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Jealous Daughter Ruins Daddy

Daddy, don’t play dumb! My friend just left and you have to tell me, now! You looked at her, didn’t you? You did! And you know what? She told me you were eyeing me too! Daddy, why? What were you thinking about? Is Mommy not keeping you happy? You know I’ll do anything for you, Daddy.
Were you thinking about us… on our knees, Daddy? Pleasing you? Daddy! Honestly, you shouldn’t even be thinking of anyone else but me. I’m the only girl who should be making you happy. You know, Mommy’s gonna be out for a while. Long enough for me to teach you a lesson, anyways… I bet you want your little girl’s hands wrapped around your cock right now. I can feel how hard you are. You’re thinking dirty thoughts! They better be about me, Daddy. I’m gonna jerk you off and give you exactly what you deserve for all those naughty thoughts. Do you like it when I rub you all over my bare chest, Daddy? I’m the only girl you need. I want you to remember that. I promise I’ll take good care of you, if I’m the only girl you think about.
Woops! I was supposed to keep stroking, wasn’t I Daddy? Oh well. You have more cum in there. Let’s keep going… Oh, ruined again, Daddy! You really need to get off, huh? Well, stop looking at my friends and maybe you’ll get more from me. Have you learned your lesson yet, Daddy?

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Innocence of a Daughter Manipulated

Scene One: For Christmas Money
A scientist has stopped Vanessa and I at the mall. Asking if we needed some extra Christmas money she convinces us to go back home and let her film and interview us. Vanessa and I both need the cash so we do as the scientist says. Stripping down to our underwear and Vanessa getting on top of me. “Now are you having any feelings for him right now?” The scientist asks.
She tells Vanessa to take off her bra and her huge breasts come out. “Don’t look dad!” Vanessa yells as she bounces on him. With a smile the scientist sees how far she can make us go, making me touch her breasts and she pulls out my cock. “You can make a lot more money” The scientist says “If you fuck your daughter and ejaculate on her face.” At first we say no, but the money is too good. We do everything the scientist says and more, leaving Vanessa gagging on a mouth full of cum.
What Vanessa doesn’t know is that the scientist is secretly working for me. I paid for those huge tits and it was time for me to get some payback. Vanessa is so gullible…Just like her whore mother…

Scene Two: Sex with Daddy for Science
Vanessa is on her computer, on video chat with the scientist. It appears the research is not complete. Vanessa can earn more money for herself if she convinces me to fuck her while a team of scientists watch and record. They promise that the video with be protected.
It takes some convincing but Vanessa convinces me to do whatever she wants. It’s not long I am fucking her young busty body and slapping her plump ass. Vanessa moans into the sheets, turned on by the audience and the wrongness of what she’s doing. And just like before I cum in her mouth. “Yes I get the 500 dollar bonus” Vanessa says with her mouth full of cum and money. She still has no idea I was behind all this and never will…Not only is she a whore she is a dumb whore…Her tits are almost paid off…She just has to do one more nasty thing with me…

Scene Three: Hidden Camera
Vanessa is just trying to go on with her normal life. With her new found money she goes and buys a new swim suit to sunbath in. But what she doesn’t know is as she puts it on her father is secretly filming her. He hides behind her bedroom door and records her stripping out of her clothes and putting on her new bikini.
She leaves the house and goes to the beach for the day, while her father fantasies about her. When she comes back the whole house has been wired with hidden cameras. Hot and sandy she takes off her swim suite and slips into the warm water of the shower. Her hot body slick with salt and sand is almost too much for her father to bare. Vanessa steps out of the shower and slips into bed, unaware of her every moment being watched and recorded. I now have my blackmail material in hand to manipulate Vanessa to do whatever I want…

