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Mom’s Fantasy

Part One:
Your Mom comes in your room while you’re laying in bed. She wanted to check up on you. As she slowly climbs onto your bed, she asks if you were sleeping. Answering the question for you, she says she knows you weren’t. Her body language tells you she didn’t come in here just to tell you she knows you’re masturbating. She starts to slide the skinny straps from her shirt off of her shoulder, teasingly undressing herself in front of you. It becomes very clear to you that your mom wants to be with as close with her son as she an tonight.

Part Two:
As you are about to leave to catch the bus for school, your mom notices you have a “raging hard on”. Realizing you can’t leave the house like that, your mom takes care of you again, like she did the night before.

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Mommy Blow Job Fantasy

Mommy suspects you’ve been having parties while she was away & knows that you’ve had girls over. She is quite jealous & shows you why you don’t need any other girls around but her!!

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Brother Fantasy – Sister Crazy

When Tyler suffers a head injury in a car accident, it’s up to his sister Kenzie to look after him. The way he looks at her has changed and he begins having vivid hallucinations about her incredible body. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel better, and the healing power of a sister’s love can not be denied.
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I like your mommie fantasy

I feel like I need an opinion from someone close to my generation. I’m not much older than you although it seems that way since I’m married to your father. He is kind of an old fuddy duddy but I do like older men, always have. The only thing I can’t quite understand is that he would rather I dress like an old church lady than show off my still sexy body. I don’t understand why he would not want to show me off when we go out. Isn’t that the whole point of dressing up and going out? I’ll show you what I am talking about. Stay here while I show you what your father would rather I wear to dinner than this cute top and skirt I have on now. See! Isn’t this so overdressing? I feel so old and covered up in this outfit he wants me to wear. What is that? Do you have a semi erection in your pants? Is this like father like son? Oh wow, I had no idea that wearing this old lady outfit would get a young guy like you excited. I’m sure I can do a little something about your obvious hard on. In fact, I would love to do something about it to make me feel like a young sexual woman again. I’m not that much older than you anyway even thought I am technically your stepmother. How does it feel to have my hand on your crotch? We can stop this at anytime if you feel uncomfortable. The fact that your erection is getting harder with each pass of my hand tells me you don’t’ want me to stop anytime soon. Look at my hairy pussy while I stroke your cock. Your father hardly lets me touch his cock with my hands so this is making me so wet inside my pussy to touch you like this. Would you make my pussy all messy with your stiff dick? Maybe next time I can slide myself onto your hard cock and wiggle until you cum inside me. For now I want to make your cock feel so incredibly good with my hand. Oh my! You unexpectedly came for me! Look at all that creamy cum you gave me! You’re such a good boy to give me all your creamy cum. Now you be an even better boy and go wash these cum stained sheets while I make you dinner. I guess you are like father like son. I think I’ll keep this conservative church lady looking outfit on the rest of the night.

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Stepmom strokes my fantasy

My stepmom has no idea how much I think about her. She probably sees me as just another college kid slacker who holes up in his room all day being anti-social. If she only knew what I’ve imagined her doing to me in my fantasy she would possibly send me to counseling. She’s just a regular mom like many other moms out there except she has something special to her. She wears frumpy clothes and eye glasses that fall down her nose but I see something else when I look at her.
I see her hair softly curled and hanging loose to frame her beautiful face. I see her in gorgeous vintage lingerie with stockings and elegant elbow length gloves. She would wear sexy black satin wedges with rhinestone bows to match the bows on her lingerie garter strap. Her lips would be crimson red like a perfect red rose, most important, she would be wearing pearls that hung down in between her still scrumptious middle aged breasts. Ahh… I have blasted my hot cum many a time by my own hand to this fantasy of her. If she could only see herself as I do maybe she might dress up a little more instead of looking like she just got out of yoga class. Oh well, maybe it will just have to be my twisted little fantasy that no one else will ever know about, or will they? She is dressed exactly as I imagined. Here she is in my own bedroom! All her attention is directed to me. She moves her perfect body seductively to show every curve accented in her lingerie. After she gives me quite the visual tease she slowly comes to me and goes right for the bulge that is growing by the second. She tells me how long she has wanted a moment like this to happen, us, alone. I lay there as if I am dreaming but don’t want to move in case I should wake up and this isn’t real. My cock is in her hands, wrapped in her pearls and cradled by her gloved fingertips. She sucks and strokes my hard on so perfectly well. She tells me how much she loves the feel of my dick in her hands. Before I knew it she was straddling me and asking for my load. She said to give my cum to mommy. This drove me to the point of no return as I let every ounce of hot spunk pump from my swollen member. She milked it until it was dry and then licked the last drop from the tip. My step mom tasting my jizz! I must be day dreaming again,…or am I?

