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Mom’s Fantasy

Part One
Alura and her son, Rion, are staying in a hotel room together while Alura visits him at college. The only problem is the room only has one bed. When Rion falls asleep, Alura decides she wants more than just a son’s love for his mother.. but much much more.

Part Two
Rion can’t get the night he had with his mom off of his mind. He comes home from school to visit her and immediately tries to kiss her. While she tries to push him away, she says the hotel room was a one time thing, but Rion NEEDS his mom. And he’s going to have her.

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Favorite Sister Fantasy

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Mommy Blow Job Fantasy

Are you spying on your own mother? The last thing I need is my pervert son startling me after a hard day. Time to teach you a lesson!

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Sister Blackmail Fantasy

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Every Boy’s Fantasy

A month has went by and Brianne and JD’s parents went out of town again trusting they will behave. Brianne has her bestie Arianne over the house and she’s painting her toes. They’re getting ready for a big party, and Brianne’s crush will be there. JD watches nearby and seethes with jealousy. He wants to come with the girls but Brianne just can not have her brother drooling over her when she’s trying to catch the attention of her crush, the lead singer of the hot local band, “Something Wild.” JD claims he knows that guy is a total douchebag, and all he cares about is “tits and ass.” Arianne giggles at the tension between brother and sister.
JD brings out his pendulum and says, “if you want to go without me that’s fine, BUT I will tell our parents. I don’t think they’d appreciate you going to a party with boys and booze. IF, however, you want to go without mom finding out, just let me try my new hypnotism trick on you.” Arianne looks nervous, “BRI! Something happened to us last time, I don’t remember a thing after he brought the machine out.” Brianne comforts her friend, “honey, you did drink a lot of wine that night,” she giggles, “just amuse him, ok? It’ll be over in five minutes and we can go. It won’t work.. it’s nonsense.”
JD brings out the pendulum and the girls sit side by side. He brings them deep under their spell yet again, but this time it’s different, he wants Brianne to speak, to be able to know exactly what it happening to her. If he can’t have her, he wants her to see that he WILL have her, no matter what! The girls are groggy but Brianne immediately notices something’s wrong. “Arianne, please wake up, please.. let’s get out of this together.” She tries to resist his orders, but her body reacts to his instruction. Arianne and Brianne suck him. Both girls lick up and down his shaft, he programs them to be hungry for his cum, and they take turns sucking him, they must have his cum.
He bends them over the sofa and makes them kiss each other as he spreads open their wet pussies. He forces Brianne to orgasm as he fucks her, he fucks Arianne, and makes her suck on Arianne’s D cup breasts.
He lays Brianne on the coffee table and instructs Arianne to finger her pussy at the same speed that he fucks Bri. He cums inside of Brianne’s pussy, but he’s still hard and ready to cum again. He tells Arianne to lay on top of his sister while he fucks both wet holes. The girls moan, both girls are forced to orgasm, their eyes rolling in the back of their heads. He orders the girls to get dressed.
He pulls up his pants as they slip on their dresses. He wakes them from the trance. Brianne turns to JD, “You just can not go to this party.. it’s out of the question.” Arianne notices her bra is missing, “I swear that I put on a bra.” Arianne notices her pussy is wet. Brianne is wet too. Arianne is horrified, “the wetness won’t stop seeping out.” Brianne, “I think you’re right. Mesmerizing is evil.”

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Taboo Diaries – Auroras Secret Fantasy

Dear Diary
After my mom left us I was a bit rebellious, my grades dropped and I started partying alot. One night I came home pretty crunk and was startled by Daddy waiting in my bed. He knew what I had been doing and made me get over his knee like when I was little. Daddy spanked me hard and tickled me as punishment then sent me to bed.
Something about the feeling of his hand on my ass got me really worked up aparently. Sometime before morning I began to masturbate and imagined doing very kinky things with Daddy. As I played with my self I imagined his hard cock in my mouth while he fingere fucked meand I came really hard. I started imagining him fucking me and every position I imagined made me cum harder than the last. I hope theres nothing wrong with me.

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Molly is taking a Shower…..when her Dad accidentally walks in to the bathroom. Molly doesn’t notice her Dad around the corner…..and Dad can’t help but notice that Molly’s Boobs have grown into the most spectacular Breasts he has ever seen!!! Dad hides around the corner of the Shower stall, and spies on Molly while she Showers. As he watches…….dad begins to fantasize….and hisFantasy is VERY disturbing and Erotic at the same time!!! In his Fantasy…..Molly exits the Shower….notices him there….and confesses to him that she has always wanted to Fuck him!!! Dad admits that the feeling is mutual…and Molly lets her hair down, and hops up on the Vanity, and spreads her legs for her Daddy to taste her sweet, young pussy. Molly actually has a powerful orgasm from her Dad’s experienced pussy eating…..and then she returns the favour by, not only sucking Daddy’s big, fat cock…..but Deepthroating it too!!! Molly’s Dad then puts her back up on the Vanity and proceeds to fuck her hard. REALLY hard!!! Dad pounds her so hard that Molly screams in a combination of pain and exhilaration!!! Both Daddy and Molly cum together…..and Molly says she would like to do it again. But alas…..Dad shakes his head and realizes that it was all a Fantasy!!! Molly is still in the Shower….and he wipes the sweat from his forehead….and shamefully exits the bathroom….leaving his well endowed young Daughter to finish in peace. WOW!!! What a Fantasy!!!

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