Scene Four: The Reveal
A year or so later I walk into Vanessa’s office and reveal all the recordings of her…The following is what happened next…“Where did you get that video? They said they wouldn’t release it, that it was for research!” Vanessa says, angry that her father has the video of them having sex. She was just doing it for money and to help advance science. I tell her that it was me behind it all along, and unless she wants all her friends to see it she is going to have to do some things for me… on a daily basis.
Vanessa is shocked and disgusted at me but sees no choice. I tell her to take off her top and bra and she tries to focus on her homework as I force her to strip. Now naked I make her get to her knees and suck on my cock. “Now am I done?” She says angrily. I have much more in store for her. I put her on the desk and fuck her. She can’t help but moan as she lets me fuck her young sensitive body. She can’t imagine doing this every day as a orgasm is forced from her body. I tell her to open her mouth and shoot hot load into it. “You need to delete that video” Vanessa says, cum rolling down her lips.…I will delete the video when I want to…Dad does not take orders from his slut daughter…Next time she gets my cock up her dirty ass…
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My Daughter Demands Attention

My daughter Alyssa asked if I could come up to her room to talk to her. I am sure it is about her mom moving out. It’s only supposed to be temporary but who knows.  Alyssa is being her usual sweet self, wanting to see if I am ok, but I can sense something going on, she is rubbing my leg, her hand getting a little too high. Alyssa tells me she can be there for me, and she knows things with her mom and I haven’t been “romantic”.  Oh god! I am getting rock hard, what the hell is happening? She notices, I can see she notices! And then…she offers me a blow job, to make me feel better. I immediately start to say no, but, I just can’t and then…

I am working late, like I have every night since my daughter and I, I can’t even think about it. I just need to figure this out. Then my door slams shut. It’s Alyssa, looking angry and dressed, god! She looks like a little slut and she came to my office like that! She starts complaining that I have been avoiding her, and she is home waiting for me, to be there for me. She gets aggressive, she takes off her clothes. She isn’t giving me a choice. I fuck her so hard on my desk, trying to keep her from moaning so loudly. I don’t dare cum in her pussy again, I don’t know what comes over me but I grab her head and fill her mouth. She seems so happy now, and she apologizes for coming to my work. She just tells me she needs my attention. I won’t be working late again for a while.

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Czech daughter shares guy with mom in threeway

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My Daughter Wants To Satisfy My Needs

Part One – Lily comes downstairs in nothing but a thong while I’m cutting her grpefruit! When I point it out, she says I used to smack her butt all the time. I thought it was weird, but anyway, she wakes me up later while I’m sleeping on the couch, asking if me and her mother were fighting again. She starts to sympathize with me and says is it because she doesn’t want to do stuff with me? While she’s talking to me, she starts rubbing my leg, saying if we were married, we’d do stuff everyday.. I know this is my daughter, but I can’t help what happened next..

Part Two – I come out of the bathroom and Lily is laying in my bed in lingerie! She starts taking her clothes off, asking me if I remember her body. It’s already hard enough for me to stay away from her after the other day we had together on the couch. But when she is completely naked, with her legs spread and starts begging me for it, I can’t say no.

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Daughter Fist Sex with my Daddy

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My Daughter gets first anally dominated

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My Daughter gets first anally dominated 2

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Happy new year my dear Daughter

Junge Frauen haben Sex mit alteren Mannern und bekommen von diesen als Gegenleistung Geld fur teure Markenartikel oder andere Dinge, die sie sich sonst nicht leisten konnen. Philippe Soine comes up with several mean sex stories where is plays young naive chicks. For example he explains a doctor’s assistant that he needs help to donor sperm. Short after she strokes the old mans penis, first with the hands, then the mouth. And at the end he can even fuck her. Well there is no other way to release the sperm, is there? More and more girls fall for Philippes stories and he gets laid each time. He is full of nasty ideas. Once he puts this finger deep into one girls ass, then he gets his toes and ass liked and unloads his juicy in the innocent faces. Most action is filmed point of view (POV).
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Is All The Daughter Needs

Jessica notices her step dad is going out to meet women. Since her Mom disappeared on them she has been stuck handling the womanly duties. Jessica doesn’t want some random whore usurping her, and insists that she can handle whatever her mommy ever could. She is going to be the only girl in the world no matter what. Her tight pussy and natural body prove this until she is covered in warm semen like a big girl.

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