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Duration; 00:21:50
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Mom’s Fantasy

Part One
Alura and her son, Rion, are staying in a hotel room together while Alura visits him at college. The only problem is the room only has one bed. When Rion falls asleep, Alura decides she wants more than just a son’s love for his mother.. but much much more.

Part Two
Rion can’t get the night he had with his mom off of his mind. He comes home from school to visit her and immediately tries to kiss her. While she tries to push him away, she says the hotel room was a one time thing, but Rion NEEDS his mom. And he’s going to have her.

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Favorite Sister Fantasy

File size: 280MB
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Duration: 00:18:02
File type: MP4

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Mommy Blow Job Fantasy

Are you spying on your own mother? The last thing I need is my pervert son startling me after a hard day. Time to teach you a lesson!

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Duration: 00:09:12
File type: MOV

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Sister Blackmail Fantasy

File size: 190MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:21:08
File type: MP4

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Every Boy’s Fantasy

A month has went by and Brianne and JD’s parents went out of town again trusting they will behave. Brianne has her bestie Arianne over the house and she’s painting her toes. They’re getting ready for a big party, and Brianne’s crush will be there. JD watches nearby and seethes with jealousy. He wants to come with the girls but Brianne just can not have her brother drooling over her when she’s trying to catch the attention of her crush, the lead singer of the hot local band, “Something Wild.” JD claims he knows that guy is a total douchebag, and all he cares about is “tits and ass.” Arianne giggles at the tension between brother and sister.
JD brings out his pendulum and says, “if you want to go without me that’s fine, BUT I will tell our parents. I don’t think they’d appreciate you going to a party with boys and booze. IF, however, you want to go without mom finding out, just let me try my new hypnotism trick on you.” Arianne looks nervous, “BRI! Something happened to us last time, I don’t remember a thing after he brought the machine out.” Brianne comforts her friend, “honey, you did drink a lot of wine that night,” she giggles, “just amuse him, ok? It’ll be over in five minutes and we can go. It won’t work.. it’s nonsense.”
JD brings out the pendulum and the girls sit side by side. He brings them deep under their spell yet again, but this time it’s different, he wants Brianne to speak, to be able to know exactly what it happening to her. If he can’t have her, he wants her to see that he WILL have her, no matter what! The girls are groggy but Brianne immediately notices something’s wrong. “Arianne, please wake up, please.. let’s get out of this together.” She tries to resist his orders, but her body reacts to his instruction. Arianne and Brianne suck him. Both girls lick up and down his shaft, he programs them to be hungry for his cum, and they take turns sucking him, they must have his cum.
He bends them over the sofa and makes them kiss each other as he spreads open their wet pussies. He forces Brianne to orgasm as he fucks her, he fucks Arianne, and makes her suck on Arianne’s D cup breasts.
He lays Brianne on the coffee table and instructs Arianne to finger her pussy at the same speed that he fucks Bri. He cums inside of Brianne’s pussy, but he’s still hard and ready to cum again. He tells Arianne to lay on top of his sister while he fucks both wet holes. The girls moan, both girls are forced to orgasm, their eyes rolling in the back of their heads. He orders the girls to get dressed.
He pulls up his pants as they slip on their dresses. He wakes them from the trance. Brianne turns to JD, “You just can not go to this party.. it’s out of the question.” Arianne notices her bra is missing, “I swear that I put on a bra.” Arianne notices her pussy is wet. Brianne is wet too. Arianne is horrified, “the wetness won’t stop seeping out.” Brianne, “I think you’re right. Mesmerizing is evil.”

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Duration: 00:36:20
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