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Family Album

Kassondra has a bed Wetting problem!!! Mom is away, out of town….and Kassondra Wets her bed. She wakes up Dad to find out where the clean sheets and linens are kept….but Dad doesn’t know where Mom keeps all that stuff. Not wanting to go back to sleep in a wet bed….Kassondra asks Dad if she can sleep with him. Dad agrees to let her bunk with him….but insists, of course….that she takes off her P soaked Panties first!! strips out of her urine soaked Panties….and immediately Dad’s eyes are drawn to her beautiful, trimmed pussy. Kassondra notices her Dad staring at her cunt….and asks him if he would like to lick it. Dad eagerly accepts the offer….and he really gives her young honey pot a good licking!!! Kassondra returns the favour by sucking her Dad’s big cock….and then Dad gives his little girl a good, long, hard Fucking!!! When Dad finishes Fucking Kassondra…the two fall asleep….but Dad notices a “warm sensation” in the bed after a few moments. UH-OH!!! Kassondra has Wet the bed again!

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Duration: 00:54:29
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Family Therapy – Learns to Loosen Up

Mrs. Nice is forced to make a difficult decision when she comes home early from work and finds her best friend in bed with her son….

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Duration: 00:35:05
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Happy Family – Aunt, Mother and Son

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Duration: 00:28:31
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Kylie Family Album

This is one Baby Sister that NOBODY can resist!!! When you drip sex appeal like Kylie does…..not only do you have every guy at school trying to get into your pants….your own Brother can’t keep his hands off you!!! Kylie is violated by her older Brother repeatedly!!! Included in Kylie’s family Album are full versions of :”My Little Sister Is Hot” “I Spied On My Baby Sister” “Hot For Baby Sister” & “Full Moon Fever 2”.

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Duration: 00:44:58
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Mom, Son and Daughter Family Night Game

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Duration: 00:25:05
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Our Happy Family – Mom & Aunt Fuck Son

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Duration: 00:20:17
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The Family Way – Creampie Way

Layla’s Parents are going through a tough time. They have been trying desperately to have a baby for quite some time. Layla’s Dad has just been told by the Fertility Doctor that nothing they tried has worked….Mom’s ovaries are the problem…..and the only solution at this point is a surrogate. Since they are on a very tight household budget….there is no way that they could afford to do this. Layla’s Mom makes an “odd” suggestion to Layla’s Dad…..she suggests using young, healthy Layla as a surrogate!!! Also…..since going through the process with the Doctors would still be too expensive….Mom suggests that Dad and Layla conceive the “Old Fashioned Way”….since there would be no cost involved. When Layla arrives home…Dad tells her about the idea. Layla, of course, is hesitant at first….thinking that having sex with her Dad…and being impregnated by her Dad would be “weird”….but she understands that there are no other options…and she also wants to have a baby Brother or Sister….so she agrees. Dad and Layla set out to conceive a baby. Layla sucks on her Daddy’s cock to make it nice and hard…then Daddy licks her young pussy, to prepare her for penetration….then Dad fucks Layla very hard….filling her young snatch with sperm. Layla lies on her back with her legs in the air after the ejaculation….to make sure it all stays in!

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Duration: 00:5:04
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Family Game Night

It’s Family Game Night at Stacie’s house….and the Family decides to try out a new Game…..TABOO!!! Mom, Dad & Russell sit down at the table in the Family Room to try out the new Game. This Twisted Game takes this Family by storm!!! Mom rolls the dice first and reads her card…..”Perform oral sex on the person to your left”. Seems “odd”….but they decide to give the Game a chance….so Dad pulls down his pants…..and with Russell watching in embarrassment…..his Mom Sucks-Off his Dad!!! Next, it’s Russell’s turn to roll….and his card is the same….”perform oral sex on the person to your left”!!! His Mother is on his left!!! Encouraging Russell to be a good sport….Mom hikes up her dress and spreads her legs and tells Russell to lick her pussy!! Russell licks his Mom’s pussy until she has a strong orgasm…..then the 3 return to the game. When Mom rolls again….she draws the winning card….the “Taboo Fuckfest Card”!!! It means that she wins the game….as long as she Fucks ALL the other players!!! Mom is very competitive…so she eagerly lets both her husband and her Son take a good poke at her!!! Dad Pounds away….Son Pounds away….until Dad cums all over her pussy at the same time that Son cums in her mouth!!! Mom Wins!!!!

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Duration: 00:16:05
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Family Incest Threesome Sex

I was busy looking all over the internet for some decent dickgirl porn last week when my Dad knocked on the door to my room. “Son, I found where Roxanne is staying, let’s go.” I told my Dad to fuck off, that I was in the middle of something important. Dad asked through the door if I found a new apartment yet… I told him I’d be ready in fifteen minutes. It really sucks having to move back in with your Dad at 25, I’m unemployed and broke so I gotta kinda do what he says… I cleaned up, went downstairs, and jumped in the truck. Dad and I headed over to the bad side of town… And so began another mission to rescue my sister Roxanne. This must have been at least the forth or fifth time we’ve tried to pull her out of some sleazy motel or trap house. If you ask me, Dad fucked up to begin with by naming his daughter Roxanne.
But whatever, point is I thought this was stupid. My sister wants to live her own life and I think we should let her. She’s an adult now, if she wants to get kicked out of college and be a hooker that’s her business. Don’t get me wrong, I still love her, I’m just a realist. Unfortunately my Dad is totally codependent and thinks it’s his job to save her all the time. Once we got to my sister’s motel room it was the same old story, the room was a mess, she told us to leave, blah, blah. I got her into the shower and told Dad I was gonna go outside to smoke and get something to eat. About ten minutes later I came back up to the room… that’s when things got weird. Needless to say our little intervention didn’t go quite as planned… Honestly, Dad’s to blame for this one, he started it. I just hope Roxanne doesn’t tell Mom what happened, I kinda don’t think family therapy is gonna help us this time….

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Duration: 00:28:20
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Nuru Family Business

Bath Time With My Mommy

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Duration: 00:31:45
File type: MP4

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