some time alone while you’re home from college
As my mother’s hand went up my pants and almost grabbed my cock, I told her what she was doing is wrong.. Mom must have had a little too much to drink at brunch today and seems like she forgot that I’m her son!

Woah what are you doing? We can’t do this mom!!
Come on honey, I’ve been wanting this for a while…
I had no control over what was happening, but mom pulled out my dick which was rock hard and wrapped her lips around me..
What about dad?!

You can’t tell your father about this, or I’ll tell him about that girl you knocked up in high school
Are you serious? Mom please don’t tell him, you know he’ll flip out!!
Then do this one thing for me, and he won’t ever know about our secrets…
Is my mom honestly planning on blackmailing me?! If my dad finds out my secret, he’ll probably diwsown me!! At this point I’m desperate and powerless… And my mom directing me to fuck her cunt isn’t helping.
I’ve never heard a woman talk dirty like that, and I was beyond turned on! Fulfilling mom’s needs was not something I was expecting on this school break… But mom’s big tits and ass might be too good for me to restrain myself next time! Watch mom beg me to cum for her as she rides my youthful cock before dad gets home!!

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Daughter make footjob and blowjob for Father

Father Chad has come for his regular, weekly visit with young, Catholic School Girl, Alice. Usually, Father Chad hears Confession from Alice….but this week, in an ironic twist…..Father Chad tells young Alice that he has a Confession for her!! The young girl is all ears as she asks the Priest what his Confession is!! Father Chad confides to Alice that…..lately….he has been getting very aroused by young girls’ feet!!! Father Chad tells her that his new interest…..a “fetish” he believes it is called….is somewhat awkward to discuss with Alice….particularly since…..her feet are….in his words….”not covered up”! Alice is very sympathetic with Father Chad…..and she is also somewhat flattered that her feet may, in fact, be stimulating to him. Alice tells Father Chad that a “foot fetish” is completely normal…that she knows boys who have one….and she asks Father Chad if he would like to kiss her feet. The embarrassed Priest admits that yes…..he would VERY much like to kiss her feet. Father Chad begins to kiss Alice’s feet….and it is apparent to her that he REALLY likes girl feet….as he devours her precious feet….sucking each toe carefully. “Wow!!!!….you really DO like feet Father Chad” she says. Alice asks Father Chad if he would like her to use her feet on him to induce an orgasm….and at first, Father Chad is reluctant to give in to “sins of the flesh”…but young Alice reminds him, that as long as they do not engage in “vaginal intercourse”…he will not have broken his “Vow of Chastity”. Father Chad agrees….and Alice begins to give the Father a Footjob!!! Father Chad loves the way Alice’s soft, young feet feel, as they stroke his cock. Wanting to please Father Chad….Alice holds the base of his cock with her feet…and Sucks him Off!!! Father Chad unloads a MASSIVE CUMBLAST inside Alice’s young mouth!!!

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Revenge On Your Father – Best Dinner with Mother

Stepmom had a few glasses of wine before we intervened for dinner. She was flashing her underwear to me as she vented all of her problems. It turns out my father has been cheating on her. She was very emotional about this. I had hardcore sex with her and made her mature pussy cum to make her feel better. I even came inside her mouth so she could relive the feeling of being loved. I think I made her night.

k I made her night.

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Father punish his little Princess Daughter

Loli can’t lay down for the night, So she walks in to her daddy’s room waking him up. She convinces him to teach her how to suck a nice hard cock, Because she has a party to go to and wants to please all the boys. Daddy teaches her Just as long as she keeps it a secret and especially not have mom find out.

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Christmas Night With Father

A daughter visits her father on Christmas night and stays longer than she expected….

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What better dildo or Father big Dick?

I heard that my dad is having rough time, now that my mom has been at vacation for 2 weeks. I know that daddy likes me and my body, so I thought, I’d make him naughty teasing suprise for him to jerk off to. I play with my pussy, fuck big dildo, saying how I bet he’d love to fuck me for real and next time when he’s visiting me, we’d try it for real.

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